Simploring 2020 (18) Ubay Island

Today I came across Ubay Island and I should have noticed it before. With closing his summer version of Khodovarikha (read Simploring 2020 (13) Welcome back, Slava – Khodovarikha in Summer) Serene Footman has opened up another place: Ubay Island.

Serene Footman’s Ubay Island – overview

I strongly recommend reading Serene’s blogpost about this place in his blog here before you visit. Ubay Island is in the province of Bohol, Philippines, flooded due to climate change and the 2013 earthquake. It has an area of 1,5 hectares and a population of 223.

Impressions of Ubay Island (1) – upper left is the basketball court at the landing

Serene describes the living conditions on Ubay Island in his blog. It is absolutely astonishing how people manage to live there with wet feet getting flooded with each high tide. Serene has two short video’s in his blogpost. Don’t miss watching them. I promise you’ll get a different view on what you see in Second Life.

Impressions of Ubay Island (2) – discovering by boat

Serene has added some spots from the real Ubay Island into his Second Life version of it. I want to mention the basketball court right where you land when visiting Ubay Island (This is where we play) and the ruined building admist the sea, that is used by children as jumping and diving platform. This building has been realized by Harry Cover (Impossibleisnotfrench).

Impressions of Ubay Island (3) – the school and the church

There are swamps close by just as in the real place and hidden in them is a shack that is dedciated to another aspect of the local culture: Filipino folk magic, known as Kulam or ‘Pagkukulam’ (look it up on wikipedia)

Impressions of Ubay Island (4) – the ruined Building used as a jumping platform and the Kulam house in the swamp

Needless to say that Serene has added a lot of details to discover! The huts are mostly furnished, you find countless opportunities to sit and look around. There’s also a boat rental so that you can discover the swamps without getting wet feet. And for our convenience Serene has built wooden walks to get around in the village.

Impressions of Ubay Island (5)

Once again I learned something new and saw a place that I never would have come across without Serene’s Second Life installation. Don’t miss out seeing it. As ususal this place won’t be available very long. Thank you very much, Serene!

Landmark to Ubay Island
Serene Footman’s blogpost about Ubay Island

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