Simploring 2019 (127) Winter @ Dream Bay

When I published my simploring report about Dream Bay on November 22nd (read Simploring 2019 (117) Autumn @ Dream Bay), it was  just the day Aylia (aylaj) began with modifying the 2 Islands for the Winter season. I decided to revisit Dream Bay on Friday, November 29th. Dream Bay is moderate homestead owned by Morgan Firehawk (mmorganwhitfield). It is the home of the Care and Hope Center, the mainstore of a brand for shoes “Heels” and it is the private home of Morgan, she calls it Huckleberry Island.

Dream Bay Winter 2019 – overview

The sim was landscaped and design by Ayla (aylaj). Now it is a lovely Winter Installation and it was again a lot of fun to visit and enjoy!

Dream Bay in Winter 2019

The landing point is still right next to a zip line. I used the zip line to get the the smaller of the two islands. The Halloween decoration is gone and replaced with a lovely gazebo. At the shore I found a nice place to sit and enjoy – an open gondola from a ski lift.

The whole sim is now covered with snow, there’s a nice place for ice scating surrounded by decorated and illuminated trees between the two Islands now. Watch the funny penguin ice skating there. Close by is an outdoor café and restaurant.

Impressions of Dream Bay Winter 2019 (1) – The smaller island

At several points you find now the possibility for snow ball fights. And some seasonal decoration is added too of course. I also found more places to sit and cuddle and to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the peaceful atmosphere. The Aurora borealis offers great backgrounds for taking pictures. I enjoyed this part in particular.

Impressions of Dream Bay Winter 2019 (2) – The ice skating

Morgan is a supporter of an initiative against domestic violence. Since 2014, the Care and Hope Center is a not-for-profit information hub to educate and instill awareness on the horrors of domestic violence. Free and confidential class discussion groups are offered every other month. Please stop by the Center to see when our next class session will begin.  Safe, free, friendly and always open to the public. A lot of information including a hotline for getting advice and help can be obtained in the center.

Impressions of Dream Bay Winter 2019 (3)

Morgan is a professional model in Second Life and she is the owner of Heels, a small and humble shoe store. The mainstore of Heels is located at Dream Bay, right next to the Care and Hope Center. All proceeds go towards the maintenance and operation of the Care and Hope Center of SL. Everything Morgan does in Second Life, whether modeling and/or Heels, is for the sole purpose of bringing attention to the Care and Hope Center and Domestic Violence Awareness.

Dream Bay offers a lot for those who enjoy taking pictures or those who just want to escape from their RL for a while and enjoy the peace. It is designed professionally but with a lot of love for the detail as well.

Impressions of Dream Bay Winter 2019 (4) – The covered bridge and several places to sit and cuddle

Thank you Morgan for providing your sim to the public and for your engagement against domestic violence. It is an important matter and I truely appreciate your work! I hope that the Care and Hope Center gets the attention it deserves. And many thanks to Ayla (aylaj), you did once again a great job landscaping and designing Dream Bay and created a sim that fits to its name.
I did enjoy my 2nd visit again!

Landmark to Dream Bay

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  1. AylaZhoy
    Dec 16, 2019 @ 20:03:56

    Thanks so much for this great blog….glad you enjoyed the visit and took some fun pics! Morgan and I are on separate paths at the moment but watch for both of us to do great things.


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