Simploring 2020 (54) “The Coasters Club”

For my simploring tour on Sunday, July 26th, I picked “The Coasters Club” from SL Destinations. The netry led me to another post from Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: The Coasters Club” (in German). I read it before my visit and Maddy’s pictures were really good. One reason more to visit.

The Coasters Club is a moderate homestead owned by Yeya Zuta. The sim is completely flat and flodded by water, yet the water isn’t really deep, hence you can walk or use a bicycle (free to rezz) for your simexploring tour. Upon landing you get offered a folder that contains a notecard in English, French, German and Japanese, an head umbrella and a sound attachment (Rubber Rainboots Sound). The umbrealla makes sense as it is raining at The Coasters Club and as it is worn on your head it doesn’t restrict you in anyway or conflicts with your animation.

With these two accessoires the landmark description makes a lot of sense: “Grab your umbrella and rain boots, come explore The Coasters Club. Try to find the hidden spots in a minimal flooded waterlandscape. The tram awaits for you

Impressions of The Coasters Club (1) – landing, tram and pile of office chairs

Well … I did get the umbrella and the notecard when I visited a second time. Sunday morning, I was restricted from my inventory and were just wearing a latex dress, no shoes, no pantyhose. Almost perfect for simploring The Coasters Club. Instead of rain boots – bare feet *winks*. And the dress was not bad for a rainy day.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (2) – the open-air pool

Yeya Zuta writes in her notecard that the sim design (flat and flooded) was inspired by the Netherlands, which lies below sea level in wide parts. Well, you usually don’t get wet feet there, but it is very true that the Netherlands are f l a t. The Coasters Club is intended for exhibiting art objects or smaller installations or to be used as a venue for art performances. If you seek a place for your art that would fit into this environment, you should contact Yeya.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (3) – the cubes

Back to The Coasters Club as I saw it on July 26th. The landing is at a tram station admist the floods. A tram line cuts the sim into 2 halfs. There’re 3 stations, the landing is in the middle. The tram is fully operating – and it looks (intentionally) really surreal in this environment. There are several spots to discover at The Coasters Club right now.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (4) – the club building

At one end of the tram line is a pile of office chairs. You can sit on it and yet several animations. It is funny and bizarre. Not far from there is an open-air pool. Once again you find there animations to enjoy yourself, or you just step back and use it as a surreal background, a pool admist the flooded environment.

The Coasters Club itself is in the largest building, a nice club, fully decorated. It has a stage, a bar, a piano, sofay, space to dance and of course a Dutch flag. Next to is are some cubes used to exhibit either pictures, or art or ads for a shop. Next to the club building is a boat in a wooden dock, another nice motif.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (5) – boat in wooden dock / tea-house de vecht

The standard windlight for The Coasters Club is “Midday” yet I used a darker windlight more fitting to the rain “Annan Adored Dusty”. I tried a few pictures in “Midday” also, for example at the little garden next to the tea house de vecht.

Close the the tea house is an open tent, a place to sit and gather. There’s also a swordfish fishing contest, but I didn’t understand how to join it. What I saw though was a jumping swordfish landing behind the little stand that sells fish. As if the swordfishes jump right in there *winks*. Finally I visited the Water Rock garden with the two seals which lie there enjoying the peace.

Impressions of The Coasters Club (6) – Fisher’s tent / Water Rock Garden

The Coasters Club is a very varied, surreal sim to showcase art. I bet it will change over time and I should come back there more regularly if I find the time for it. I had fun exploring it and … taking many pictures. Thank you Yeya for sharing The Coasters Club with the public.

Landmark to The Coasters Club
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: The Coasters Club”
Flickr The Coaters Club

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