Simploring 2020 (31) Bellefleurs

For my simploring tour on Monday, March 30th, I picked “Bellefleurs” from SL Destinations because I like visiting palaces and manors in the physcial world as well as in Second Life. And Bellefleurs tempted me as well as the landmark description:
Bellefleurs has been the seat of the Duchesses of Ominum since the 1590s. Built in the High English Renaissance style, it offers an En Garde piste, the legendary Salon Music series, dances, lectures, and other events.”

Bellefleurs – overview

I found more in a notecard given when entering Bellefleurs:
Bellefleurs was first built in 1591, and has been the seat of the Duchesses of Ominum ever since. Built in the High English Renaissance style, it has been a crossroads of history and played a unique role in a secretive past. As befits its “backstory”, Bellefleurs houses a collection of art and portraits from various periods, some rare, some personal. The larger, Bellefleurs estate is also home to the Canning Circle or the House of Sakura Courtesans. A nearby sign offers more information and a TP.   

Bellefleurs offers a variety of public events, such as it’s legendary Salon Music series hosted on Sundays, dances, lectures, and other gatherings.  Details about the history of the estate, the mysterious duchesses of Omnium, and the origins of the Canning Circle may be found in the book in the entrance hall.

Bellefleurs: at the landing point, Charlotte’s garden and Duchesses’ garden

Bellefleurs is an adult homestead owned by Indy (India Canning)

When you enter the palace you find a guestbook and a history book right in the center of the main hallway. I recommend to read the the history book as it helps understanding the setting of Bellefleurs. I was impressed! The history reads like many historic reviews of high nobility, the members interwoven, coined by intrigues and spread all over Europe – and it is a full fiction as is Bellefleurs itself. The history reads that real because it could have happened and because the historic background is true. It conjured a smile on my face. And there remain a lot of mysteries not yet solved.

Bellefleurs: The terrace, at the sea shore, the gazebo and the obelisk

I started my visit exploring the outside. There’s the Charlotte’s garden on the left of the palace and the Duchesses’ garden on the right. Both fit well though they point to different ages. Behind the palace is a terrace and a park that extends to the sea shore. I took a short break at the sea promenade, where you find a few chairs and tables. In the park is also an En Garde game (I loved fencing in my earlier years in Second Life), a Gazebo where you can dance and a large Obelisk.

Bellefleurs inside: main hallway with history book, the gallery and the library

Inside the palace is fully furnished. You find a gallery with pictures of the various Duchesses of the different ages (or is it all one and the same?), there’s a library, a music room and as it has to be a great hall for representation. Some rooms are private but there’s enough to explore and discover and it is all made with love for the little detail.

Bellefleurs inside: the great hall, the music room, the Gallery 2nd Floor / Bellefleurs outside on the terrace

As mentioned above Bellefleurs is an adult place. It is home of the House of Sakura and the “Canning circle”: “SL’s Premier Courtesans – the original, since 2007. Sakura maintains an ethos of polite subdued flirtatious behaviour specifically for the elite of SL, who recognise quality, discretion and refinement. Experience the best in subtle flirtation, sip champagne in our Gentleman’s Club while appreciating intelligent conversation with our companions – and far more. Romance, Elegance, and erotic dancing.”

Again and again I’m surprised what corners, even kinky corners, I still haven’t seen in my 12 years in Second Life. Of course I peeked in the House of Sakura and took a few pictures.

Diomita visiting Duchesses’s garden at Bellefleurs / Impressions of the House of Sakura

Bellefleurs offers a great almost historic background for those who love taking pictures (like me), it is a great place for romance and considering the House of Sakura it also offers space for erotic adult play. I’m glad that I visited Bellefleurs and I enjoyed reading about its historic background. I really like Bellefleurs and the perfect setting. Thank you Indy (India Canning) for this gem of Second Life!

Landmark to Bellefleurs
Flickr group
Landmark to the House of Sakura

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