Art in Second Life 2020 (70) Hexagonia by Amita Duranjaya

On Tuesday, October 13th, I visited “Hexagonia – A Virtual Cyber-Paradise” by Asmita Duranjaya at Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF).

Writing about “Hexagonia – A Virtual Cyber-Paradise” by Asmita Duranjaya” was made easy for me as there’s a text about the artist and a text about the installation on the great board at the entrance.

My Cyber-Paradise is a place for de-celeration, Absolute relaxation and enjoyment of colours, shapes and sounds. Basic shape is the hexagon due to the host place Hannington Endowment for The arts (Remark: nowadys Hanningtion Arts Foundation), which is itself a hexagonian gallery. The hexagon and the hexagonian fractals, the colours teal and violet are typical expressive tools in cyber art.
The conceptiual idea is a paradise in the future, where all religions and cultures are equally respected. Symbos for this background are the bridges with a quote from the basic scriptures of six different religions – whether humans will still exist or not is an open question.
The paradisiac environment is enlivened by two cyber bots and some animals, partly with animesh function, which I am not able to creat myself due to missing hard- and software – so I am giving my credits to EliteDesign, Shephard and Lance.
My thanks go to Tansee and Hannington Yeltentat for providing the space.
Enjoy the paradise, take a seat on the flying insect and do a round trip and play with the horns at the bridges, which play music by touch and can be stopped too. Musical credits go to David Schombert and his ambient composition “L’Exile Des Arbres”.
Play with your windlights, every graphic card is different. Recommendable are: [TOR] SUNRISE – Turtle Island or [TOR] MIDDAY – Precision blue or [EUPHORIA] smoky blue sky.”
(Asmita Duranjaya)

Impressions of “Hexagonia – A Virtual Cyber-Paradise” by Asmita Duranjaya (1)

I tried all recommended windlight settings and to be honest on my hardware it made no big difference which one I used. I had a relaxed visit and enjoyed the views, I flew with the insect and I had a few minutes of meditation. You can really immerse yourself into another (better?) world.

Impressions of “Hexagonia – A Virtual Cyber-Paradise” by Asmita Duranjaya (2) – Quotes on the bridges

I never came across Asmita Duranjaya before – and I’m in Second Life for more than 12 years and spend quite a lot of time inworld. This virtual world is really large and steadily changing, so there’s something new to discover every day.
Asmita Duranjaya is an avatar-artist in Second Life and OS, interested in creating landscapes and virtual environments with fractals and cyber-related forms of expression, with a colour concept and a conceptual topic.
Asmita has organized numerous collaborative shows and solo-exhibitions, was awarded in competitions for virtual art and won five times a LEA-grant (Linden Endowment For The Art). She has been co-founder of Space 4 Art, runds the art-sim interstellART with 15 artists in residence and arranges monthly changing solo-exhibtions and one huge-size collaborative project per year.
Asmita runs a webpage with inforation about the topic cyber-art – here.

Impressions of “Hexagonia – A Virtual Cyber-Paradise” by Asmita Duranjaya (3) – some close-up’s, zooming in provides artful views

Hannington Arts Foundation (HAF), the former HEA Gallery is owned by Hannington Xeltentat and was built by Tansee, who also curates the foundation. Thank you Hannington for providing the space and thank you Tansee for enabling Amita Duranjaya’s installation. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to HAF “The Hannington Arts Foundation at Xeltentat Enterprises”
Asmita’s webpage with inforation about the topic cyber-art
Landmark to art-sim interstellART

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