Diary 2019 (165) October 21st – The Facility

Where to begin today’s diary entry? This might become a longer diary entry ….
A few months ago I met Mistress Oblivion (herindoors3) at Heavy Bondage Club. She’s quite an intriguing being and very possessive, self-centered and confident. Her main kink is to get into the mind of her victims, to brainwash them, so that they have nothing else in mind but serving her. In May I arranged a roleplay and sold slave sappy to her (read Diary 2019 (69) May 12th – slave sappy sold) and later slave sappy was released again, which was a quite funny story (read Diary 2019 (75) May 22nd – Back in control / the sappy story).

I had visited Mistress Oblivions home and her facility in May and I understood why she easily attracts slaves by her natural dominance and control. It might be not my way of playing, but thank god we’re all different and the the BDSM world offers innumerous different kinks. Anyway I stayed in loose contact to Mistress Oblivion but I hadn’t seen her again up until Mid of October when I ran into her at club Domme a Domme. Mistress Oblivion showed me her new homeplace, that consists of a houseboat (her living space) and a huge facility, “The Facility“. I stayed with Mistress Oblivion in the main entrance hall of The Facility. You can see a battery of tube cells there and the captured victims (if present) and you can visit them. Mistress Jenny came inworld and as she has me on the map she teleported to me. She had mixed up the place with another place and thought I was in a public place. Mistress Jenny, Mistress Oblivion and I chatted a bit, then we left.

I visited The Facility again at night and Mistress Oblivion gave me an extended tour and I told Mistress Jenny about my 2nd visit.

October 21st: Diomita visiting Mistress Jenny at The Facility

When I came inworld Monday, October 21st, shortly after lunch to check my messages, I found a blocked IM from Mistress Jenny … and a message from Mistress Oblivion:
Hi Dio..  A friend of yours paid me a visit earlier.. She is now in a bit of a pickle and needs your help to get out of it. She’s a little sorry for herself, when you have a moment..
Mistress Oblivion wasn’t inworld and I went to The Facility and found one of the tube cells occupied by Kitty and another occupied by Mistress Jenny … I could already suspect what happened. I also recognized two other names that sounded familiar: Jenny and Maddie. Jenny (gfd39) had spent some nights with us in early September and her name let to some funny misunderstandings. I had already wondered why she hadn’t shown up again – now I know. And Maddie (madisonrayne02) spent some time with us in Summer 2017 as a kidnapping victim.
I left a message for Mistress Oblivion and went offline again to tend to my RL.

October 21st – The Facility: overview (upper left) / brain washing equipment (upper right) / behind the publicly accessible rooms – various equipments for treating slaves and subjects (lower pictures)

I returned in the afternoon to meet with Mistress Jenny. I went to The Facility and we found a way to communicate (of course her IM was blocked). Mistress told me that she came there to rescue Kitty. She had given the landmark of The Facility to Kitty and had told her NOT to go there. We know our Kitty! Mistress Oblivion was not amused and suspected that we had sent Kitty to spy – we didn’t. Long story short – Mistress Jenny was caught as well. I had a longer chat with Mistress Jenny, we caught up with our mutual news and we discussed what to do. Then Mistress had to leave and due to RL she was prevented to be inworld at night.

October 21st – The Facility: Mistress Oblivion in front of The Facility (left) / the visitor hall (upper right) / more cells behind behind the publicly accessible rooms (lower left)

At night I came inworld earlier than usual and i could talk to Mistress Oblivion. I won’t go into details at all but finally I could achieve that Mistress Jenny and Kitty were released and could leave once they return inworld. Thank you, Mistress Oblivion.

The rest of my night was quite uneventful. I went home and met slave Gwendi, Angelique, slave Flo and later also slave slut cecy, quite a surprise for a Monday night. We just sat at home in our living room and chatted about RL and SL, about clothes and about our wardrobe, about rules, about haircuts, about bound maids and dusting, …. time flew by and after Angelique and slave Flo had went off to bed I visited Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Gwendi and slave slut cecy for half an hour before I went off to bed myself.

October 21st – a night at home: Diomita with Angelique, slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave cecy at home / Diomita with slave Gwendi and slave cecy at Mesmerize Dungeon

Mistress Oblivion has the following description of The Facility in her profile:
The Facility is a dangerous place, not to be entered unless your affairs are in order. It is rumoured that several Dommes reside within, having entered to reclaim a lost sub.  Mistress Oblivion runs it with a firm hand  and takes total control of anything in her path,  forever. RLV will be handed over on entry. You body, mind and will to follow shortly. Permanent on site storage.
It comes to my mind that Mistress Jenny and I often say: “Be careful what you wish for!” The Facility is not a place for short fun or play. You won’t get out as the same person – supposed you do ever get out of it.

Landmark to The Facility

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