Kitty Maurer aka. Santana Thibedeau collared 11 years!

We missed celebrating Kitty’s 12th rezzday anniversary on November 1st. 12 years in Second Life is quite a while and we’re not much shorter in this virtual world. The biggest challenge is to keep your Second Life varied so that it doesn’t become boring and to keep your network of family and friends in Second Life at the same time.

Our Kitty Maurer aka Santana Thibedeau is the oldest family member of the Eurobrats. Mistress Jenny and I collared her on November 22nd, 2008 – 11(!) years ago. And Kitty is still our’s! Keeping any relation over such a long time and in particular over a big difference in timezones is even more outstanding. We feel blessed to know and own our Kitty and to have her (him) as our friend.

We don’t see much of Kitty due to the timezone issue. Mistress Jenny meets her sometimes, when she’s able to go inworld in the early morning after work and I see her sometimes on the weekends. But Kitty is quite independent as cats usually are *winks*. She’s always up to find some trouble for herself or to cause trouble for others. Just recently she brought herself and Mistress into trouble at Mistress Oblivion’s facility (see also Diary 2019 (165) October 21st – The Facility). And like every cat Kitty is very curios and doesn’t hesitate to try out new stuff. She showed me a restrictive mask at “The Red Room” for example. She tried out being a sissy when we met our former slave Dana together. Soon later I had a giant sissy Kitty on my leash visiting “Gans”. One Sunday morning in October I took Kitty on an Autumn tour through Second Life .. there’s always something to explore or discover or try out for our Kitty!

Diomita meeting Kitty at “D-Zone” (May 1st, 2019) / Diomita and Kitty at “Gwen’s storage” (July 10th, 2019) / Diomita with slave Gwendi and Kitty at home (September 1st, 2019) / Diomita and Kitty at “The Red Room” (September 13th, 2019) / Diomita with sissy Kitty at “Gans” (September 29th, 2019) / Diomita and Kitty at Psi’s realm (October 6th, 2019) / Diomita with Kitty at “The Beguinage of Bruges” (October 3rd, 2019)

I recommend to keep an eye on your cuffs and keys when you visit Lock Without Asking and even more when you visit Psi’s realm and Kitty is around somewhere.

We’re very proud to know you, to have you as our friend and last but not least to own you.

Happy belated 12th rezzday, Kitty!
Happy 11th collaring anniversary, Kitty!

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  1. Kitty
    Nov 23, 2019 @ 10:41:22

    It’s crazy enough to get your head around the idea that Kitty owes her entire existence to the most amazing couple in the world. And that for 11 years 🙂 In SL :-))) It’s hard to find words for it but with such a lucky streak, maybe Kitty should try playing the lottery next. Though, Kitty has already won the lottery right here. So, yes.. and then there is this one: How DARE… DARE(!!!) time pass by so quickly?!? Who gave time permission to speed up?? Maybe, could it be that all that fun has got something to do with it?? Speaking of which, if anyone reading this ever feels a bit retro, go visit Ralf’s Dark Paradise. Yes, it’s still there and the teddies are as mean as ever. How does Kitty know?? *grins* Anyways, take a few friends with you when you decide to visit. You might need them later .. and it’s always great to have a blast with your best friends and everyone else who you’d like to see caged, trapped, detained or otherwise restricted.
    Thank you Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita for putting up with Kitty for all these years!! You are absolutely amazing!!! Love you lots and lots,

    ((And always remember: If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!))


  2. jennymaurer
    Nov 23, 2019 @ 14:56:48

    If you talk to anyone that knows Kitty you will learn immediately that Kitty has made an impression on them. Always looking to have fun and stir up sleep places Kitty is not one to tease with your keys.
    Keep having fun Kitty and we will try to see more of you this year.
    Lots of love


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