Art in Second Life 2021 (10) “Waves of Silence” by Etamae

Last year I had quite some blogposta about Etamae and her art. I visited her Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery (see my blogpost here) and her Extempore Gallery and Lounge (read here). I saw her contribution to the joined exhibtion of Apirl 2020 at La Maison d’Aneli (read here). I saw her “little boxes” at Hannington Art Foundation (read here) and her “Memories of a Foreign Reality” at Itakos Project Art Gallery (read here).

Etamae is in Second Life for almost 5 years. She’s from the UK and began transforming her pictures from the things she has seen and loved in Second Life into something else, in digital art in 2018. Etamae is not defined by just one style or area of art, she plays with different patterns and tries herself out in a broader spectrum of art. And so also the current exhibtion at the DixMix Gallery proves her attitude to always try out different forms of art.

The exhibition “Waves of Silence” is located in the room Abby at DixMix Gallery. It consists of 9 partly quite large pictures. The walls of the room and the floor is kept in grey tones. At the walls you see some shadows of people and objects. The background fits well and is used to contribute to the pictures. The largest picture named “peek”, that you see in front of you when you enter the room consists of two halfs, in the center of the combined pictures is something that looks like a boxing ring, each half shows the silhouette of a person (a boxer?). In fact the left and the right part are just mirrored pictures that were coloured differently. If you step back far enough and look at the picture the shadows on the wall behind add to the picture so that you can recognize a face.
Etamae also played with mirrors in her picture “reflective”, also colouring both (mirrored) halfs differently.

“Waves of Silence” by Etamae at DixMix Gallery (1) – away (upper left) / reflective (upper right) / peek (lower picture)

Etamae’s picture “Waves of Silence”, gave her exhibtion at DixMix Gallery it’s name. In this picture Etame uses several layers (I think just two, but mabye three), that are zoomed in and zoomed out slowly. This way she creates the illusion of waves, colourful waves. It is quite calming to look at it and to watch the slow change of the picture.
In the picture next to it, named “peace”, she uses another and much more visible effect of changing it permanently. The picture has two layers that are permantenly moving against eachother (one to the left side, one the right side). It is one on the same picture, black and white, and shows a face. The upper picture is transparent. There is a moment when both pictures fit exactly, then you see one picture only. But mostly you see the face changing, you see at least 2 faces … or even none. And the changes are quite quick.

“Waves of Silence” by Etamae at DixMix Gallery (2) – Waves of Silence (left side) / peace (right side)

The third technique Etamae is playing with in her exhibtion at DixMix Gallery is a moving a thin layer of grey or fog over her pictures. In her picture “rapture” this makes the background changing just a tiny bit. You do not notice it at the first glance that the picture is animated. In her picture “sleep”, the effect is stronger and quite visible as two second layers (the fog) are moved over the picture against eachother and thus the picture gets partly darkened, but the dark parts move.

“Waves of Silence” by Etamae at DixMix Gallery (2) – rapture (upper) / sleep (lower)

Etamae showed again her ability to play with different techniques. I enjoyed my visit a lot. Her artwork is intriguing. Thank you Etamae!
Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and for contributing at it.
The exhibition “Waves of Silence” by Etamae will stay open until February, 19th.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery
DixMix Gallery website
Landmark to Extempore Gallery and Lounge
Eta’s Feed Your Fetish Gallery
Etamae’s Flickr page

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