Simploring 2020 (14) Alpha Moon

When I looked for a destination for my simploring tour on Tuesday, January 28th, I came across Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Alpha Moon” on SL Destinations.

Alpha Moon is a moderate full region owned by Zel Colton (zeldonix). Zel Colton is the owner of Colton Design, a shop offering poses and animations. Zel also offers terraforming, landscaping and sim designing. I assume that Alpha Moon is also kind of a showcase for Zel’s service – to start with Alpha Moon is a beautiful sim full of great views, nice spots to sit, cuddle and enjoy and with a lot to explore and discover.

Alpha Moon – overview

I read in Zel’s profile that he’s also involved in Bloodlines (a quite popular roleplay about vampires), but you won’t see anything of it at Alpha Moon (at least I didn’t see anything). According to Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost the Bloodline acitivities have moved to a sky platform at Alpha Moon.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (1) – at the Landing Point / the old ship / the Stonehedge circle of stones

Alpha Moon‘s landmark description gives away what to expect: “Nature, Woodland, Romance, Hangout, Dancing, Cuddle spot, Alpha Moon, Beach, Parks & Nature, Newcomer friendly, Outdoor, Bar, Lake, Relax, Photography Spot, 7Seas fishing, Greedy“.
Alpha Moon consists of several connected islands which are all close together. At the landing point is an area with games. A trail leads around the whole sim and I followed it.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (2) – the Retreat “1” and the Gazebo “1”

My tour began with the old ship. You should have a look inside, it is furnished. I saw a Stonehedge circle of stones and had a look at the gazebo 1 (as there’s a second gazebo I numbered them. You find a bubble in that gazebo and you can sit in it. My next stop was a smaller hut, which I called Retreat 1 (again, there’re more buildings that invite to retreat, to sit and enjoy.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (3) – the Retreat “2” and “3” by the pond

The trial led me to a pond with just beautiful views. There’re two more houses inviting you to sit as well as a lovely wooden terrace reaching out to the pond. I came to a clearing and saw some horses grazing peacfully in front of a manor. As there’s no private sign nor any other indication that you shouldn’t visit I had a peek inside. The manor is not (yet?) fully furnished but some rooms are.
Not far from the manor is the Colton Design store. It fits well into the sim design. In the center of the store is an exhibition room with pictures most probably taken at Alpha Moon. And of course you can buy poses and animations there.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (4) – the Colton Desgin store and the manor

I visited the Bar&Dance place and on my way to the lighthouse I found the second gazebo hidden in the forest. A great place to retreat. From there I followed the river, enjoyed more really beautiful views and came to the church. Again you should have a look inside sa it is furnished and looks quite real inside. Close to the church is a nice place for couple, a heart that you can use to cuddle while enjoying the views.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (5) – at the Pond / the Bar&Dance / the Gazebo “2”

Almost at the end of my tour I came to a large outdoor event area surrounded by ruins. And before I returned to the landing point I found another 2 love nests.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (6) – the church / the event area and one of the love nests

Alpha Moon is a beautiful romantic place, it offers innumerable opportunities to retreat, sit and cuddle. It offers great views and perfect backgrounds to taking outdoor pictures in a almost perfect environment. I really enjoyed my visit a lot (and took many pictures). Thank you Zel Colton (zeldonix) for creating and in particular for sharing your place with the public.

Landmark to Alpha Moon
Colton Design
Colton Design Flickr
Zel Colton Flickr
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Alpha Moon”

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  1. Zel Colton
    Feb 22, 2020 @ 17:38:47

    It gives me great please that you both enjoyed, and took the time to write on your blog about my sim, Alpha Moon. The rating has since increased to adult, and you are correct, we do still enjoy bloodline, but away from the main area so as not to bother our guests. I do hope that you will return and enjoy some more time in the land.

    Kindest regards



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