Simploring 2020 (42) Paradise on Sea

For my simploring tour on Saturday, May 30th, I picked “Paradise on Sea” from SL Destinations. The entry led me to Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Paradise on Sea”  (in German) and the pictures and what I read tempted me to visit myself.

Paradise on Sea is a moderate homestead owned by Bellita (Belle Onedin). Bellita owns a shop for poses and apparel (Heart Poses) but there’s no store at Paradise on Sea, yet I suspect that some poses of her shop were used at her place.
The landmark description consists of a list of tags “Paradise, photogenic, flickr, flickrsim, photosim, summer, spring, seasonal, season, romance, photography, rezrights, beautiful, valley, mountains. forest, meadow, farm, horse rides” … and “A beautiful sim .. public, with rez rights for your photography“.

Paradise on Sea – overview

Paradise on Sea consists of two islands, one main island where you land and another island connected by a covered bridge where only a small part is inhabited, the rest is occupied by a big steep mountain. From the bird’s eye view Paradise on Sea looks quite rural and only sparsely pupulated. The landing is direct at the farm in the center of the main island.

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (1) – around the landing point

When you look around at the landing point, you see immediately what makes Paradise on Sea outstanding: The sim is designed with a deep love for details and blooming wild flowers. You can see many animals from chicken, horses, cows and dogs to butterflies, birds and cats. The garden of the farm building is filled with blooming flowers and even admist the meadows where the horses and cows graze you can spot blooming wild flowers inbetween.

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (2)

I explored the main island on foot first and found some lovely spots to sit as well as great places to take pictures. I went to the residential house on the main island which offers a nice porch and a pier as well as a bulding nearby just to sit an watch (or cuddle).

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (3) – VW Beetle and outdoor dining

The longer you look and explore the more you can discover, like the old VW beetle with it’s front trunk filled with flowers. When I visited a couple was standing at the beetle and was cuddling into each other. On the open field I found a nice layed table for dining and had a rest there. Seeing all the food made me feel a bit peckish quite soon *winks*. Did I mention all the lovely blooming flowers already?

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (4) – riding and exploring the mountain island

When I hoovered my mouse over one horse I noticed that I could sit on it and ride it. I don’t know if there’s more than one rideable horse at Paradise on Sea, if it’s only one you might have to search for it. My horse was very well trained. When I got down from the horse, it waited patiently where I left it (in other words, it did not return or was derezzed). Riding was great fun, in particular on the quite flat main island. Getting up the steep mountain on the other island was a challenge (and fun).

The residential home on the mountain island is fully furnished (like the farm and the other residential house). Again it offers several nice spots to sit outside and the garden is full of flowers. And there’s another small building by the water, just to sit and cuddle, very romantic.

Impressions of Paradise on Sea (5)

Paradise on the sea is a very well designed rural sim that offers quite more to discover than you might think on a first glance. I enjoyed the peace, the many animals and all the flowers (did I mention the flowers before? *winks*). Thank you very much Bellita (Belle Onedin) for providing your place to the public! I enjoyed my trip a lot.

Landmark to Paradise on Sea
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: Paradise on Sea”
Bellita (Belle Onedin)’s shop Heart Poses

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