Art in Second Life 2021 (50) Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2

I’m more than 13 years in Second Life and although I have quite varied passions in this virtual environment art is for sure a quite big part of it. And I still come across artists I never heard about before although they are very active in Secondlife even longer than me.

For my art afternoon on Sunday, May 2nd, I decided to visit Second Life Endowment for the Arts SLEA and to see another of the current installations there “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2“. Her installation is in the SW corner of Region 4 and will be available until June 30th, 2021.

I got a notecard before entering and this notecard – written by Marea2007 Praga – is that detailed, that I don’t need to write anything more. This makes it a lot easier for me.

The installation My Surreal World, Part 2 (3d Sculptures and Poetry) is the continuation of a previous Project realized in Plusia (My Art Land since 2007), fruit of lived Dreams and States of Mind experienced and reworked now in a Surrealist Key. All the sensations and emotions of love in a dreamlike world expressly created for the liberation from the social conventions and represented with passionate irrationality and spontaneous impulse. The unconscious breaks free and creates a dream world that here finds full representation and reality.

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (1)

My love for Art has always had a special attention to Surrealism, which has always been more congenial to my moods and my nature.
This intention is further developed in my current project in Second Life: *Art & Fashion* where I apply my idea of Surrealism with 3d sculptures and a clothing line for female avatars where I combine Real Art (Watercolors, Paintings, Photos, Drawings) with Virtual Fashion.

In this Exhibit realized in SLEA with 3D Sculptures and Poetry (Remark: Poetry is in Italian) I intend to carry out the representation of the freedom of the woman (I don’t consider myself an artist but only a creative person) that leaves the thoughts free to choose which path to take… wandering in art without a destination or look for one or infinite.
It’s also the representation of human freedom more generally: the freedom that is born, evolves, but also knows how to take root and regenerate itself, according to what it feels and wants.
Genesis, constant change and metamorphosis that know accentuate the diversity and that know to shift attention … distorting the common sense, showing us a different reality, a new perspective, infinite new interpretations.

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (2)

Eyes, hands, cages, masks, roots, watches and many other symbols .. all images that hover soft removing obstacles, judgments, contingencies, limitations and boundaries.
Surreality, dreams and emotions that dominate and win over all and are timeless…far from any social convention .
The Charm of the Dream, all that exceeds the apparent reality, and touches, crosses and involves aspects unreal, supernatural, ethereal, linked to the subconscious and other worlds and languages.
A journey that I would like to share with those who will come to visit me because…. “the key word is not opening, but sharing”.

Marea2007 Praga

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (3): At the entrance you find more information / in the center of the installation is and event area with a creative DJ desk and a chessboard dance area

Marea2007 Praga is the owner and curator of Plusia, a project for the dissemination of the arts since 2007. For ten years she has organized art exhibitions offering free spaces to artists from all over the world, she hosted theater companies, dance and live music and also collaborated with Science On The Road and other cultural initiatives to bring science in Second Life in a comprehensive and simple way.
In recent years she has limited her presence in Second Life due to work and family commitments but still continued to deal with art but with less assiduity. Every year she participates in the Linden Birthday with her personal projects.
Her current projects and all the events and exhibtions she supported can be found on Marea’s website.

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (4): The art of Wan Laryukov

In her installation Marea also features another artist – again someone I haven’theard about before: Wan Laryukov. You can teleport or fly to the transparent sepereate platform above the installation. Wan Laryukov presents her 3D and 2D art there. Wan is in Second Life also since 2007 and from her profile I gathered that she is alo connected to Plusia. She owns a gallery named “The Eye Arts”. Another artist and another gallery that I should visit soon.

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (5)

I had an enjoyable Sunday afternoon enjoying art and learning about artists, I didn’t come across before. If you have a passion for art and if you like surreal art I can only recommend to visit “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2“. Thank you Tansee for your work for SLEA, thank you Marea for your engagement for the arts and for this installation.

Landmark to Second Life Endowment for the Arts SLEA
Direct landmark to Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2
Marea2007 Praga’s website
Landmark to Plusia:
Landmark to Art&Fashion store:
Art&Fashion store on Marketplace
Landmark to Wan Laryukov’s gallery “The Eye Arts”

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