Art in Second Life 2020 (51) Terra Australis by Sophie Marie Sinclair

I got an invitation to see Sophie Marie Sinclair (perpetua1010)’s new exhibition “Terra Australis“. The exhibtion is inside of a cave rezzed in the skies above Sophie’s own gallery space, the SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre. The provided landmark leads you directly into the cave.

Terra Australis by Sophie Marie Sinclair – Exhibition poster and cave from in- and outside

Sophie Marie Sinclair is a RL painter and book author. She mainly paints nude from models and abstract art. She loves to experiment with different kind of paint and lithography. She has made several book illustrations and was for many years political cartoonist for a well known satire magazine. She lived and worked in the Unites States, Australia, Rome and Monaco.
(taken from the notecard I got at the Extempore Gallery and Lounge)

Impressions of Terra Australis by Sophie Marie Sinclair (1)

The showcased pictures of Terra Australis do fit perfectly into the cave. They are kept in earth and sand colours as is the cave. Actually the cave seeded the idea to make this exhibition, as it reminded Sophie of her time in Australia where she could watch the Aboriginals painting. The pictures were created at Sophie’s home though and not in Australia. As Sophie told me, they all are quite large in reality. Sophie has a strongconnection to Australia. In the accompanying notecard of the exhibtion she writes herself:
Since I am a little girl I am fascinated by Australia. While my friends had posters of rock stars and actors above their beds, posters of the Ayers Rock and of Coala bears were found above my bed. Inspired by the wonderful colours of Australia and the magic of Dreamtime I created the paintings shown at my exhibition

The technique is also inspired by how the Aboriginals paint using sand, plaster, natural glue, pigments, terracotta, bones, pulverized charcoal and other natural colours. The motifs sprang from Sophie’s imagination, many of them reminded me of fossils. Just one motif, the lizard that is also on the exhibition poster, is something the Aboriginal would have as a motif too – the tend to paint things seen from above.

Impressions of Terra Australis by Sophie Marie Sinclair (2) – Sophie herself is in the lower right picture

The pictures and the presentation are quite impressive and I enjoyed my short visit and the conversation about the pictures with Sophie herself. Thank you for your art, Sophie!

Landmark directly to the exhibition “Terra Australis”
SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre

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