Simploring 2020 (20) Cherishville-Spring 2020

After I visited Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot (see Simploring 2020 (16) Dya’s Abandoned Vacation Spot 🙂) I got in contact with Lam Erin who had helped designing it. Lam told me that he’s working at “Cherisville-Spring 2020” and offered to send me a note when he has finished. I got this note yesterday, Tuesday, March 10th, and went seeing it last thing at night.

Cherishville-Spring 2020 is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Lam Erin and his partner Azaria (amariahrenee). According to the landmark profile it is “open for a few weeks for bloggers, photographers and explorers. Enjoy your stay and take lots of pics!

Cherishville-Spring 2020 – bird’s eye overview (1)

Cherisville is an island. In the center is a huge rock and a road leads all around it’s shore. There’re two large ponds at each side of the central rock. Along the road you find some residential houses, a workshop, ruins of a house, a house boat, a boat rental and several spots to sit and enjoy.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (1) – around the landing pier

The landing is on a pier where you get first impressions of Cherishville. The sound of birds is always present and you see them everywhere. I was impressed of Cherisville from the very first moment. The landscape is simply overwhelmingly beautiful. I used the windlight setting that Lam provided. Everything looks very natural, rural and peaceful.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (2) – the main house and the Irish pub

I made a full tour walking along the road counterclockwise. From the pier I walked to the largest house and had a short look inside. It is furnished fitting to the rural setting, not very luxurious but cosy. Next to the house you find a few free-range chicken on one side and a nice Irish pub on the other side.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (3) – boat rental, the house with the open roof

I continued and came along the boat rental and another house. I sat down just opposed to the house and enjoyed the view. My next stop was at a smaller house with an open roof. This house is also furnished quite simple but cosy. On the other side of the rock is a workshop, a great motif for taking pictures.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (4) – the workshop and the house boat

I made a short stop at the house boat and later at the ruins of a former residential home before I returned and sat down at the Irish pub.

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (5) – scenic views around the ruins of a house

Impressions of Cherishville-Spring 2020 (6) – more scenic views, a rest at the Irish pub

What makes Cherisville-Spring 2020 outstanding is it’s nature. It is a perfect place for taking pictures and I couldn’t get enough of it. Each view is particular. I really enjoyed my visit a lot! Thank you Lam and Azaria. I’m pretty sure you will get a lot of positive feedback. Spring has arrived in Second Life …. and hopefully will also arrive in our Real Life.

Landmark to Cherishville-Spring 2020
Cherishville flickr group

Simploring 2017 (98) Winterly and Christmassy Cherishville

I came across Cherishville reading Inara Pey’s blog entry “Winter at Cherishville in Second Life“. Her description and in particular her pictures of Cherishville caught my attention immediately. Cherishville is owned and designed by Lam Erin, and it’s a gem of winterly Second Life. According to the landmark description, Cherishville will be open for a few weeks only. I visited Cherisville on Sunday December 3rd, and I hope that it remains open a few weeks more.

Cherishville – overview

I arrived at the center of Cherisville which is really pitoresque. It is a row of shops and cafes lined up along the main street and the railroad. Every shop is furnished and decorated for the season. It is great fund to explore them and to have a look at the details. The railroad station is at the end of the shop row and you might have just missed all trains. The board with the departure and arrivals is really funny!

Cherishville – The shop row and the station

Across the railroad is a large sea promenade, also decorated for the season, the sea is frozen now according to the season. Between the “Cafe Expresso” and the “Carnaby Street” is a passage with steps that leads you to an elevated area above the shop row. The stairs end at historic subway entrances. You can enter the subway entrance and get to a subway station (New York City) that is also decorated for the season. Not far away is a large villa. The gate to the plot was locked when I visited, hence I just camed in into the villa to see the inside. The (three) rooms are furnished, one is obviously also used as a photo studio, the smaller room in the center is decorated for Christmas, and the third room has a bit of everything (among other furniture a bathtube).

Cherishville – sea promenade and subway

Cherishville – the villa

After visiting the villa I walked in the other direction and came to the Christmas tree shop and to a winterly gazebo with an event area. The nature on this side of Cherishville is lovely and peaceful and at the gazebo you can take a rest and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Cherishville – other impressions

A part of Cherishville is not accessible for the public. I assume it’s where Lan Erin has his home. This part is seperated with a line of hills. If you get too close, you’ll get a fair warning with enough time to turn and walk back.

Cherishville – the gazebo

Cherishville is really beautiful and a perfect place to relax, and to enjoy winter and the Christmas season. Thank you Lam Erin, that you share it with the public. I enjoyed my visit very much.

Landmark to Cherishville
Inara Pey’s blog post “Winter at Cherishville in Second Life”