Art in Second Life (9) Planet by Cica Ghost

On Tuesday, January 26th, I got a message from Cica Ghost. She had just opened her newest installation “Planet“- I went there the next day and as always I enjoyed my visit to Cica’s installations

Planet is a strange and weired world of itself. Planet has pink, violet and blue ground textures, the sky has also a touch of violet. Flying saucers, UFO’s, fly above in the sky. Cica’s tip jar is also a UFO. I zoomed out for an overview. You can see another planet (the earth?) on the horizont. What I noticed first were the bizarre structures with holes, some looking like trunks, others like skulls.

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (1) – Bird yes view, Cica’s TipJar

Looking around I noticed that some holes are filled with eyes that look around on what is going on, some of the structures move a bit, they can’t move a lot though as they are connected with the ground. There are objects with one, two and three eyes. Quite close to the landing is a colourful structure, kind of a large worm with one eye and 3 objects with 2 eyes, which reminded me a bit of polyps. On the ground are several fields with flower like objects. I first thought it were mushrooms, but now I think they look at bit like jellyfishes. From these fields and from nowhere particles rise and vanish, The particles look like little ufos, others like matchstickmen and others like viruses. So much to discover!

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (2) – Eyes are watching you

The thought Cica provides with Planet is: “What if I’m a princess on another planet? And no one on this planet knows it?” (Candace Bushnell)
The princess lives in her own little world on Planet. In the center is a glass dome with a large rolling shutter gate. Inside lives the princess with her cow, the laundry is drying on a washing line, many flowers and gras provide an earth like environment. Also inside is the princess’ house, decorated with pictures of other Cica-creatures.

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (3) – Princess’ glass dome

You can use some of the flying saucers to fly yourself. Just hoover with your mouse over them and if you can sit … et voila. The UFO flies you around and you can watch out trying to differentiate between rock and living creature – and enjoy. There’s also a rocket, mabye the rocket the princess onced arrived with. You can sit in the capsule and look out.

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (4) – Flying with the UFO, the rocket and other creatures

What else? There’s a free space ship that Cica gifts to us. I tried it, it is funny to fly around with it. And you might wonder, where is the cat? It is in the glass dome, not that hard to find this time. *winks*

Impressions of Planet by Cica Ghost (5) – The Space ship gift, the cat and a few more impressions

Planet by Cica Ghost is as all of her installations first and foremost fun. Her funny creatures and her fine irony always make me smile. Although there are quite some strong pictures that refer to all of our lifes at the moment. The glass dome with it’s little perfect world inside, safe and sound. The virus like creatures waiting ouside, the big monster virus with one central eye which shows up at the coast, the particles that look like viruses, the immobility of Cica’s creatures, the empty holes, where once might have been eyes ….
Well you might (and should) have another and happier message – just smile looking at Cica’s creatures and creations.

P.S.: I saw other blog entries about Planet by Cica Ghost and noticed that for some reason I had not the environment setting that Cica had intended for her installation (I thought I had set it to region default but I had not). Her sky looks like in the poster, the first picture in this entry. Anyway, my pictures are even more particular now *winks*

Thank you Cica for another great installation.
Have fun! As always, we don’t know how long Planet by Cica Ghost might stay open.

Landmark to Planet by Cica Ghost

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