Art in Second Life 2022 (3) SecundaVida Body&Art Store

Thursday, January 6th, I got an invitation from Akim Alonzo, owner and curator of the Itakos Art Gallery. I covered the Itakos Art Gallery in this blog since March 2020, my last visit was in March 2021 when I saw “Soulportraits” (read here). Since then I had thought of visiting again but I didn’t get any invitation and being busy I forgot about it again and again. Getting the invitation now I decided to visit immediately.

The title “SecundaVida Body&Art Store” and missing an artist name did irritate me already. Akim wrote in the accompanying notecard:
The Itakos Project is proud to present the “SecundaVida Body&Art Store“.
The first shop on Secondlife for all those who love stylish tattoos. A project that concerns everything about the Body and decoration with Tattoos, but also Artworks and more.
Possibility of customization and tailor-made products.
I cordially invite you to visit the Store, to share the Art of Living in Second Life with you.

The provided landmark did not lead to the Itakos Art Gallery but to a store. Later I found out that the gallery is currently closed and that the SecundaVida Body&Art Store is a devision of the Itakos Project in Second Life.

Impressions of the SecundaVida Body&Art Store (1)

Tattoos are widely spread in Second Life, way more than in real life. It is easy to get a tattoo in Second Life and it is easy to get rid of it and get a enw one. Some change their tattoos like clothes in this virtual world. For some it is part of their personality to use their skin like a canvas for art. Even I wear tattoos in Second Life – and I have changed them over time (yet very rarely as I personally try to stay close to reality).
Tattoos can be and actually are very often artful, they are body art.

Impressions of the SecundaVida Body&Art Store (2)

The SecundaVida Body&Art Store is quite large and extends over 4 rooms. It has a clear Asian atmosphere. And you find not only tattoos there but can also buy art, right now Akim Alonzo’s own art. In addition the store is decorated with some picture of Fiona Fei (FionaFei), an artist that I also covered in this blog. Again it has been quite a while ago since I wrote about Fiona the last time in April 2021 (read Art in Second Life 2021 (37) Spring by Fiona Fei).

In the four rooms you can buy tattoos about different themes:
Room 1: Zodiacal Tattoos / the Japanese Kanji / the Four Elements
Room 2: the Oreint Express / Tell Me a Story
Room 3: Read My Body it’s a Book
Room 4: Mandalas and Other Stories

From what I saw and can tell, the offered tattoos are stylish and artful. They reach from simple Zodiacal tattoos to tattoos that cover the whole body and that you literally can read. I have seen those inworld on some avatars and tried to read them, but often the clothes prevent reading the whole “book”.

Impressions of the SecundaVida Body&Art Store (3)

The store is stylish and spacious. You also find spots to sit an enjoy the atmosphere. You could also see it as an art gallery. In addition I learned a lot about different tattoos and in this respect my visit was also educational. I learnd about “Kanji”. Kanji, along with hiragana and katakana, makes up the Japanese writing system. I learned about the origin and the history of Mandalas and about the background of the tattoos that can be read like a book.

Akim Alonzo is in Second Life for 15 years now. Actually his SecundaVida Body&Art Store was opened on his 15th rezzing anniversary. He describes himself as a traveller and photographer in Second Life. And now I know why I didn’t get any invitations anymore, he was working on a new project – the SecundaVida Body&Art Store. The website of the Itakos project and art gallery still exists yet hasn’t been updated since the last exhibition at the gallery.
You can see more of Akim Alonzo’s art on his flickr page.

Impressions of the SecundaVida Body&Art Store (4)

Products of SecondaVida Body&Art Store can also be purchased on the marketplace and Akim made an own flickr account for the store. There are more people involved in the project of creating the SecondaVida Body&Art Store, at least Fiona Fei (FionaFei), who’s art is featured, and Carle (carleonie), who is working for the store.

Hence if you seek a tattoo with an Asian touch, have a look at the SecondaVida Body&Art Store. They also make customized tattoos. If you look for art or an artful design store, then the SecondaVida Body&Art Store is also for you.
Last but not least – have fun and enjoy.

I look forward to Akim’s next projects, mabe the re-opening of his Itakos Art Gallery.

Landmark to SecundaVida Body&Art Store
SecundaVida Body&Art Store on the marketplace
SecundaVida Body&Art Store on flickr
Akim Alonzo’s flickr
Akim Alonzo’s website

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