Simploring 2020 (11) Venice

I followed a landmark that I got from our Kitty and visited Venice in Second Life. The full name reads as follows “Venice @ PRADA SIM~Venezia City Showcase~“, yet I will stick with Venice for this blogpost.

Venice is a moderate full region with an homestead next to it. I couldn’t find out who is owning the sim. It is group owned by “Roses’ LUV”, a group for the tenants as well as the management team of Venice SIM. The group was founded by moonlit Lane, who is from Japan and I was not able to read the profile. There’s another group for events at Venice, “Venezia-ARIA”. This group was founded my Yurika Matova, who is also from Japan. As I found some boards with Japanese characters I conclude that the management of Venice is at least mostly from Japan.

Venice in Second Life – overview

I haven’t been to Venice ever in my life so far, I just saw many pictures and films. At least I visited a virtual Venice now. The landing point is on the famous Rialto bridge and the view from there is just amazing. The textures for the houses must have been taken from real pictures and transferred into Second Life.

Impressions of Venice in Second Life (1) – around Rialto Bridge (upper left is an original picture)

Around the Rialto bridge you find cafés and shops, places to sit and watch. Some mesh figures liven up the scenery. The shops are mostly furnished and thus enhance the immersion of being in city at the street level. At one side of the bridge you find a board to become a group member and I joined the group. With the group tag you can ride one of the many gondolas that lay at aside the canals.

Impressions of Venice in Second Life (2) – around Santa Maria della Salute (upper left is an original picture)

I drove along the grand canal and got some beautiful views. I could imagine how much work went into building Venice in Second Life. It looks quite real. Alternatively you can enter a boat that constantly travels all along the channel and back. At the end of the channel and at a few other spots I noticed that Venice is still work in progress but as mentioned above, it is a lot of work to build something like that!

Impressions of Venice in Second Life (3) – views from my gondola ride

I visited the dome “Santa Maria della Salute” and of course I went to the “Piazza San Marco”, I walked inside of the St Mark’s Basilica (also partly work in progress). I took many pictures and noticed that the creators of Venice also even placed a picture of San Giorgio Maggiore Island into the background to get the view as close to reality as possible. Chapeau!

Impressions of Venice in Second Life (4) – Piazza San Marco and St Mark’s Basilica

On the Rialto Bridge you find stores on the left and right side, where you can actually buy inworld Second Life stuff. Finally I want to mention that there’re events at Venice. A program with dates and times can be found in front of the St Mark’s Basilica.

Impressions of Venice in Second Life (5) – A view into a street (upper left), Rialto Bridge stores (upper right), Bridge of Sighs in RL and SL (lower left), view on San Giorgio Maggiore Island (lower right)

Venice is impressive, maybe even more when you know the real place. I enjoyed my trip to Italy and now have at least a little bit the feeling that I’ve been there. Thank you moonlit Lane, Yurika Matova and whoever is involved in this project. You made a great job. Thank you for sharing Venice publicly.

P.S.: I had a conversation with Yurika Matova after this post was published. She told me that the sim is new owned by yumix Writer and that is was originally built by Praise Kedie (Kaedepan Akina). Yurika herself is an administrator of Venice

Landmark to Venice @ PRADA SIM~Venezia City Showcase~

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