Simploring 2020 (20) Cherishville-Spring 2020

After I visited Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (see Simploring 2020 (16) Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot 🙂) I got in contact with Lam Erin who had helped designing it. Lam told me that he’s working at “Cherisville-Spring 2020” and offered to send me a note when he has finished. I got this note yesterday, Tuesday, March 10th, and went seeing it last thing at night.

Cherishville-Spring 2020 is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Lam Erin and his partner Azaria (amariahrenee). According to the landmark profile it is “open for a few weeks for bloggers, photographers and explorers. Enjoy your stay and take lots of pics!

Cherishville-Spring 2020 – bird’s eye overview (1)

Cherisville is an island. In the center is a huge rock and a road leads all around it’s shore. There’re two large ponds at each side of the central rock. Along the road you find some residential houses, a workshop, ruins of a house, a house boat, a boat rental and several spots to sit and enjoy.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (1) – around the landing pier

The landing is on a pier where you get first impressions of Cherishville. The sound of birds is always present and you see them everywhere. I was impressed of Cherisville from the very first moment. The landscape is simply overwhelmingly beautiful. I used the windlight setting that Lam provided. Everything looks very natural, rural and peaceful.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (2) – the main house and the Irish pub

I made a full tour walking along the road counterclockwise. From the pier I walked to the largest house and had a short look inside. It is furnished fitting to the rural setting, not very luxurious but cosy. Next to the house you find a few free-range chicken on one side and a nice Irish pub on the other side.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (3) – boat rental, the house with the open roof

I continued and came along the boat rental and another house. I sat down just opposed to the house and enjoyed the view. My next stop was at a smaller house with an open roof. This house is also furnished quite simple but cosy. On the other side of the rock is a workshop, a great motif for taking pictures.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (4) – the workshop and the house boat

I made a short stop at the house boat and later at the ruins of a former residential home before I returned and sat down at the Irish pub.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (5) – scenic views around the ruins of a house

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (6) – more scenic views, a rest at the Irish pub

What makes Cherisville-Spring 2020 outstanding is it’s nature. It is a perfect place for taking pictures and I couldn’t get enough of it. Each view is particular. I really enjoyed my visit a lot! Thank you Lam and Azaria. I’m pretty sure you will get a lot of positive feedback. Spring has arrived in Second Life …. and hopefully will also arrive in our Real Life.

Landmark to Cherishville-Spring 2020
Cherishville flickr group

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