Diary 2020 (111) August 2nd/3rd Two quiet days

I had some time for myself on Sunday, August 2nd, and this time I didn’t use it for simploring but tried to better understand “Baked on Mesh”, in particular for me mesh head. I had in mind to get a few wrinkles on my forehead and at the corners of my eyes to look a bit older, more relaistic. It took some time for me to understand the principles… and being all alone was perfect for it. I tried a lot, bought some tattoos and skins, and went to one or the other stand&model sim inbetween. Time flew by!
In the end I had a result, I was satisfied with.

August 2nd: Diomita’s potentiel new looks (from left to right): as it was before / with just a touch of wrinkles / with more wrinkles and older ski

Later in the afternoon I showed my “work” to Angelique and she said, she’d like it. Angelique was just trying out a new hot outfit – and I saw her and the new outfit again at night. slave Flo was present and we played a round of greedy. While we played, Angelique gifed me her new outfit! WoW.! Time to tease Mistress Jenny, who came inworld, after we had finished and had moved to Mesmerize Dungeon. Angelique and I looked just great!
Later also slave Gwendi joined us at Mesmerize Dungeon.

August 2nd: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and slave Gwendi

Of course I asked Mistress Jenny about my new appearance. She was not that excited about it. She said, that we should adjust out appearnce to how we feel and as Second Life is also an escape from everyday RL, why not stay young and beautiful. She has a point there! She voted for the appearance with just a touch of wrinkles. Hence I worked a bit further on that after Mistress Jenny and the slaves had gone to bed.

August 2nd: Diomita’s new appearance

Monday, August 3rd, Mistress wasn’t present during the day due to her RL. I had again some time for myself and roamed a bit around in the morning and had 2 conversations .. and am curious if anything will arise from it. In the afternoon I went on a simploring tour. And at night, Mistress and I had something to catch up before we met slave FLo and later slave Gwendi. Unfortunately I was disturbed by my RL but at least I could play greedy with Mistress, slave FLo and slave Gwendi while I was on the phone. we went to Mesmerize DUngen with the slaves. It was quiet there and we had to make the most of it and make the fun ourselves with teasing the slaves. Soon it was flotime and the slaves went to bed.

August 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave Gwendi at Mesmerize Dungeon and at Puerto Esclava (superb butts!)

Mistress and I went to Puerto Escalava and looked good *winks*. We had some unwanted fun with a dweeb, a true newbie, man who fitted into every stereotype – being naked, system avatar, seeking sex (he had not even a dick) – and not listening. Sometimes you have to take it easy and just laugh.

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