Art in Second Life 2020 (35) “Devoted – to the invisible touch” by Barbara Reiter

Our friend Barbara Reiter-Jewell (Barbara Reiter) has her own little gallery called “20][21 gallery“, where she exhibits her own work every once in a while. On May 22nd she opened a new exhibition “Devoted – to the invisible touch”.

Barbara presents very erotic pictures all taken professionally in RL and the pictures were only very little post processed. I walked through the small gallery and watched quite long at almost each picture. You sense the mood of the models, you sense the erotic tension. Some of the pictures are related to D/s but only express the emotions and the erotic part of it.

“Devoted – to the invisible touch” by Barbara Reiter (1)

The 20][21 gallery is small, the exhibtion consists of about 20 black and white pictures. You should stay a while in the entrance. There is a slideshow with another about 20 pictures.

“Devoted – to the invisible touch” by Barbara Reiter (2)

Barbara Reiter (in SL since 2006) is the SL character for a swiss based meanwhile retired international pro photographer (born 1962) specialized mostly into fashion and beauty photography for advertising and editorial. In her free works she does as well fine art in portrait, glamour, lifestyle and nude. Barbara was leading a team of young and ambitious international female freelance creatives, working close together in a family like structure to produce the perfection she likes to offer to her clients at her former studio near Zurich. Her RL work is still represented and sold by her international fine art representative located at Barcelona with whom she was at several international RL art exhibition and even won awards with.
Barbara was a dominatrix in RL for many decades and is still active in Second Life, where she is Matriarch and Head-Mistress of one of the oldest matriarchal D/s Houses on the grid, established in May 2007, the BHoL. (excerpt from the accompanying notecard of the exhibition)

“Devoted – to the invisible touch” by Barbara Reiter (3)

Thank you Barbara for this very erotic exhibtion. I enjoyed my visit a lot! “Devoted – to the invisible touch” will stay open for the public until fall 2020. At least I think, you shouldn’t miss it if you like erotic photography.

Landmark to the 20][21 gallery for contemporary art

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