Art in Second Life 2021 (23) Soulportraits at Itakos Art Gallery

I got an invitation for the opening of “Soulportraits” at the Black Pavillion of The Itakos Project and Art Gallery on February 19th. I went there a few hours before it opened officially.

Soulportraits” is a follow-up of the exhibition “2020 Summer Collection” (read here) with a collective of talented artists selected from the Soul Portraits – Itakos flickr group. In total there’re 21 pictures from 5 different artists: Catherine Nikolaidis, Lula Yue, Choo Vegas, Tutsy Navarathna and Akim Alonzo.

Avatars in Second Life don’t grow old, something most of us do appreciate. Actually all stay between 20 and 30 years old, all have beautiful faces with no wrinkles and many have perfect bodies. What differs is the the haircut, some facial details be it the eyes, the eybrows, the length of the nose, the form of the mouth and chin and yes also the body. But still, most look beautiful and young.

Impressions of “Soulportraits” at Itakos Art Gallery (1) – Lula Yue

That said, portraits taken in Second Life show beautiful people. And we like looking into and at beautiful faces. Hence many pictures (also my own) taken in Second Life are portraits or close-up’s. Akim founded a flickr group for portraits named “Soul Portraits – Itakos Art Gallery“, where people can contribute their best portrait pictures. In the meanwhile there’re far more than 500 members in this group and over 10.000 (!) pictures had been uploaded.
There are certain rules:
– The focus is on expression and emotions transmitted by avatars and photographers.
– The group has a partnership with the Itakos Art Gallery in Second Life.
– The raw pictures have to be taken in Second Life
– The pictures may not be just a pure (raw) snapshot. As opposed to the photos must be elaborated and interpretated by the artist.
– The pictures are evaluated and accepted in the group at the discretion of group admin.

Impressions of “Soulportraits” at Itakos Art Gallery (2) – Choo Vegas

The main difference between the “2020 Summer Collection” and “Soulportraits” is that all pictures showcased in “Soulportraits” are Black & White.

Impressions of “Soulportraits” at Itakos Art Gallery (3) – Chaterine Nikolaidi


All 21 pictures prove that people in Second Life are beautiful. But they also prove that you can make your face and avatar look very individual. The portraits also tell a story by the background, by the facial expression, the viewing angle, by the light choosen, the hair style, the view, the jewelery and by the way the protrait is presented. You can loose yourself while looking at them.

Impressions of “Soulportraits” at Itakos Art Gallery (4) – Tutsy Navarathna

And some of the 21 pictures are not classic portraits but more (erotic) portraits of the body. One picture just shows a man from his backside – in this case it is more the atmosphere, that is captures, a certain state of mind rather than a portrait.

The selection is once again impressive. It is still surprising for me what possibilities Second Life offers for taking artful pictures (and processing them). I enjoyed my visit.

Impressions of “Soulportraits” at Itakos Art Gallery (5) – Akim Alonzo

Thank you Akim for providing your space for the art, The Itakos Project and Art Gallery, and for your own contribution to “Soulportraits

Landmark to Itakos Art Gallery BLACK Pavilion
“Soul Portraits – Itakos Art Gallery” Flickr
The Itakos Project and Art Gallery website

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  1. tutsy navarathna
    Mar 10, 2021 @ 17:37:16

    It’s always nice to see people taking the time to watch to analyze and even write down their thoughts on an exhibition. Thank you for coming and thank you for this blog.


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