Simploring 2020 (84) Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland

For my simploring tour on Saturday, November 28th, actually on the first Advent weekend, I was up for some Winter and seasonal fun. I remember that I visited “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland” last year (read here) and that the owner, Milly Sharple, had told me that she designs her Winter Wonderland every year. And yes, it was open and a lovely experience once again.

“Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland” – Overview and orientation map

Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Milly Sharple, an artist and photographer in real life. Mills is from the UK in real life and has always enjoyed art and artistic expression. I visited her galleries Fractal Insanity and Fractal Factory (read here). Milly is in Second Life since 2008 and was perhaps one of the pioneers in introducing fractal art to Second Life. And as mentioned above, she also likes building and creates this yearly Winter Wonderworld.

Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland is tagged with “Christmas, winter, snow, holidays, frost, dancing, ice-skating, exploring, forests, caves, ruins, photography and more!” in the landmark description and it really is the fun that these tags promise it to be. But most of all it is just a beautiful place with countless romantic hangouts, places to dance, to have fun and just to enjoy yourself or some time with a friend or loved one.

Impressions of “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland” (1) – around the landing point

The landing is in front of a Christmas hut. If you look around a carousel, an ice rink, snow, snow, snow, a round hut with a piano and places to sit, a smaller residential house and a large residential house up on a hill.

I visited the larger residential house first and was impressed about it’s in and outside, very neat and stylish. Inside it is spacious andfurnished with love for the detail. Everything is prepared for the Christmas dinner, just lovely.

Impressions of “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland” (2) – the large residential house in- and outside

I visited the ice rink and the bar behind it, then I saw the snowglobe and had a look. The snowglobe is a perfect place to make pictures and I made a few of myself. I noted that I should take Mistress here for a picture.

Impressions of “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland” (3) – the bar and the snowglobe

I continued my simploring tour through Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland by walking up to the high plateau with the Cathedral ruins. Once again you can stop by in a Cafe on your way. The Cahtedral is another great place for taking pictures and for spending a romantic hour. Actually during my visit a couple was enjoying this place, hence I didn’t disturb them (I hope).

Impressions of “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland” (4) – the cafe and the cathedral ruins

On the other corner of the sim is a hill with the opportunity to rezz a sledge and to drive downhill. Of course I tried that out!

Impressions of “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland” (5) – sledge riding and the gazebo

I had a look at the gazebo, a lovely place to dance. Everywhere on the sim you find animals, be it deers, squirrels, an ice bear or doves. Close to the sledges is a small forest with an old castle in the center. The castle is not furnished. Outside are three tall rocks that are connected by suspension walking bridges. You can get up on the first rock by walking up a steep trail. At the end of the second supsension bridge you get rewarded with a nice view over the Winter wonderland and can relay in an small hut.

Impressions of “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland” (6) – the castle, bridges and the outlook hut

My last stop for this first visit was the Ice Wonderland, that is also quite close to the landing point. It is a hll with several bizarre caves, ice rocks and fanatsy flowers in many colours, all shining and glowing in different colours, opportunities to sit and watch included. I admit that I lost my way out of the caves and had to walk back and forth to find my way out again.

Impressions of “Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland” (7) – Diomita and the ice bear / in the Ice Wonderland

Again Milly succeeded to create a perfect Winter Wonderland. I enjoyed my visit a lot and will come back during the season. Thank you very much for your work and for sharing Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland with the Sl community, Milly!

Landmark to Let it Snow! A Winter Wonderland

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