Simploring 2020 (50) Carolina 2020

For my simploring tour on Sunday, June 28th, I picked “Carolina” from SL Desitination. The entry led me to a blog post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: Carolina – Juni 2020“.

Carolina is a moderate homestead owned by Arol Lightfoot. I had visited Carolina in July 2019 and wrote a blog post about it (read here). Arol Lightfoot was also involved in La Vie, a place that I visited 3 times, but it was always different (Simploring 2018 (1) La Vie in Winter / La Vie in Second Life / Simploring 2017 (83) La Vie in Autumn).

The Carolina of Summer 2020 is a completely different setting than the one of 2019. What they have in common is a lot of wildlife.

Carolina Summer 2020 – Orientation map and Overview

The most outstanding feature of Carolina are two large rocks with a high plateau. The rocks are connected by a rope bridge. The landing is on one of these rocks right next to a zip lane leading down to the ground level. As there’s no other way to get down to the ground except of flying or jumping down the waterfalls on the neighbour rock, I took the zip lane and landed next to the Lighthouse. I found a nice place to make a first little rest then I walked to the beach.

Impressions of Carlina Summer 2020 (1) – Landing with zip lane / at the lighthouse / view from the beach

I walked all along the beach, took a couple of pictures and reached the waterfall. On my way I encountered a bear with its baby. I didn’t dare to disturb the two *winks*. Close to the waterfall is a campsite.

Impressions of Carlina Summer 2020 (2) – along the beach / bear with baby bear / campsite

I continued my tour walking around the rock with the waterfall and came into a thicker forest that opened up to a pond where I saw two huts. Both are furnished. One of them had a nice porch with some dogs gathering there and I noticed a board “Wetland protection area”. The other hut seems to be something like a Summer residence. Overall the wetland pond is really a nice spot to enjoy nature and to take some pictures.

Impressions of Carlina Summer 2020 (3) – forest / wetland / Summer hut

From the Summer hut my exploring tour led along the shore with wide meadows, a really very tall ancient oak and a group of wild horses to the only residental house at Carolina. This house is not furbished.

Impressions of Carlina Summer 2020 (4) – ancient oak / wild horses / residential house / romantic pond

Returning to the large rock with the zip lane there’s another larger pond, which I called “Romantic pond” as it offers nice places to sit and enjoy the nature and the birds.
On my way back I also came across an old VW beetle which is nice for posing (and I did). And in the end there’s a trail with many bushes that are cut in form and with flowers. Another great motif for pictures.

Impressions of Carlina Summer 2020 (5) -romantic pond / VW beetle / botanic trial

I spent a nice and relaxing hour of simploring Carolina and I enjoyed the nature, the wildlife, the views and the peace. Just the right thing to do on a Sunday morning. Thank you Arol for your newest refurbisment and in particular for sharing it publicly.

Landmark to Carolina
Maddy Gynoid blog post “Simtipp: Carolina – Juni 2020”

Simploring 2020 (42) Paradise on Sea

For my simploring tour on Saturday, May 30th, I picked “Paradise on Sea” from SL Destinations. The entry led me to Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Paradise on Sea”  (in German) and the pictures and what I read tempted me to visit myself.

Paradise on Sea is a moderate homestead owned by Bellita (Belle Onedin). Bellita owns a shop for poses and apparel (Heart Poses) but there’s no store at Paradise on Sea, yet I suspect that some poses of her shop were used at her place.
The landmark description consists of a list of tags “Paradise, photogenic, flickr, flickrsim, photosim, summer, spring, seasonal, season, romance, photography, rezrights, beautiful, valley, mountains. forest, meadow, farm, horse rides” … and “A beautiful sim .. public, with rez rights for your photography“.

Paradise on Sea – overview

Paradise on Sea consists of two islands, one main island where you land and another island connected by a covered bridge where only a small part is inhabited, the rest is occupied by a big steep mountain. From the bird’s eye view Paradise on Sea looks quite rural and only sparsely pupulated. The landing is direct at the farm in the center of the main island.

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (1) – around the landing point

When you look around at the landing point, you see immediately what makes Paradise on Sea outstanding: The sim is designed with a deep love for details and blooming wild flowers. You can see many animals from chicken, horses, cows and dogs to butterflies, birds and cats. The garden of the farm building is filled with blooming flowers and even admist the meadows where the horses and cows graze you can spot blooming wild flowers inbetween.

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (2)

I explored the main island on foot first and found some lovely spots to sit as well as great places to take pictures. I went to the residential house on the main island which offers a nice porch and a pier as well as a bulding nearby just to sit an watch (or cuddle).

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (3) – VW Beetle and outdoor dining

The longer you look and explore the more you can discover, like the old VW beetle with it’s front trunk filled with flowers. When I visited a couple was standing at the beetle and was cuddling into each other. On the open field I found a nice layed table for dining and had a rest there. Seeing all the food made me feel a bit peckish quite soon *winks*. Did I mention all the lovely blooming flowers already?

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (4) – riding and exploring the mountain island

When I hoovered my mouse over one horse I noticed that I could sit on it and ride it. I don’t know if there’s more than one rideable horse at Paradise on Sea, if it’s only one you might have to search for it. My horse was very well trained. When I got down from the horse, it waited patiently where I left it (in other words, it did not return or was derezzed). Riding was great fun, in particular on the quite flat main island. Getting up the steep mountain on the other island was a challenge (and fun).

The residential home on the mountain island is fully furnished (like the farm and the other residential house). Again it offers several nice spots to sit outside and the garden is full of flowers. And there’s another small building by the water, just to sit and cuddle, very romantic.

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (5)

Paradise on the sea is a very well designed rural sim that offers quite more to discover than you might think on a first glance. I enjoyed the peace, the many animals and all the flowers (did I mention the flowers before? *winks*). Thank you very much Bellita (Belle Onedin) for providing your place to the public! I enjoyed my trip a lot.

Landmark to Paradise on Sea
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Paradise on Sea”
Bellita (Belle Onedin)’s shop Heart Poses

Simploring 2020 (40) A Favela

For my simploring tour on Mady, May 25th, I picked “A Favela” from SL Destinations. There were two entries and I picked Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: A Favela – a place in Rio de Janeiro” (in German) and read it before I went visiting myself.

A Favela was designed and created by Fred Hamilton (frecoi) and Lotus Mastroianni, who call themselves “Riosisco Productions”. Back in 2019 I visited their creations HoPe (read here) and Kun-Tei-Ner (read here). Both sims were very impressing and I do remember them very well. To say it right in the beginning, A Favela is also impressive and is another masterpiece. But this time a real place was the inspiration for A Favela. Although favelas are found in urban areas throughout Brazil, many of the more famous ones exist in Rio.

A Favela – overview

A Favela is build on a skyplatform and only consumes roughly 4,000 prims of an adult full region. You can see the general set-up of the sim in the overview. There is one road that leads up the mountain between the houses. At the beginning and at the end the road vanishes in tunnels. Fred and Lotus added a picture texture of Rio’s favelas with the Christo Redentor statue as background so that A Favela melts into this background.

Impressions of “A Favela” (1)

The visit to A Favela starts at the lowest point next to a tunnel where the road comes from. Often people uses motor bike taxis to go up the hill and you find them right next to the landing point, there’s also a juice bar and around the corner are steep stairs leading through the houses. In that alley you find a shop for cold beer, postcards and drinks as well as a snack stand with Asian food.

Impressions of “A Favela” (2)

Walking up the road there is a lot to discover, simple plastic stools in front of the houses or sofas, some flowers as well as garbage, cats, chicken and even a pig and many other details. The houses are not accessible but nonetheless you see furnished balconies and backyards or small patios in front of the houses.

Impressions of “A Favela” (3)

Another eye catcher are big and colourful paintings on some house walls. All these little details make A Favela that outstanding. You sense the poverity but you also sense a particular form of peace and even happiness.

Impressions of “A Favela” (4)

The infrastructure of the favelas in real life is a big issue, be it power supply or internet, be it gas for cooking or water. When I wrote this simploring report I looked up wikipedia. You find more background information and pictures there and I added one RL picture into this post. It shows the blue water storage tons, that are widely spread in real life as well as at A Favela. I found out about their usage in a travel report. In particular the higher parts of the favela often lack water supply. Therefore people take the opportunity to fill the tanks with water when there is power to operate the pumps. You can also see a total mess of cables on many pictures, they might be legal or illegal, people simply help themself to get power or internet access.

Impressions of “A Favela” (5)

When you visit the higher parts of A Favela you should try to get to the backyards and on the roofs, you find more hidden terraces and places to sit and watch and you have a great view from up there.

Impressions of “A Favela” (6) – upper left is a picture from Rio’s favelas

I enjoyed my visit to A Favela and the little research about the favelas – and I took many pictures again. A Favela is another great place to visit in Second Life and it is another opportunity to visit a place far away without any safety risk, and quick and environmentally sound in addition. Thank you Fred Hamilton (frecoi) and Lotus Mastroianni for providing this project to us all!

Landmark to A Favela
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: A Favela – a place in Rio de Janeiro” (in German)

Simploring 2020 (14) Alpha Moon

When I looked for a destination for my simploring tour on Tuesday, January 28th, I came across Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Alpha Moon” on SL Destinations.

Alpha Moon is a moderate full region owned by Zel Colton (zeldonix). Zel Colton is the owner of Colton Design, a shop offering poses and animations. Zel also offers terraforming, landscaping and sim designing. I assume that Alpha Moon is also kind of a showcase for Zel’s service – to start with Alpha Moon is a beautiful sim full of great views, nice spots to sit, cuddle and enjoy and with a lot to explore and discover.

Alpha Moon – overview

I read in Zel’s profile that he’s also involved in Bloodlines (a quite popular roleplay about vampires), but you won’t see anything of it at Alpha Moon (at least I didn’t see anything). According to Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost the Bloodline acitivities have moved to a sky platform at Alpha Moon.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (1) – at the Landing Point / the old ship / the Stonehedge circle of stones

Alpha Moon‘s landmark description gives away what to expect: “Nature, Woodland, Romance, Hangout, Dancing, Cuddle spot, Alpha Moon, Beach, Parks & Nature, Newcomer friendly, Outdoor, Bar, Lake, Relax, Photography Spot, 7Seas fishing, Greedy“.
Alpha Moon consists of several connected islands which are all close together. At the landing point is an area with games. A trail leads around the whole sim and I followed it.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (2) – the Retreat “1” and the Gazebo “1”

My tour began with the old ship. You should have a look inside, it is furnished. I saw a Stonehedge circle of stones and had a look at the gazebo 1 (as there’s a second gazebo I numbered them. You find a bubble in that gazebo and you can sit in it. My next stop was a smaller hut, which I called Retreat 1 (again, there’re more buildings that invite to retreat, to sit and enjoy.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (3) – the Retreat “2” and “3” by the pond

The trial led me to a pond with just beautiful views. There’re two more houses inviting you to sit as well as a lovely wooden terrace reaching out to the pond. I came to a clearing and saw some horses grazing peacfully in front of a manor. As there’s no private sign nor any other indication that you shouldn’t visit I had a peek inside. The manor is not (yet?) fully furnished but some rooms are.
Not far from the manor is the Colton Design store. It fits well into the sim design. In the center of the store is an exhibition room with pictures most probably taken at Alpha Moon. And of course you can buy poses and animations there.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (4) – the Colton Desgin store and the manor

I visited the Bar&Dance place and on my way to the lighthouse I found the second gazebo hidden in the forest. A great place to retreat. From there I followed the river, enjoyed more really beautiful views and came to the church. Again you should have a look inside sa it is furnished and looks quite real inside. Close to the church is a nice place for couple, a heart that you can use to cuddle while enjoying the views.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (5) – at the Pond / the Bar&Dance / the Gazebo “2”

Almost at the end of my tour I came to a large outdoor event area surrounded by ruins. And before I returned to the landing point I found another 2 love nests.

Impressions of Alpha Moon (6) – the church / the event area and one of the love nests

Alpha Moon is a beautiful romantic place, it offers innumerable opportunities to retreat, sit and cuddle. It offers great views and perfect backgrounds to taking outdoor pictures in a almost perfect environment. I really enjoyed my visit a lot (and took many pictures). Thank you Zel Colton (zeldonix) for creating and in particular for sharing your place with the public.

Landmark to Alpha Moon
Colton Design
Colton Design Flickr
Zel Colton Flickr
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Alpha Moon”

Simploring 2020 (5) SS Galaxy

Wednesday January 15th, I saw several posts popping up about the SS Galaxy. I read Maddy Gynoid’s post “Die SS Galasxy ankert jetzt vor Bellisseria” (blogpost is in German) and decided to have a quick visit there. Most of the information I got is from Maddy’s post.

The SS Galaxy was built in 2007 and contains no single mesh object. The ship is 650 meters (!) long and extends over more than 2 regions. In total the ship consists of 32.000 prims (wow). In April 2015 the then owners considered to give up the ship due to the high costs for maintaining 3 regions. There’s also a website for the SS Galaxy that isn’t kept updated anymore. Finally Linden Labs took over the ship and reopened it in August 2015 as kind of a virtual museum ship in a virtual reality. The ship was now moved to the coast of Bellisseria, the new continent for Linden homes, where Jenny and I got our new (half secret) retreat just a few weeks ago.

SS Galaxy – Ship Directory Map

When I visited the huge SS Galaxy on Thursday, January 16th, I first had some problems to get it fully on my screen. It is simple too large and I had to extend my drawing range. It was worth it! The ship is incredible large.

SS Galaxy – almost too large to fit on a picture

I visited the big pool on the upper deck with the giant water slide, walked seemingly endlessly along the ship and visited the big zodiac ballroom /dinning room & bar. From here you have a great view on the houseboats and the Lighthouse of Bellisseria. I went a bit inside and had a look on the humongous hallways inside.

SS Galaxy – the zodiac ballroom / a view inside (lower left)

Finally I searched the bridge of the SS Galaxy. On my way I came along the glacier cafe & skating room and saw the indoor pool in the front of the SS Galaxy. The bridge itself was impressive not only because of the view from inside to the outside. The room is large, has several control desks, a map of the continent of Bellisseria with the position of the ship, and a meeting corner. Most importantly there’s a ship directory map, that contains the major points of interest and can be used as a teleporter. Hence the landmark I provide along with this blogpost leads to the ship directory map.

SS Galaxy – Control room at the bridge (upper left and right) / front indoor pool (lower left) / glacier cafe & skating room (lower right)

I personally think that moving the SS Galaxy to Belliseria further increases the popularity of the new continent. I look forward to what LL might offer around this new landmark. I strongly recommend to have a look yourself.

Landmark to the SS Galaxy bridge
SS Galaxy website
Maddy Gynoid’s post “Die SS Galasxy ankert jetzt vor Bellisseria”

Simploring 2019 (121) A NYC Christmas

For my simploring tour on Friday, December 6th, I picked “A NYC Christmas” from SL Destinations . There I found the link to Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: A NYC Christmas – Winter 2019” which I read before visiting myself.

A NYC Christmas is a full moderate region owned by Absinthe Holloway (sinontherocks). The sim was mainly designed by Tye De Roca-Dynasti (Tye Dinzel) and Gabriel De Roca-Dynasti (Wassup Bruh). As she name implies it is a seasonal sim most probably available until the end of the year.

A NYC Christmas – overview

The sim offers Winter scenes of New York City around the Central Park. And it is very well built! The landing is in a subway station. Some mesh statues liven up the scene. On the platform is a drunken Santa and it is fun listening to him:
Drunken Santa: Hey look its Diomita
Drunken Santa: Ok damnit, who took my sleigh Diomita?
Drunken Santa: Buy me Drink and i wont tell anyone what you did last night… Diomita?
Drunken Santa: Diomita …my Reindeer kicked my Ass …now i have to walk home

Once you leave the subway station you enter into the metropol city of New York. I felt like being in NYC immediately. The streets are full of cars and trucks, where ever you look your view is limited by some skyscrapers. You need to focus to look at what is in front of you. Instinctively I was careful before I crossed the street. Yet I can assure, that you’re safe in Second Life *winks*

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (1) – arriving in the subway station and the first view leaving the station

I first tried the Zip line that ends near the subway entrance and starts at the top of the skycraper that rises above the Macy’s store. Back at the subway entrance I walked along the Central Park N where you find some nicely decorated residential blocks, a great background for taking pictures.

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (2) – The zip line / residential houses at Central Park N

In the central park itself I found several nice places to sit and enjoy the environment. I had a coffee in an outdoor restaurant. In the middle of the park is a large ice skating area. But there’s more. At the corner of Fifth Avenue and Central Park N is a building that I named casino as there are two game tables inside beside that it is also decorated with love for the design.
In particular I liked the outdoor dinning in a covered bridge and I had fun dancing with a pinocchio-ish funny person. And if you like you could also start a snowball fight.

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (3) – The Central Park

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (4) – The Central Park

At the Fifth Avenue you can also start a sleigh tour with Santa and 4 rendeers. The tour leads not only around the central park but also into some streets you might miss otherwise. I had fun, in particular as we got into a traffic jam cause be two cabs blocking the street. Santa tried to simply ride over the cabs and we got stuck. After a while I left the sleigh and Santa and the rendeers disappeared by SL magic. But the street where I left was not in the best quarter of NYC. Is it really a coincidence that I got stucked with Santa at a night club? *winks*. At least a police station was nearby.

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (5) – The sleigh ride with Santa and where it ended

There’s really a lot to do and to discover at A NYC Christmas. I recommend looking into the shops, like Macy. The feeling of beeing in NYC is quite well done, with all the Christmas trees, the train running around the foot of the trees, all the red bows and the many lights. That is how it looks like! I also had my difficulties taking picture as it is not easy to find the right position. There’s always somthing blocking the view, be it trucks, cabs, power lines, decoration or buildings. That’s also like in NYC!

Impressions of “A NYC Christmas” (6) – Enjoying my visit

I was about to return home when I found a great motif for a selfie at Central Park W with a Christmas tree as background. Now I have a souvenr from “my” NYC Christmas. As opposed to Maddy Gynoid’s experience I had to fight with some lag during my visit and textures took long to wait – but it was worth waiting!

Thank you Absinthe Holloway (sinontherocks) for providing your sim for this great seasonal event. Thank you Tye De Roca-Dynasti (Tye Dinzel) and Gabriel De Roca-Dynasti (Wassup Bruh) for the design. I enjoyed and really appreciate what you all created.

Landmark to “A NYC Christmas”
Flickr group
Maddy’s echtvirtuell blogpost “Simtipp: A NYC Christmas – Winter 2019”

Simploring 2019 (119) La Digue – an Autumn walk

For my simploring tour on Tuesday, November 12th, I picked “La Digue” from SL Destinations. There are already some reports about La Digue. Inara Pey reported about it (Visiting La Digue in Second Life) as well as Maddy Gynoid (Simtipp: La Digue). And after reading these post I had to see it myself.

La Digue – overview

La Digue is owned and created by Iska (sablina), who writes about herself “I love creating landscapes and dreaming inside“. That’s something you can sense visiting her sims. I saw already L’intangible & Field of dreams (read here) in 2017, La virevolte (read here) in 2018 and early this year I reported about my visit to Ponto Cabana (read here)

Impressions of La Digue (1) – around the landing point and around the gateway tower

La Digue is a very photogenic sim for those who love the Autumn atmosphere – I love it! It consits of several islands which are seperated by canals and mostly connected by small bridges. Off the coast are two longer islands which serve as a natural shield for the other islands, a dam or dyke or in French “La Digue”. And between these two islands and the others there’s a protected bay, a natural harbour.

Impressions of La Digue (2) – an Autumn walk

There’re several elements that define La Digue. There’s first of all the gateway tower in the center of the main island. This island is surrounded by a stone wall and it has a stony landing stage. The gateway tower is surrounded by high dry grass, admist of it an old pink limosine catches the eye. If you walk up the tower you can strike the tower’s bell.

Impressions of La Digue (3) – the cafe, the railway station, the lighthouse and the campside with an old caravan

Walking around and exploring the islands of La Digue is fun. Where ever you go you have fantastic views. The few houses are not furnished but fit perfectly into the environment. I encountered some cows, I saw a deer and a pair of foxes. In particular the brich trees glow in mayn colours.

But there’re more outstanding elements and motifs. I want to mention the railway station without railroad tracks. It is raining at this spot of the sim. Quite outstanding is also the long road with powerlines, a great background for taking pictures.

Impressions of La Digue (4) – time for a short rest and the long road with the power lines

The 2 landing stages with the many small boats are another element defining La Digue. Besides being another great motif for pictures they do offer the oppotunity to sit alone or as a couple. The only furnished house is kind of a bar or cafe on the larger dyke island. There’re some tables and chairs to sit and watch. I found some more cosy places but for sure not all.

What made me smile is the way cows are transported at La Digue – with ships. I saw at least two boats with cows as passengers.

Impressions of La Digue (5) – in the light of the Autumn sun

For my pictures I used the preset windlight. But at the end of my simploring tour I switched on the sun to see this lovely place lightend by the Autumn sun. That gave very different pictures, almost too beautiful.
I really enjoyed my Autumn walk exploring La Digue. Thank you Iska (sablina) for creating this corner of Second Life and for sharing it with the public.

Landmark to La Digue
Inara Pey’s blogpost “Visiting La Digue in Second Life”
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: La Digue”

Simploring 2019 (116) Hotel California – Off the Grid

In April 2019 I visited Hotel California, an adult sim owned by Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) (see Simploring 2019 (46) Hotel California). When I looked for a place to visit at SL Destinations for my simploring tour Sunday, November 17th, I came across Hotel California again, this time with the subtitle “Off the Grid” and the pictures indicated that it is about art. I read Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Hotel California ‘Off the Grid’” before going there myself. Maddy wrote that he visits Hotel California regularly and that the sim is changed every 4 weeks. He also wrote that it is not only owned by Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) but also by Racey Boom (Raceyy). The name rang a bell. I visited Skull Creek, just last month (see Simploring 2019 (106) Autumn @ Skull Creek) and Skull Creek is owned by Racey Boom (Raceyy).

The current installation is described in the landmark description with “When the power goes out, you’re left with nothing but what’s inside your head” and is tagged with “Space, cyber, apocalyptic, photography, photo, art sim, art, photography sim

Hotel California – Off the Grid: bird eye views

Hotel California – Off the Grid has absolutely nothing to do with the sim I visited back in April, the only combining element is that by then also some art was displayed. And now the whole sim is packed with art. Hotel California is an artifical island in the endless sea. It is quite flat, the ground is made of steel panels and 8 highrise buildings grow into the sky. You see power poles and some single trees growing through the steel panels (I counted 6 trees) – and art objects that are spread all over the place.

Each single object including the skyscrapers is worth a detailed look. Now the landmark description makes sense: “When the power goes out, you’re left with nothing but what’s inside your head“.

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: The horses from Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii) did remind me of Mistero Hifeng. The woman laying on stairs is also created by Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii). The old coach nearby is from danielitosway

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: Another laying woman by Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii), the “elefants” with the long stilt legs are from Paco Pooley, the tree stumps with the hearts are created by Cica Ghost.

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: The prison court with the watch tower is created by DRD (deathrowdesigns), the tied hulk of a man is created by Holy (Qutsal Alex), the couple is from Wasabi Yuki (wassaabii)

Impressions of Hotel California – Off the Grid: The phone is from danielitosway, the gear wheels from Noke Yuitza and the hourglass is created by Zelest (Zelest Fall) , the skyscrapers are designed by Nite Row (nitergloom) and look at the hands at 2 of the skyscrapers, these are from Groll (Groll Greggan)

Hotel California – Off the Grid is a thoughtfully installation of art objects together with objects usually used for other purposes. These objects were all created for the Second Life grid (from the grid). They are, I assume, a personal art collection of Lex Machine (schmexysbuddy) and Racey Boom (Raceyy). The power poles refer to the Landmark description …. when the power goes out…

Thank you Lex and Racey for making your this collection available for us all.

Landmark to Hotel California – Off the Grid
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: Hotel California ‘Off the Grid'”

Simploring 2019 (111) Last Dove

Tuesday, November 5th, I visited “Last Dove“, a moderate homestead sim owned by Erythro Isback (erythro).  It has been created by Erythro with full collaboration of shannon Cardalines. I got the landmark by following SL Destinations and I read Maddy (Maddy Gynoid)’s blogpost about Last Dove in his blog Echt Virtuell – “Simtipp: The Last Dove” (the blog is in German) before I visited myself. And I’m really happy that I did!

Erythro Isback (erythro) wrote into the landmark’s decription:
Created with love in the spirit of West Texas honoring those that came before, those with us and our future.
“Let the cowboys be cowboy bound.”

First impressions of Last Dove – upper left is an overview

Last Dove looks like the background of a movie – and it feels as if you’re a part of a movie. There’re bots dressed like cowboys that walk around and liven up the scenery. Dust is blown through the village that consists of a saloon, an abandoned chapel and a few houses. There’s a ranch, a barn, a small ranch house and a corall …. beside of that you’re in the wide open. The sim background is just amazing as it make the plains endless. A group of wild horses is drinking at the shore, a group of buffalos is close to the ranch.

Impressions of Last Dove (1) – Inara Pey entering the town (upper left)

While I was exploring Last Dove I saw Inara Pey riding a horse. I grabbed a horse myself (as far as I experienced it you can only grab and ride the horses that are in the corral, the others who haven’t found their way back can’t be ridden) and rode to her and we had a nice chat. Inara told me that the whole setting is based on Lonesome Dove, “a 1985 Western novel by American writer Larry McMurtry. It is the first published book of the Lonesome Dove series but the third installment in the series chronologically (source Wikipedia)“.
The bots that I saw are characters from the novel Captain Woodrow F. Call , Captain Augustus “Gus” McCrae, Pea Eye Parker and others. In 1989 a TV mini series with 4 Episodes was broadcasted that featured renowed actors like Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Diane Lane and Anjelica Huston.

Impressions of Last Dove (2) – Inara Pey and Diomita (upper right)

I had fun exploring the “Last Dove” the right way: riding a horse. And I took many pictures, the background is simply too outstanding.
And I decided to be lazy and to refer to Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: The Last Dove” and to Inara Pey’s post “Last Dove: a western homage in Second Life” instead of further research about the novel and the TV series. In addition, my pictures tell more than a thousand words could do.

Impressions of Last Dove (3) – Inara Pey and Diomita (upper left)

Don’t miss this great sim. Thank you Erythro Isback (erythro) and shannon Cardalines for creating this masterpiece of virtual immersion and for sharing Last Dove with the public.

P.S.: I had a nice chat with Erythro later. He asked me to give credit to corrade bots, an essential piece of the sim. Here’s the link.

Landmark to Last Dove
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: The Last Dove”
Inara Pey’s post “Last Dove: a western homage in Second Life”
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Simploring 2019 (109) {Unconditional}

For my simploring tour on Sunday, October 6th, I picked “{Unconditional}” from SL Destinations. {Unconditional} is an adult homestead owned by Chavy (Chavonne Mcauley). According to Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: {Unconditional}“, besides Chavy also Tomis (Tomisnotaboy Resident) and Moonsoul Resident helped creating {Unconditional}.

The name of the sim is related to love, unconditional love. The landmarks description provides a definition of it “Unconditional love — in its most simplest form — means appreciating someone else for who they truly are. It means loving them when they are unlovable, and in spite of their imperfections and mistakes.”
The sim is open to the public yet although it is an adult place you’re asked to refrain from nudity.

{Unconditional} – overview

{Unconditional} consists of 4 islands. I named them Beach island, Swamp island, Mill island and Community island. All islands are connected by bridges. The landing point is on Beach Island next to a small shelter. Walking along the shore of the island I came across several very nice places to sit down, to chill or simply enjoy the surrounding. Some trees on Beach Island are glowing in the colours of Autumn.

Impressions of {Unconditional} (1) – Beach island

Impressions of {Unconditional} (2) – Beach island

From the Beach island your get to the Swamp island by a path and by walking through a hollowed tree trunk. The Swamp island might be the most photogenic island of the four islands. An elevated wooden path lead through the swamp to a nice and cosy hut from where you have a nice view. Another great place to make a stop is at the pond in the center of the Swamp island. And I found a nice elevated place to sit just at the end of my visit on this island.

Impressions of {Unconditional} (3) – Swamp island

The Mill island is outstanding because of its waterfalls. The wooden path along the falls is really well done. I also want to point out the alley of twisted trees that looks just beautiful with its red leaves. At Mill island there’re again several nice spots to sit … and some great backgrounds. The house on Mill island is private and not accessible.

Impressions of {Unconditional} (4) – Mill island

A stone bridge connects Mills island with Community island. It is raining on the bridge.. with another windlight setting you might get some great pictures there. In front of the villa on Community island are several tables and chairs, there’s a stand for hot chocolate and a fountain. To me it looked like a place to meet friends and hence I named this island Community island. The villa is not furnished by the way (or not yet).

Impressions of {Unconditional} (5) – Community island

{Unconditional} offers some really nice Autumn views, particularly when using the regions windlight setting. I decided to use another windlight setting as the picture get a bit dark using the regions settings. But {Unconditional} is not a sim just for the Autumn. I like the Beach island with its cosy places and I enjoyed the views on the Swamp island. I think the alley of trees and the waterfalls as also outstanding.

Thank you Chavy (Chavonne Mcauley) for creating your place and for sharing it with the public!

Landmark to {Unconditional}
Flickr group
Maddy Gynoid’s blogpost “Simtipp: {Unconditional}”

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