Simploring 2020 (45) Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020

Scrolling through SL Destinations I came across Nothern Shore – Skärgården again. I had visited it before on Christmas 2019 (read here).

Northern Shore is a moderate full region, created and owned by Elvira Kytori. It is inspired by the place where Elvira is living in RL, the Swedish archipelago coast also known as Skärgården. Look up pictures of these little islands, these skerris in Sweden and compare it with Northern Shore in Second Life – these picturesque, neat and peaceful places do exist! It’s not just a fantasy.

Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020 – an overview

Elvira Kytori is the creator of the “Trace-sims”, places I explored in 2016/2017 (read here about Summer Trace, Fall Trace, Winter Trace and Holiday Trace). Northern Shore fits into this series of places. It is just amazingly beautiful.

When I visited first, Northern Shore was a lovely winterly sim, decorated for the season – but it has changed and was a bit further developed and it is Summer there now, hence no snow and no seasonal decoration. I still recognized it though as the landscape, the main houses and the whole layout is still the same.

Impressions of Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020 (1): Around the landing point

It is great fun to wander around, to explore all the little details of this idyll. Right at the landing point is a lot to discover. Elvira made most of the boards and signs in Swedish to capture the atmosphere and make it feel like her home. Look at the Skärgårdshandlarn. Shandlarn is Swedish for shop and you should go inside. I also recommend to have a look at the little café right opposed to the landing point. It is quite cosy inside.

Impressions of Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020 (2)

The houses at Northern Shore are now ready for the Summer season, decorated with flowers and outdoor furniture. Most houses are furnished. It is worth to have a look inside. You can’t go inside of the houses though – and you should not go to close as the houses are all rented now. Northern Shore is part of the White Dunes Estates, owned by Elvira. You can check the availability of houses on the marketplace here.

Impressions of Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020 (3)

As opposed to my visit in Winter you can now see some yachts anchoring between the islands, and more boats are at the piers. And Elvira has added a rezzer for rubber boats, that I used to explore the islands this time  (no flying needed this time *winks*). And you don’t disturb any renter or violate privacy when you explore by boat. There’s enough public area to enjoy, as also stated in the landmark description:
Welcome to the Northern Shore. Feel free to explore on foot or by sea on the new rubber boats. Hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for being mindful of the tenants. If you like to rezz here for a picture please contact Elvira Kytori for a group invite.”

Northern Shore – Skärgården in Summer 2020

I enjoyed my second visit to Nothern Shore a lot again and it was fun to drive around with the rubber boat.
Thank you Elvira for creating this peaceful sim and for providing that much public space.

Landmark to Northern Shore
Nothern Shore is a part of White Dunes Estates, available homes can be found here

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