Simploring 2019 (126) Lairig Leacach

Today I came across “Lairig Leach” on SL Destinations. Lairig Leach is the newest installation of Serene Footman, it is his quite unusal holiday gift to the residents of Second Life.

As always Serene has selected an unknown, remote and particular spot in Real Life and brought it to Second Life. Larig Leach is “a tiny bothy in a spectacular situation at the foot of Stob Ban in the Central Scottish Highlands. A bothy – also called a byre, or cowshed – is a refuge, a place to rest tired feet or sleep, sheltered from the wind, rain and snow.

Lairig Leacach

In Serene’s own blog you’ll find a detail description about this particular bothy (Lairig Leach) as well as about the Scottish Highlands and the Mountain Bothies Association. There’re also some pictures of Lairig Leach in RL as well as other links with more information.

Impressions of Lairig Leacach (1)

Around the bothy Lairig Leach are mountains, a river, animals, rocks, a frozen pond, trees, trails, snow and more snow. The windlight setting is selected to make us freeze. The landing point is a frozen pond and you have to walk a bit to reach Lairig Leach which is quite in the center of the sim. The bothy itself contains nothing more than a loft bed, broken shelves and two chairs. Nonetheless it is the only place that offers shelter from wind and snow. For someone who hiked a few hours through the loneliness of the Scottish Highlands in Winter, such a bothy can be the paradise, a life saving shelter. And this interpretation could make Serene’s Lairig Leacach a Christmas installation.

Impressions of Lairig Leacach (2)

Not surprisingly Lairig Leacach is outstanding in its simplicity – nature, snow and just a few places to sit. The sim background is perfectly fitting to the sim so that you can’t differentiate between the sim and the background. It is a pardise for photographers.

Impressions of Lairig Leacach (3)

Be aware that Lairig Leacach is a temporary installation and might be gone by the end of the year.
Thank you for your holiday gift, Serene. I enjoyed my visit, Happy Holidays!

Lairig Leacach

Landmark to Lairig Leacach
Serene Footman’s blogpost about Lairig Leacach
Mountain Bothies Association

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