Art in Second Life 2020 (7) Burlap by Cica Ghost

Today, Sunday February 9th, I got a message from Cica Ghost that she had opened her newest installation “Burlap by Cica Ghost“. There’s no thought or wisdom she gives us before visiting, this time it is a simple description about what to expect: “Burlap dolls and things….”

As expected the installation is about burlap, everything is made of burlap, the groud, the paths, the roads, the cica-ish houses, the flowers and the cica-ish inhabitants.

Burlap by Cica Ghost – overview

You find all kind of inhabitants: Rabbits, Lions, Cats, Bears, Ducks, Fishes … and they’re all tall again, very tall. As a visitor you’re like a dwarf or a small child visiting a peaceful happy world. And also things are huge compared to yourself, there’s a big old record player (look at the label of the record!) and a huge  cooking pot and some big plants and flowers. The houses though are a bit too small for the inhabitants.

Burlap by Cica Ghost – Jumping bag and “Lion and Cat Shop”

You can purchase almost all (maybe even all) burlap dolls. At each group you find a small shop “Lion and Cat Shop”, “Bears Shop”, “Rabbits Shop”… and behind the burlap curtain are the vendors.

Burlap by Cica Ghost – exploring driving the Cica-mobil

But there’s more to do and to have fun in the world of burlap. I took a free burlap jumping bag and explored “Burlap by Cica Ghost” jumping around. I also took a “Cica-mobil”, made of burlap as you can already guess, and explore driving around.

Burlap by Cica Ghost – the record Player and some of the seating poses

And there’re many spots to sit or to dance. Just hoover with your mouse over the object and sit when your get the according symbol.
Being childish and curios can be great fun, no – is great fun. And it made me smile. Just the right thing to do in Second Life to wind down. Thank you Cica!

Landmark to Burlap by Cica Ghost

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