Simploring 2020 (17) Paris 1900

On Sunday, Fenruary 8th, I went on a quick simploring tour. Kitty had given the landmark of a sim named “Paris 1900” to me the day before and when I met her Sunday morning, she had just returned from there again. I decided to have a look.

Paris 1900 – brids eye view

Paris 1900 is a full moderate region owned by Netpat Paris1900 (Netpat Igaly). I landed in front of the cathedral Notre Dame. By the way in Second life the roof never burned down and there’s still the small extra tower on the roof. As usual I tried to get an owverview and zoomed out. Paris 1900 is large, very large! I couldn’t really make any good birds eye picture. The reason is that next to Paris1900 are other connected sims. For example a sim called “Tour Montparnasse”, named after the skycraper in Paris – and that one was erected after 1900 for sure.

The model of Paris 1900 and Tour Montparnasse at the tourist information

Paris 1900 is great place for a short vacation. Netpat made replicas of almost all renowned landmarks of the city: Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge, Les Champs Elysées and Notre Dame, to name a few of them. The city is surrounded by textures of city buildings to enhance the immersion.

I recommend visiting the tourist information close to Notre Dame. For your orientation you find there a model of Paris 1900 and Tour Montparnasse. You can rent your home at Paris in the toruist information and you get information about all upcoming events.

The model of Paris 1900 and Tour Montparnasse at the tourist Information / inside Notre Dame / Theatre Sarah Bernhardt (opposed to Notre Dome)

I took a few pictures, visited the Arc de Triomphe and went up the tour Montparnasse. There’s for sure a lot more to discover but that’s it for my first short visit to Paris 1900. Next time I’ll take the tramway to get a more detailed impression.

Arc de Triomphe and Tour Eiffel

I enjoyed my short trip to Paris. I really should go there again in both worlds. Thank you Netpat Paris1900 (Netpat Igaly) for sharing your place with the public. I can imagine it is a lot of work!

Landmark to Paris 1900

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