Art in Second Life 2020 (80) FOCUS

When I was looking for a destination for simploring on SL Destinations Sunday, November 15th, I came across a picture of FOCUS. It led to another post of Maddy Gynoid “Simtipp: FOCUS“. After reading Maddy’s post, I decided to visit myself.

The installation “FOCUS” is built in a full, moderate region named Coppelia, Coppelia is an artist cooperative sim where the primary objective is to provide studio space for artistic exploration. As of now the cooperative consists of: Jo Ellsmere, Glyph Graves, Penumbra Carter, Dekka Raymaker, Ultraviolet Alter, DB Bailey und Cuirec d’Erc.
FOCUS is a joint work of David Denton (DB Bailey), Bob Johnson (Thoth Jantzen) and Jane Leffer (Jo Ellsmere).

FOCUS – the start on the surface / zooming out from the landing point for an overview

The landing is on the ground but the installation FOCUS itself is on a platform at 1.600m. Upon landing you get some information how to set your viewer in order to play media. You get to the installation with a teleporter – choose FOCUS LP.

As you can see in the overview picture where I zoomed out, FOCUS is a very complex installation built of countless structures, a lot of light and which is very colourful. The first views were just overwhelming,
There are several ways to get around within the installation. With the teleporter pads you can go the predefinded points: Cathedral, Roller Coaster, Hippycampus, Media Magic, The Marble and VortexTop. I began my simploring tour using one of the bicycle trainer right next to the landing. The bicycle began to move and to fly and I could look around while I was moved – the impressions you get are simply WOW. I took way more pictures than I can publish here.

FOCUS – at the landing point / my trip with the bicycle trainer

I returned to FOCUS LP and used another “vehicle”, a pad that put me into a green cyclinder and moved me around a bit. This tour ended close to an Egypt sculpture. Funny, the sculpture follows you with her view. FOCUS is permanently changing, most elements are not fixed but move around, depending on your viewing point, cam distance and angle what you see is unique, temporary and the pictures I took are unique as well for this reason.

FOCUS – using the cyclinder / the Egypt sculpture

I continued exploring the world of FOCUS on foot and walked through tubes, went upstairs and downstairs. On the ground of the isntallation I found a carousel and a chessboard with the head of Donald in the center “Covfefe! The New World Disorder” – funny (and hopefully history very soon).

FOCUS – exploring on foot / the carousel and the Donald chessboard

I arrived at the Cathedral and had a look inside. It seems to be used for events as well. It’s a really impressive structure. I continued my tour using the teleport pads. I visited Media Magic and danced surrounded by all the lights and structures.

FOCUS – Cathedral / Media Magic

I visited Hippycampus and the VortexTop, where you can rezz a ball, sit on it and roll down. The ball becomes invisible and this way your roll down making yourself as small as possible. That was fun.

FOCUS – Hippycampus / rolling down from the VortexTop

I visited the Marble and finally the Roller Coaster, which is another highlight of FOCUS. Enjoy it in mousellok if you can handle it – or simple enjoy the views!

FOCUS – The Marble / Roller Coaster

FOCUS is a great art installation. I was thrilled and did enjoy the views for more than an hour and I took far over 60 pictures. Thank you David Denton (DB Bailey), Bob Johnson (Thoth Jantzen) and Jane Leffer (Jo Ellsmere) for this great installation which proves once again the endless possiblities for virtual art.

Thank you all others in the cooperative of Coppelia for enabling FOCUS.

Landmark to FOCUS
Maddy Gynoid’s “Simtipp: FOCUS”

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