Simploring 2019 (103) Twilight Doors – part II

For my simploring tour on Thursday, September 26th, I selected Twilight Doors from SL Destinations. Twilight Doors is located on a 1/4 of a full adult sim. It is owned by Bo Zano (Bozanonl Resident). The landmark description reveals a bit of what Twilight Doors is about: “Studio for quality scenes and back drops”

Twilight Doors provides 17 different different backdrops, scences and artistically designed installations. In yesterday’s post “Simploring 2019 (102) Twilight Doors – part I” I wrote about the destinations Flesh, Dolphins Cry, Rise, Snow White, Flowery Nightmares, Birds and Bees and Royal Hunters.
Today’s part II is about the remaning 10 other destinations: Skybox Scenes Light, Skybox Scenes Dark, Angel Falls, Key to Survival, Two Moons, Aww Cute, Twilight Dolphins, White Serenity, Autumn Leaves and Alien Flames.

Skybox Scenes Dark and Skybox Scenes Light is exactly what you expect: Furnished skyboxes. Skybox Scenes Light provides light rooms, nicely and stylish furnished while Skybox Scenes Dark provides darker rooms, that might be part of old manors aor castles, with candelabra and candles.

Twilight Doors – Skybox Scenes Dark (right) and Light (left)

Angel Falls is a fantasy scenery. In the center is a statue of an Angel surrounded by waterfalls to the left and to the right of the statue, the statue is guarded by two warriors.
Key of Survival again is a scenery which I can’t really classify, something between fantasy and art installation. There’s a key and 3 mysterious monks, a big fantasy castle is in the background. I fail to interpret it.

Twilight Doors – Angel Falls (left) and Key of Survival (right)

Two Moons is a light and art installation dominated by two moons who shed their light on flieds of lowers. The atmosphere is really special and offers great motifs for taking pictures.
Aww Cute is for those who love cute animals, dofs, cats and bunnies, they are cute! Aww Cute provides backdrops with the animals. It’s not my favourite among all the destination, but that’s due to my personal likings.

Twilight Doors – Two Moons (left) and Aww Cute (right)

Twilight Dolphins and White Serenity are fantasy scenes. Twilight Dolphins features an unicorn and a wolf. In the center 2 dolphins are jumping through a door.  White Serenity is a a romantic scene offering a backdrop for lovers. The white pigeon is a feature for scenes with the theme peace.

Twilight Doors – Twilight Dolphins (left) and White Serenity (right)


Autumn Leaves provides a forest in autumn. With the hazy windlight it looks quite realistic. Many golden and yellow leaves cover the ground. I took one picture with another windlicht setting and it changed the impression a lot.

Twilight Doors – Autumn Leaves

One of my favourite destinations at Twilight Doors was Alien Flames, another art and light installation. Many bruning matchsticks (yes no tea lights!) are swimming on a calm pond producing wonderful reflections. I took a close up picture of the flames as well as an overview picture. From every angle and distance you get a different (great) view. Amazing!

Twilight Doors – Alien Flames

Twilight Doors provide a lot to explore and discover. It is a paradise for those who like taking pictures and it is perfect if you look for outstanding backdrops and scenes. I really enjoyed visiting. Thank you, Bo Zano (Bozanonl Resident), for providing and sharing all the scenes for everybody!

Landmark to Twilight Doors

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