Art in Second Life 2020 (35) “Devoted – to the invisible touch” by Barbara Reiter

Our friend Barbara Reiter-Jewell (Barbara Reiter) has her own little gallery called “20][21 gallery“, where she exhibits her own work every once in a while. On May 22nd she opened a new exhibition “Devoted – to the invisible touch”.

Barbara presents very erotic pictures all taken professionally in RL and the pictures were only very little post processed. I walked through the small gallery and watched quite long at almost each picture. You sense the mood of the models, you sense the erotic tension. Some of the pictures are related to D/s but only express the emotions and the erotic part of it.

“Devoted – to the invisible touch” by Barbara Reiter (1)

The 20][21 gallery is small, the exhibtion consists of about 20 black and white pictures. You should stay a while in the entrance. There is a slideshow with another about 20 pictures.

“Devoted – to the invisible touch” by Barbara Reiter (2)

Barbara Reiter (in SL since 2006) is the SL character for a swiss based meanwhile retired international pro photographer (born 1962) specialized mostly into fashion and beauty photography for advertising and editorial. In her free works she does as well fine art in portrait, glamour, lifestyle and nude. Barbara was leading a team of young and ambitious international female freelance creatives, working close together in a family like structure to produce the perfection she likes to offer to her clients at her former studio near Zurich. Her RL work is still represented and sold by her international fine art representative located at Barcelona with whom she was at several international RL art exhibition and even won awards with.
Barbara was a dominatrix in RL for many decades and is still active in Second Life, where she is Matriarch and Head-Mistress of one of the oldest matriarchal D/s Houses on the grid, established in May 2007, the BHoL. (excerpt from the accompanying notecard of the exhibition)

“Devoted – to the invisible touch” by Barbara Reiter (3)

Thank you Barbara for this very erotic exhibtion. I enjoyed my visit a lot! “Devoted – to the invisible touch” will stay open for the public until fall 2020. At least I think, you shouldn’t miss it if you like erotic photography.

Landmark to the 20][21 gallery for contemporary art

simploring 2019 (112) – 20][21 gallery “Miss Barbara’s sense for ice”

Our friend Barbara Reiter-Jewell (Barbara Reiter) has her own little gallery called “20][21 gallery“, where she exhibits her own work every once in a while. Saturday, November 2nd, she opened her exhibition “Miss Barbara’s sense for ice” with pictures of her journey to Greenland in 2019: icebergs at Disco Bay, mainland shelf and some Greenland moods. It is an art show and installation showing an other view into arctic and arctic life.

In the 20][21 gallery you can see the pictures presented in different ways as slideshows, as panorama pictures where you can litteraly walk in and as wall filling exhibits. Besides the quality of the pictures the permanent changing of them at the walls and slideshows and different viewing angles allow you to immerse yourself into this artic world.

A view into the 20][21 gallery

I added a few sample pictures of the exhibiton so that you get an impression. The pictures look better in the 20][21 gallery. For me personally presenting photographs from the physical world in Second Life is a great fit between the two worlds that adds another dimenision to 2D pictures.

Impressions of “Miss Barbara’s sense for ice” (1)

Impressions of “Miss Barbara’s sense for ice” (2)

Landmark to 20][21 gallery for contemporary art

Diary 2018 (154) August 23rd/24th – varied days

When I got inworld Thursday, August 23rd, in the afternoon Mistress Jenny summoned me to club Domme a Domme. I was still wearing the transparent pink dress that revealed everything and my hands were still cuffed in front from the night before. Mistress was enjoying her control to the fullest and their is no doubt that she will stay in charge even though I get green lights. And she made this crystal clear to me, that there’s no choice for me anymore and that I won’t be able to turn the tables back again. It’s nothing new but with every red light my submission to Mistress Jenny is getting deeper and stronger and sometimes I still shiver when realising it.

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme

While we were at Domme a Domme, slave kelly came inworld and Mistress allowed me to change. We went seeing her and even took her out of the display box in order that she can move her bones a bit. We went to Psi’s realm with slave kelly, who was very happy to be back at our feet and to feel the leash after her short vacation. When Mistress had to leave I stored slave kelly in her display box again.

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Psi’s realm / Diomita storing slave kelly at home

My Thursday night was quite uneventful. I took slave Flo to Babylon Berlin to see a fetish show and we met Angelique there. Unfortunately it was very full and laggy and slave Flo couldn’t really follow the show. We left the show after half an hour, spent some time at Mesmerize Dungeon and then played a round of skipee. I was quite tired and went to bed quite early.

August 23rd: Diomita and slave Flo at Babylon Berlin meeting Angelique and at Mesmerize Dungeon

I met with Mistress Jenny Friday afternoon, August 24th, and we took slave kelly with us to Heavy Bondage Club to decorate us. Mistress Jenny had fun teasing slave kelly. She asked her which outfit of the other guests is her favourite. slave kelly has no names and hence she had to crawl to the person .. ehm .. object she liked most. It was a slave tied up as a dog. Mistress Jenny had fun identifying the different bondage items used and to discuss with me about tieing up slave kelly in a similar way.
Soon after slave kelly had to pee. Once again I suspect that there’s a direct connection between her excitement and her urge to pee (there’s no connection but the coincidence is intriguing).

August 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave kelly at Heavy Bondage Club

After Mistress Jenny left I went home with slave kelly to store her again and I met Angelique there. It was about time that I had to change her outfit and I selected a pink body with stockings for her.

Friday night we had our regular party again. Virgo selected to wear just less as the theme for the night. Angelique was already dressed for that and I changed into white and shiny lingerie. Once again we had a great start into the weekend. I teased slave kelly again, who had to kneel silently next to Angelique and me. Barbara (Barbara Reiter) was dancing next to us and she was really dressed to the theme. slave kelly had to ask her to be allowed to kiss her feet and she agreed. When I went to bed, I changed my panties and I spoiled slave kelly by gagging her with my used and damped panties.

August 24th: Diomita and Angelique with slave kelly at home / snapshots of our Friday night party

Virgo found out that we missed the 10th (!) anniversary of our weekly party, she’s convinced that it must be the oldest regular party in Second Life and I won’t bet against it. We really should celebrate a belated party anniversary.

Diary 2018 (53) March 27th – Ending my green light

When I met Jenny Tuesday afternoon, March 27th, I locked her old slave collar around her neck and named it “Mine”-collar. Accordinly I set the label of it to “Dio’s Mine”. Then I took her to club Domme a Domme to have her leashed kneeling by my feet. It just feels right and it’s hard to give up control again.
When we finished catching up, I took her back to the annex of our skybox and enjoyed her tongue – and then it was time to end the green light that lasted since Sunday, March 18th. I ended it under the condition of getting another long green light on the occasion of Jenny’s 10th collaring anniversary, that is coming up in June, and she agreed (of course).

March 27th: Diomita and her property Jenny aka. “Mine”

At night we had an invitation to a “Spring & Easter” party from Barbara Reiter-Jewell to celebrate her two year anniversary with Karli. Angelique went as a bunny.
Barbara had two live singers performing at the party: Åᴜʀᴀ Ŧɪᴛzɢᴇʀᴀʟᴅ (auricrose) and Telima (Diamond Spiritor). They both did a great job and we had a nice time at the party. Thank you, Barbara!

March 27th: at Barbara Reiter-Jewell’s “Spring & Easter” party

Angelique went to bed after the party and we went home to see the slave drones and we took them to Lochme. It was full there and we had something to watch. Also the two slave drones did attract some attention. When slave kelly came inworld we went over to Psi’s realm to see and tease her. She will be back home soon, ready to suffer for her owners and embracing her fate.

March 27th: Jenny and Diomita with the slave drones Flo I and Flo II (AnneWanne) at Lochme and at Psi’s realm visiting slave kelly

Jenny and I finished the night with two rounds of Yhatzee. Mistress Jenny is in control again.

Diary 2017 (41) March 14th – a varied night with slave Flo

Tuesday night, March 14th, turned out to become a varied and relaxing night. Mistress Jenny was not online and as no other slaves showed up I was alone with slave Flo, who is still comfy in her restricted catsuit, corset and hood. First we followed an invitation to a party. Barbara and her partner and sub Karli had invited to celebrate….their wedding, Karli’s submission and Karli’s 10th Rezzday. A lot of reasons! The party was underwater and hence a proper dress was expected. As the party already started at 8 PM my time and I got on close to 10 PM, I first didn’t want to go there anymore, in particular as changing slave Flo into a mermaid would have taken all the remaining time. But Barbara convinced me to come as we were and so we did. It was really a colourful picture with all the mermaids! And Barbara did provide diving goggles and snorkles for slave Flo and me. That alone was fun! We had a good time there, chatting and watching and listening to great music – very relaxing.Then I took slave Flo on a “kinkploring” tour. I often go simploring to explore the magic of Second Life, but “kinkploring”? We often read profiles when we visit a club. I thought it would be great to pick a profile and to follow the picks. And I tink it can be a regular part of our Second Life. For this night I had already selected a profile with 2 picks to explore. The first sounded familiar to me “Damsel Bondage Hangout“. And yes I recognized that I was there before. It is a huge RLV BDSM dungeon, mall and club. Unfortunately it was quite empty. Damsel is described to be for “all types of Fetish for those who love Bondage Latex Rubber Femdom Maledom Pony and Dungeons and YIFF!” What the heck is YIFF? I had to look that up. YIFF is the abbreviation for Young Incredibly Fuckable Furry. No wonder that I didn’t know it as furries are for sure not my kink. Anway, you really never stop learning *winks*. I toured a bit around with slave Flo and found some edges to revisit or to keep in mind for other opportunities.

March 14th: Diomita with slave Flo at Damsel

Then I decided to take the 2nd landmark on our list. That was a dead link unfortunately. We landed on a plane adult sim. There was nothing but about 100m above us was a castle. For sure it was not Obe’s Bondage Island, that we expected. Shame. But once we were there, why not look after this castle. So we went there. It looked medieval and it was. There were a few avatars that looked a bit Gorean. We said hello but we were ignored. What a coincidence, that I knew one of them! A former slave of us, who we haven’t seen for more than 6 or 7 years and who joined Gor. From her I learned that the castle was just rezzed there to finish the building and will be transferred to a Gorean sim later. I enjoyed my short chat with the former slave of ours and she might even come by to visit us.

Again, you can never predict what happens in SL. I enjoyed.

bdsm closeup

20170206-bdsm-closeup-signMonday night, February 6th, we were invited to the opening of the exhibiton “bdsm closeup” of Barbara Reiter-Jewell. Lady Barbara is a friend of ours who attends our Friday night party sometimes.
Our niece Angelique is a member of her House BHoL and serves as a maid there every once in a while. Also our friend vero, Madame Sarah’s sub, has close connections to Lady Barbara.
Lady Barbara Reiter-Jewell (in SL since 2006) is the Second Life character for a swiss based international pro photographer (born 1962) specialized mostly into fashion and beauty photography for advertising and editorial. In SL she runs a gallery named “20][21”, where she shows some of her work. “bdsm closeup” is the sequel of other exhibitions and moves to a brighter lustful side of the topic. As well the series get into more intimacy by showing only close-up’s, like breaking into that dream and working out the more erotic part of the submissive side.

February 6th - opening of "bdsm closeup" at gallery 20][21: Diomita, Angelique, Mistress Jenny and Lady Barbara

February 6th – opening of “bdsm closeup” at gallery 20][21: Diomita, Angelique, Mistress Jenny and Lady Barbara

The exhibition “bdsm closeup” will stay open throughout February and maybe March until Lady Barbara replaces it with another exhibition in her gallery 20][21. Pictures are sold unframed, modify only (to adapt the size), no copy, no transfer. Price per picture for this series is L$ 500. If you like erotic pictures have a look at this exhibtion.

February 6th - "bdsm closeup" at gallery 20][21 opened for public

February 6th – “bdsm closeup” at gallery 20][21 opened for public

Landmark to Gallery 20][21