Art in Second Life 2021 (89) “From my bed I dream of life” by SH Tutti

Saturday, August 21st, I had some time left before lunch and decided to visit Second Life Endowment for the Arts SLEA and to see another of the current installations there “From my bed I dream of life” by SH Tutti (secondhandtutti). Her installation is in the SLEA Region 3 and will be available until end of 2021.

Impressions of “From my bed I dream of life” by SH Tutti (1) – at the landing point

You get a notecard before entering the installation. SH Tutti wrote about her installation: “The visions of mortality. The visions of an artist. The dreams of creation.
A bed that floats in the middle (arrival point) over a body of water (emotions) and surrounding it in all directions are images (predominantly 3d) of the artist dreams: The vision of a city made of clouds that leads into a child’s playground of fantastical animal sculptures that leads into a dark cave containing a hint of monsters that leads into a spring nest of revival that leads into the ocean of Summer and LIFE!

Right when you arrive at the bed there’s another text introducing the installation:
My mind is unsettled… my body is not mine, not min this spectacle… no no, not mine this fragile vine. I remember… remember, Images play across the landscape out my window… I remember. And dreams ride the back of clouds, like lightbeams set free to carry me to places beyond me, yet inside me, above me, below me, floating out in all directions… Dreams of life, of creation, emotional capitulations gushing from this body not mine, not mine this viraled thing, lost in a track of time, resolved to watching clouds and dreams and nightmares and what ifs and one days. Oh how they carry me away.

Impressions of “From my bed I dream of life” by SH Tutti (2)

From the landing you can see already quite a lot of colourful objects close by or far away. I walked around a bit and fall …. into the nightmare part. It’s not too scary, a strange faceless person is dancing there and there’s a way out. Moving along in the installation “From my bed I dream of life” is quite easy. You walk (no fly zone) and you get teleported somewhere else when you click on of the wake up signs. This way you can experience the different dream elements of SH Tutti. Alternatively you ride one of the 4 clouds right at the landing spot. Each one brings you to a different area of the installation.

Impressions of “From my bed I dream of life” by SH Tutti (3)

SH Tutti must dream very colourful (unfortunately my dreams aren’t that colourful as much as I am aware about them). Her objects are artful interpretations of places, or fragments of the dreams. There’s a street with rowhouses in different colours, there’s a magic palace with a large dancing area before it. There’s a stage and a quite large auditorium (I assume used for the grand opening on August 16th, 2021).

There’s a circle of rabbits on the top of a rock, there are figures that reminded me of the sculptures made by Niki de Saint Phalle in the physcial world. There’s a colourful board with many geometrical forms and a throne where you can sit – afterwards I saw a sign behind the throne “Get a DNA Download. Have a seat“. Eeeep, someone manipulating my DNA?

Impressions of “From my bed I dream of life” by SH Tutti (4)

There’s a nice love cloud, a big rainbow, a beach with two dancing figures. There’ simply a lot to see and discover. And everything changes permanently, moving clouds, shadows. SH Tutti plays a lot with transparent walls with textures applied to them. I hope that my pictures give an impression of what to expect when you visit – a dreamland, a fantasy, art.

Impressions of “From my bed I dream of life” by SH Tutti (5)

I have come across SH Tutti (secondhandtutti) just once so far back in 2019 when I visited Lyric Art Gallery (read here). SH Tutti (secondhandtutti) is in Second Life sinceSeptember 2017. She says about herself:
I can create things whether people like them or not, it doesn’t matter, for it comes from inside me and for those willing or open to knowing me, they will see who I am through my builds, my art. Welcome to my world!
I hope my artwork will always remain light and joyful, a reminder of the wonder of fantasy. And please do remember I have a human heart, so please be kind.

Impressions of “From my bed I dream of life” by SH Tutti (6)

SH Tutti has had quite a lot exhibtions since she joined SL. If you open the short biography of SH Tutti, that is embedded in the notecard about “From my bed I dream of life” you can get a list. SH Tutti is very active, she has her own blog, her own gallery spaces and showrooms, her own store on the marketplace  and she has a flickr account .

Thank you Tansee for your work for SLEA, thank you SH Tutti (secondhandtutti) for this installation. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Second Life Endowment for the Arts SLEA
Direct landmark to SLEA 3 “From my bed I dream of life” by SH Tutti
SH Tutti (secondhandtutti)’s blog
SH Tutti Creations Gallery
SH Tutti Artist Showroom @ Carmel Art Community
SH Tutti’s store on marketplace
SH Tutti’s flickr

Art in Second Life 2021 (86) “Nero” by Lex Machine

I have covered Lex Machine (Archetype11 Nova)’s art installation already several time and just lately I saw the intallation “Numb” (read here). Lex told me that he also just had finished another installation at SLEA and gave me the direct landmark to it. The installation is called “Nero” and shall be open for the public until end of September.

Impressions of “Nero” by Lex Machine – overview / view at the landing point / theather and guitarist

Nero” is an artfully arranged installation with objects from other artists and builders. Lex’s artful way to arrange the objects, to combine them, place them into different contexts and backgrounds and to build a relation between them is his particular style (which I like a lot). As for as I found out for “Nero” Lex used art and obejcts from: Rena (guraa), Rebeca Bashly, omronAK (anthonymorfy), Brotherchic (xxalexmodelxx), Chunker Chip Cookie (Jamie Rozenberg), Tah (Tahiti Rae), Alir Flow, Ness (donotgivemyself), Gwen von Aurora (Sweetgwendoline Bailey), Ganja Brune, Bryn Oh, Nams (Nama Gearz), Jogi Schultz (yogijo), Wassa (wassaabii) and Arken Soothsayer. Wow, what a long list and I’m not sure if I got them all.

I made a bird eye’s view of “Nero” and gave most objects a name. At the central landing at SLEA you can grab a notecard about “Nero” and about Lex Machine. In this notecard Lex wrote about “Nero“:
With this arrangement I tried to tell an open ended story of 4 different perspectives: The world with evidence of it’s end standing in front of it and the reaction of being happy to just wiggle the rest of it’s sand to the bottom of the hour glass, it’s dependency upon the virtual realms of sedation and all those oh so cool different masks it lets us all wear, the dichotomy of religion….it’s nurturing nature it’s other dark sides of fear and control, and some sign of hope behind it all. At the center is something more personal…the core of what causes this brain to move in these directions. To know more of those, you will have to ask me personally. I play those truths closer to my own chest.

Remark: The hour glasses are around the guitarist who plays in front of the theater.

Impressions of “Nero” by Lex Machine (1)

Lex Machine asked to play with the environment settings for getting different impressions of “Nero“. I didn’t do that for this isntallation but you can get quite dark or quite sunny and happy pictures when you do, it’s up to you only – so try it!

In his art installations Lex tries to come to terms with his experiences as a combat soldier, with all the misery and hardship, with the violence and with the pictures that are literally burned into his memory. Art helps him (and maybe others) to express his thoughts and to rebuild his life. I personally am always touched and intrigued by his work.

Impressions of “Nero” by Lex Machine (2)

Thank you Lex Machine (Archetype11 Nova) for another great installation. Thank you to Tansee and all others involved for curating SLEA. I did enjoy my visit.

Direct landmark to “Nero” at SLEA Region 4 NE
Landmark to Second Life Endowment for the Arts SLEA
Lex Machine (archetype11 Nova)’s flickr

Art in Second Life 2021 (50) Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2

I’m more than 13 years in Second Life and although I have quite varied passions in this virtual environment art is for sure a quite big part of it. And I still come across artists I never heard about before although they are very active in Secondlife even longer than me.

For my art afternoon on Sunday, May 2nd, I decided to visit Second Life Endowment for the Arts SLEA and to see another of the current installations there “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2“. Her installation is in the SW corner of Region 4 and will be available until June 30th, 2021.

I got a notecard before entering and this notecard – written by Marea2007 Praga – is that detailed, that I don’t need to write anything more. This makes it a lot easier for me.

The installation My Surreal World, Part 2 (3d Sculptures and Poetry) is the continuation of a previous Project realized in Plusia (My Art Land since 2007), fruit of lived Dreams and States of Mind experienced and reworked now in a Surrealist Key. All the sensations and emotions of love in a dreamlike world expressly created for the liberation from the social conventions and represented with passionate irrationality and spontaneous impulse. The unconscious breaks free and creates a dream world that here finds full representation and reality.

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (1)

My love for Art has always had a special attention to Surrealism, which has always been more congenial to my moods and my nature.
This intention is further developed in my current project in Second Life: *Art & Fashion* where I apply my idea of Surrealism with 3d sculptures and a clothing line for female avatars where I combine Real Art (Watercolors, Paintings, Photos, Drawings) with Virtual Fashion.

In this Exhibit realized in SLEA with 3D Sculptures and Poetry (Remark: Poetry is in Italian) I intend to carry out the representation of the freedom of the woman (I don’t consider myself an artist but only a creative person) that leaves the thoughts free to choose which path to take… wandering in art without a destination or look for one or infinite.
It’s also the representation of human freedom more generally: the freedom that is born, evolves, but also knows how to take root and regenerate itself, according to what it feels and wants.
Genesis, constant change and metamorphosis that know accentuate the diversity and that know to shift attention … distorting the common sense, showing us a different reality, a new perspective, infinite new interpretations.

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (2)

Eyes, hands, cages, masks, roots, watches and many other symbols .. all images that hover soft removing obstacles, judgments, contingencies, limitations and boundaries.
Surreality, dreams and emotions that dominate and win over all and are timeless…far from any social convention .
The Charm of the Dream, all that exceeds the apparent reality, and touches, crosses and involves aspects unreal, supernatural, ethereal, linked to the subconscious and other worlds and languages.
A journey that I would like to share with those who will come to visit me because…. “the key word is not opening, but sharing”.

Marea2007 Praga

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (3): At the entrance you find more information / in the center of the installation is and event area with a creative DJ desk and a chessboard dance area

Marea2007 Praga is the owner and curator of Plusia, a project for the dissemination of the arts since 2007. For ten years she has organized art exhibitions offering free spaces to artists from all over the world, she hosted theater companies, dance and live music and also collaborated with Science On The Road and other cultural initiatives to bring science in Second Life in a comprehensive and simple way.
In recent years she has limited her presence in Second Life due to work and family commitments but still continued to deal with art but with less assiduity. Every year she participates in the Linden Birthday with her personal projects.
Her current projects and all the events and exhibtions she supported can be found on Marea’s website.

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (4): The art of Wan Laryukov

In her installation Marea also features another artist – again someone I haven’theard about before: Wan Laryukov. You can teleport or fly to the transparent sepereate platform above the installation. Wan Laryukov presents her 3D and 2D art there. Wan is in Second Life also since 2007 and from her profile I gathered that she is alo connected to Plusia. She owns a gallery named “The Eye Arts”. Another artist and another gallery that I should visit soon.

Impressions of “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2” (5)

I had an enjoyable Sunday afternoon enjoying art and learning about artists, I didn’t come across before. If you have a passion for art and if you like surreal art I can only recommend to visit “Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2“. Thank you Tansee for your work for SLEA, thank you Marea for your engagement for the arts and for this installation.

Landmark to Second Life Endowment for the Arts SLEA
Direct landmark to Marea2007 Praga – My Surreal World Part 2
Marea2007 Praga’s website
Landmark to Plusia:
Landmark to Art&Fashion store:
Art&Fashion store on Marketplace
Landmark to Wan Laryukov’s gallery “The Eye Arts”

Art in Second Life 2021 (42) The Dream Hangover by Suzen Juel

I visited “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel.

The Dream Hangover is an installation by Suzen Juel (Juel Resistance) showcased at Second Life Endowment for The Arts – SLEA, Region 1.

It’s hard to describe what you see, my pictures tell more than I could write. The Dream Hangover is a collection of dream snippets, scenes that you might remember after an intense dream, reflections of what you experienced during the day, exaggerated, surreal, unconnected.
The Dream Hangover is (of course) in a dark environment. Don’t forget to check “Use shared environment”, so that you get the right experience. It is built on an “island”, the ground is blueish with stars and other elements embedded. Nonetheless the installation is quite colourful.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (1)

There are quite some statues, at least one is from Mistero Hifeng, others are from Suzen Juel herself. And quite many have a television instead of an head. The whole scenery is surreal, as are the single art objects.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (2)

I saw some of the elements and objects before, like the elefants with the long legs, that I saw in installations of Archtype11 Nova, or the levitating whale. And as you would expect of dream snippets, there are at least 2 clocks and some text snippets hidden.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (3)

Suzen has also added her 2D art, spread over the installation, showcased on big boards. And there is more…. a cat space ship, a colourful glowing framework, a landed space-capsule, butterflies, a windmill…
As I wrote before, it is hard to describe, you have to see it yourself and who knows, maybe some of the snippets appear in your next dream.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (4)

I came across Suzen Juel (Juel Resistance) the first time this year when I visited the Artists’ Village at Campbell Coast (read here). Suzen is in Second Life since 2005. Suzen has her own website with an event calendar and more examples of her art and her music. I was quite impressed. In the accompanying notecard, that you get at the central landing of SLEA at the TP point to The Dream Hangover, Suzen writes that she grew up in an artists family and was connected to art and music since her early youth. She has tried almost every technique. And she illustrates children books in RL.

Impressions of “The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel at SLEA, Region 1 (5)

Thank you Suzen for this installation, thank you Tansee for your hard work enabling SLEA.
The Dream Hangover” by Suzen Juel will stay available for a visit until June 30th. Enjoy your “dream hangover” when you visit yourself.

Second Life Endowment for The Arts – SLEA
Direct landmark to The Dream Hangover. Suzen JueL Resistance. Region1
Suzen Juel’s flickr
Suzen Juel’s website

Art in Second Life 2021 (19) Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yifu featuring Bachi Cheng

I visited “Ant Farm Light Gallery” by Regi Yifu at SLEA Region 4 SE.
Ant Farm Light Gallery is a feast for the eyes. As you can see in the overview picture it consists of a long winded tube, almost looking like instestines. You enter it right at where you land and you will be overwhelmed by the colours and lights.

Like the skin of a snake the tubes consists of scales, often in a flamboyant pin, always coloured, and light dances over the scales, providing every changing effects. Once you got accustomed to the lights you enter deeper into the tube. At every curve is a picture that consists of several layers and is blurred, you can just guees what it shows. Once you cet closer the picture gets clear.

The pictures are from Bachi Cheng and show adult scenes, some quite explicit.

Impressions of “Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yifu featuring Bachi Cheng” (1)

Walking in the tube isn’t easy as the colours are intriguing. I aslo bumped into something and was force teleported to another point several times. I do not know if that was intended or just a mulfunction of the experience setting. With all the impressions and the picutres exploring this exhibition is fun and I did enjoy it.

Impressions of “Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yifu featuring Bachi Cheng” (2)

Regi Yifu says about herself: “I am a gregarious bohemian artist from Texas! Here to have fun and meet cool people from all over the world! Love building stuff, making dance effects, and DJing! I also melt glass in my kiln and love to cook. Only boring people get bored!
He’s in SL for more than 13 years, he makes customized gestures and contumized smoke, he has an own store inworld  and on the marketplace, he has a light gallery …. and he is a dj …. and loves to play with light!

Impressions of “Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yifu featuring Bachi Cheng” (3)

Sofi (Bachi Cheng) is in Second Life almost 12 years. She’s, an artist painter and designer in RL and SL. Bachi writes about herself and her art: “I love to paint Moments. Moments of life, Moments of Love, Moments so deep that you never want to forget them, Moments at the edge of orgasm or despair, just life like we ought to live it, plainly. Let me take you in the core of my Art
Her art is quite feisty and exaggerated, transpiring her message clearly and not subtle, sometimes reminding of comic strips and clearly explicit.
Sofi (Bachi Cheng) has also her own gallery here.

Impressions of “Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yifu featuring Bachi Cheng” (4)

I enjoyed my visit to Ant Farm Light Gallery. It was fun to walk through the tubes as well with all the effects as to see Bachi’s pictures. Thank you Regi and Sofi for this installation, thank you Tansee for all of your work getting SLEA on the start.
Ant Farm Light Gallery will be available for a visit until end of March 2021.

Landmark to Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yifu featuring Bachi Cheng
at SLEA Region 4 SE
Regi Yifu’s store Regimade Factory inworld
Regi Yifu’s store Regimade Factory marketplace
Regi Yifu’s light gallery
Sofi (Bachi Cheng)’s gallery