Simploring 2019 (129) Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland

When I visited the current exhibition at La Maison d’Aneli (see Simploring 2019 (123) La Maison d’Aneli Holiday season 2019/2020) I came across Milly Sharple who exhibits her pictures there. Milly Sharple is an artist and photographer from the UK in real life and has always enjoyed art and artistic expression. She’s in Second Life since 2008 and was perhaps one of the pioneers in introducing fractal art to Second Life. Milly established her own gallery “Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple“. Milly Sharple has also a passion for region design and building in Second Life and creates a yearly Winter sim called “Let it Snow!” (Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland 2019).

I hadn’t heard about it or at least I never visited “Let it Snow!” before. It was about time that I visited it. Saturday, December 14th, I went to this year’s installation “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland“. And I didn’t regret it at all! As opposed to I spent 2 hours in this lovely and picturesque sim. It’s just awesome.

Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland – overiew

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” is written in the fitting landmark profile and the tags are “Christmas, holidays, ice skating, cable cars, sledding, snowboarding, dining, dancing, ballroom, cafes, bar, photography, hangout, cosy cottages, ruins, woods, etc.” “Let it snow!” is a moderate homestead, owned and created by Milly Sharple.

The landing point is in a seperate hut. You get a list with landmarks so that you won’t miss a point of interest. I started my simploring tour at the Townsquare right next to the landing point.

Impressions of Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland (1) – Landing point and Townsquare

The Townsquare is very picturesque. All houses are decoracted outside and in the center is a gazebo where you can sit and enjoy or dance. You find dancing animations in little red hearts at many spots in “Let it Snow!

Impressions of Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland (2) – Townsquare and Winter Carousel (lower right)

There is a little Winter outdoor bar where I took a first rest. Some of the stores are furnished and decorated also inside. Did I mention already that is it snowing at “Let it snow!“? Close to the Townsquare is the Winter Carousel, another nice motif for taking pictures.

Impressions of Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland (3) – Ballroom, Rune Fortune Stone, Winter Angel Gazebo, Reader’s Retreat

I tried the Rune Fortune Stone, that provides different stones as giveaways, stones with a meaning: “This Rune is traditionally associated with protection and shelter. It’s form resembles an umbrella , and it teaches us that we must protect ourselves from negative emotions if we’re to succeed as individuals.
Let it Snow!” is a romantic Winter Wonderland, just the right place to go dancing with your loved one for example in the Ballroom or outside in the Winter Angel Gazebo. Or simply enjoy yourself and retreat to Reader’s Retreat.

Impressions of Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland (4) – Church Ruins, Winter Walk, Ice Rink, Winter bar

I visited the Church Ruins and walked through the forest (Winter Walk). For those seeking more activity there’s an Ice Rink and next to it is a Winter bar to simply watch.

Impressions of Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland (5) – Cable Cars and Toboggan slide, Winter Lodge (lower right)

In one corner of “Let it Snow!” is a small hill. You can either take a cable car or walk up on foot. Don’t miss trying the Toboggan slide, that’s fun! I also had a look into the biggest house almost in the center of “Let it Snow!“, that I named Winter Lodge. It is nicely furnished and another cosy place to sit and talk. You will find many cosy places spread all over the sim.

Besides that it is picturesque, romantic, built with love for the detail “Let it Snow!” is also quite outstanding for it’s simsurround that fits so perfectly that you hardly notice the boarders of the sim. Milly has added a moon and a curtains of snow around the sim and all the light sources are placed thoughtfully. More opportunites for taking pictures.

Impressions of Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland (6) – Snowy Retreat and more

I’m glad that I came across “Let it Snow!” and I assume, it will become a regular place for me to visit during the holiday season. Thank you very much Milly for creating this Winter Wonderland and for providing it to the public! I had a great time.

Landmark to Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland

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