Simploring 2019 (111) Last Dove

Tuesday, November 5th, I visited “Last Dove“, a moderate homestead sim owned by Erythro Isback (erythro).  It has been created by Erythro with full collaboration of shannon Cardalines. I got the landmark by following SL Destinations and I read Maddy (Maddy Gynoid)’s blogpost about Last Dove in his blog Echt Virtuell – “Simtipp: The Last Dove” (the blog is in German) before I visited myself. And I’m really happy that I did!

Erythro Isback (erythro) wrote into the landmark’s decription:
Created with love in the spirit of West Texas honoring those that came before, those with us and our future.
“Let the cowboys be cowboy bound.”

First impressions of Last Dove – upper left is an overview

Last Dove looks like the background of a movie – and it feels as if you’re a part of a movie. There’re bots dressed like cowboys that walk around and liven up the scenery. Dust is blown through the village that consists of a saloon, an abandoned chapel and a few houses. There’s a ranch, a barn, a small ranch house and a corall …. beside of that you’re in the wide open. The sim background is just amazing as it make the plains endless. A group of wild horses is drinking at the shore, a group of buffalos is close to the ranch.

Impressions of Last Dove (1) – Inara Pey entering the town (upper left)

While I was exploring Last Dove I saw Inara Pey riding a horse. I grabbed a horse myself (as far as I experienced it you can only grab and ride the horses that are in the corral, the others who haven’t found their way back can’t be ridden) and rode to her and we had a nice chat. Inara told me that the whole setting is based on Lonesome Dove, “a 1985 Western novel by American writer Larry McMurtry. It is the first published book of the Lonesome Dove series but the third installment in the series chronologically (source Wikipedia)“.
The bots that I saw are characters from the novel Captain Woodrow F. Call , Captain Augustus “Gus” McCrae, Pea Eye Parker and others. In 1989 a TV mini series with 4 Episodes was broadcasted that featured renowed actors like Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Diane Lane and Anjelica Huston.

Impressions of Last Dove (2) – Inara Pey and Diomita (upper right)

I had fun exploring the “Last Dove” the right way: riding a horse. And I took many pictures, the background is simply too outstanding.
And I decided to be lazy and to refer to Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: The Last Dove” and to Inara Pey’s post “Last Dove: a western homage in Second Life” instead of further research about the novel and the TV series. In addition, my pictures tell more than a thousand words could do.

Impressions of Last Dove (3) – Inara Pey and Diomita (upper left)

Don’t miss this great sim. Thank you Erythro Isback (erythro) and shannon Cardalines for creating this masterpiece of virtual immersion and for sharing Last Dove with the public.

P.S.: I had a nice chat with Erythro later. He asked me to give credit to corrade bots, an essential piece of the sim. Here’s the link.

Landmark to Last Dove
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: The Last Dove”
Inara Pey’s post “Last Dove: a western homage in Second Life”
corrade bots

Simploring 2019 (109) {Unconditional}

For my simploring tour on Sunday, October 6th, I picked “{Unconditional}” from SL Destinations. {Unconditional} is an adult homestead owned by Chavy (Chavonne Mcauley). According to Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: {Unconditional}“, besides Chavy also Tomis (Tomisnotaboy Resident) and Moonsoul Resident helped creating {Unconditional}.

The name of the sim is related to love, unconditional love. The landmarks description provides a definition of it “Unconditional love — in its most simplest form — means appreciating someone else for who they truly are. It means loving them when they are unlovable, and in spite of their imperfections and mistakes.”
The sim is open to the public yet although it is an adult place you’re asked to refrain from nudity.

{Unconditional} – overview

{Unconditional} consists of 4 islands. I named them Beach island, Swamp island, Mill island and Community island. All islands are connected by bridges. The landing point is on Beach Island next to a small shelter. Walking along the shore of the island I came across several very nice places to sit down, to chill or simply enjoy the surrounding. Some trees on Beach Island are glowing in the colours of Autumn.

Impressions of {Unconditional} (1) – Beach island

Impressions of {Unconditional} (2) – Beach island

From the Beach island your get to the Swamp island by a path and by walking through a hollowed tree trunk. The Swamp island might be the most photogenic island of the four islands. An elevated wooden path lead through the swamp to a nice and cosy hut from where you have a nice view. Another great place to make a stop is at the pond in the center of the Swamp island. And I found a nice elevated place to sit just at the end of my visit on this island.

Impressions of {Unconditional} (3) – Swamp island

The Mill island is outstanding because of its waterfalls. The wooden path along the falls is really well done. I also want to point out the alley of twisted trees that looks just beautiful with its red leaves. At Mill island there’re again several nice spots to sit … and some great backgrounds. The house on Mill island is private and not accessible.

Impressions of {Unconditional} (4) – Mill island

A stone bridge connects Mills island with Community island. It is raining on the bridge.. with another windlight setting you might get some great pictures there. In front of the villa on Community island are several tables and chairs, there’s a stand for hot chocolate and a fountain. To me it looked like a place to meet friends and hence I named this island Community island. The villa is not furnished by the way (or not yet).

Impressions of {Unconditional} (5) – Community island

{Unconditional} offers some really nice Autumn views, particularly when using the regions windlight setting. I decided to use another windlight setting as the picture get a bit dark using the regions settings. But {Unconditional} is not a sim just for the Autumn. I like the Beach island with its cosy places and I enjoyed the views on the Swamp island. I think the alley of trees and the waterfalls as also outstanding.

Thank you Chavy (Chavonne Mcauley) for creating your place and for sharing it with the public!

Landmark to {Unconditional}
Flickr group
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: {Unconditional}”

Simploring 2019 (106) Autumn @ Skull Creek

For my simploring tour on Thursday, October 3rd, I picked Skull Creek, or more precisely Autumn @ Skull Creek, from SL Destinations and I read Maddy Gynoid’s report about it on his blog “Echt Virtuell” – Simtipp: Autumn @Skull Creek (the post is written in German). Maddy’s pictures and his report were tempting to visit myself.

Autumn @ Skull Creek – overview and around the landing point

Skull Creek is a moderate full sim owned by Racey Boom (Raceyy Resident). Right next where you land is the headquarter of a group called Ghost Bullys 1% MC. The Ghost Bully 1% MC is a SecondLife motorcycle club that dedicates themselves to rescuing abused and abandoned animals. Racey Boom is heading the group. In the skies of Skull Creek is a huge race track. A part of Skull Creek is private. According to Maddy’s blogpost, the sim is changing with the season and I can confirm that its Autumn appearance is simply great.

Impressions of Autumn @ Skull Creek – trailer park, Roady’s and the dancing chosts

As mentioned above the landing is in front of a huge barn, that seems to be the headquarter of the Motorclub and also provides space for indoor events. Right next to it is a large outdoor event area. Already at the landing point you can almost smell the Autumn. The sim is literally glowing in red, green and yellow. The ground is coverd with leaves and while I was exploring I could see more leaves falling.

Autumn @ Skull Creek – the haunted house and the graveyard

A road is leading around the sim and besides the beach everything can be explored following the road. Skull Creek is also a bit weired, in a positive way. You will find some oddities. I came along trailer park, an ufo, an haunted house with a graveyard (it’s the season for that!) and a motel. I visited the beach and I rezzed a horse, right next to the motel and continued simploring riding a horse.

Autumn @ Skull Creek – the Ufo and the cows, the bear hut, the motel and the horse rezz

There are for sure more oddities, that I might have missed, but make sure to see the Ufo hoovering over a group of cows. I also think the 3 huge dogs next to the headqurter look a bit odd due to their size but considering that the group is engaged in rescueing animals they have another meaning. Or I think of the dancing couple of Ghosts. These elements add a funny and personal touch to Skull Creek.

Autumn @ Skull Creek – the 3 dogs, the beach and other impressions

I really enjoyed the Autumn at Skull Creek. Racey succeeded to make it almost perfect. For me it felt like a short visit to the Northeast of America during the foliage. And riding in this environment was simply fun. I enjoyed my visit a lot and took many pictures.

Thank you Racey for creating and sharing this spectacle of colours with the public.

Landmark to Skull Creek
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Autumn @ Sull Creek”
Skull Crrek Flickr group