Art in Second Life 2021 (3) Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple

One year ago I came across the art of Milly Sharple the first time when I saw her work at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). I visited her own art gallery soon after and reported about it (read here).
I learned that Milly is also a talented sim builder and creator and makes her own Christmas installation every year. It is called “Let it snow! A Winter Wonderland” and I visited it in 2019 (read here) and in 2020 (read here). When I talked with Milly about her recent Christmas installation, she told me that she moved her own art gallery and added new artwork. I visited Milly’s gallery “Fractal Insanity” on Sunday, December 27th, 2020.

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (1)

Fractal Insanity is a large building in a skybox. It extends over three floor and showcases the broad variety of Milly’s art. The floors and rooms are sorted by theme that range from classic fractal art over mixtures of pictures of avatars with fractals to pictures taken in real life and processed into oil paintings.

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (2)

The themes vary from portraits to animals, particular cats. One theme is common: “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength”

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (3)

There are rooms with animated art. I love this kind of art as the captured picture is a peice of art in itself and hardly reproducible. Milly also played with styles and there’s a corner with pictures that have an Asian touch.

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (4)

Once again Milly’s art impressed me, this time in particular the broad variety of her artistic work. Scattered on all floors you will also see her 3D art, her sculptures. One of these, called “Humantree” is also at our home.

Milly Sharple is an artist and photographer from the UK in real life and has always enjoyed art and artistic expression. She’s in Second Life since 2008 and was perhaps one of the pioneers in introducing fractal art to Second Life.

Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple (5)

I enjoyed my visit to “Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple“, it was just the perfect activity for a Sunday morning. Have a look around yourself. Milly also provides some gifts, but they are limited in mumber. I grabbed one and will look to find a nice place for it at our home. Molly told me later, that the gifts change every month and if you join her group you even get a notice when a new gift is up. The gallery is a steady work in progress, hence new pictures are added every once in a while.
Thank you for your art, Milly!

Landmark to Fractal Insanity – The Art of Milly Sharple

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