Art in Second Life 2021 (93) DixMix Gallery Anniversary Exhibtion

I got an invitation to attend the opening of the anniversary exhibtion at DixMix Gallery on September 18th. I visited the exhibtion the day after the opening.

DixMix Source features three exhibitions for the anniversary:

“Zwartwit” by Catherine Nikolaidis (opened until October 22nd) in room Amalfia, “Summer Vibes” by Lori Bailey (ishtara1) (opened until October 15th) in room Abby and “Cabaret” by Caly Applewhyte (Calypso Applewhyte) (opened until October 29th) in room Amona.

I started my visit with “Zwartwit” by Catherine Nikolaidis. Zwartwit is Dutch and translates to Black and White. Catherine’s pictures have a vintage touch. The exhibtion consists of 13 black&white photographs, photographs obviously taken in Second Life and processed with light and shadow effects into erotic art. All photographs show women in lingerie, sometimes only parts of a full body, sometimes focused on the face, never fully naked and always leaving enough room for the fantasies and stories of the spectator.

I saw Catherine Nikolaidis’ artful photographs already in May at DixMix Gallery when I visited her exhibition “Quelqu’un” (read here).
Catherine Nikolaidis was born in Greece and lives in the Netherlands. She joined Second Life in 2007 and photography is one of her passions. She writes about herself: “I believe strongly in sharing. I believe in communicating. I believe in creation and inspiration. I love black & white. I feel strongly for music.”
Catherine is a photographer, blogger & brand manager for several stores. She runs her own website and shares her work also on her flickr page.

The exhibition “Summer Vibes” by Lori Bailey (ishtara1) in room Abby is a real contrast. Lori’s pictures are very colourful and show beautiful landscapes and views, taken in Second Life. I had the impression that I have visited some of these places myself – yet I didn’t make such great pictures!

Lori Bailey (ishtara1) is in Second Life since 2013. She loves to explore new places and to take pictures of all the beauty Secondlife has to offer. She mostly makes pictures of landscapes, that’s her passion. It is the first time that I came across Lori Bailey and her artful pictures.
You can see more of Lori’s work at on her flickr page.

“Cabaret” by Caly Applewhyte (Calypso Applewhyte) is shown in room Amona. I have covered Caly’s artwork already a few times in this blog. “Cabaret” consists of 12 black and white pictures, originally taken in Second Life. Taking them must have been quite an effort. They all look to be from the 1920ies, show erotic studies of the female body in a typical “Cabaret” environment and dressed in lingerie of the time.

Caly (Calypso Applewhyte) is a SL Photographer from France, who joined SL in 2010. Her focus is the avatar itself as a means of expression to transport emotions. She processes her pictures with Photoshop. You can recognise her style, she has found her personal characteristic artistic style. Her pictures do tell stories, like good art has to do.
According to her profile Caly also blogs and has written articles for several magazines. And she also make portrait pictures of course. You can see her work also on her flickr account.

Happy anniversary, DixMix gallery! Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and for contributing to it. Many thanks of course also to the contributing artists Catherine Nikolaidis, Lori Bailey (ishtara1) and Caly Applewhyte (Calypso Applewhyte). I want to thank also Violet Boa, who does the PR work for DixMix Gallery and who is always helpful for me to gather information.
Once again I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery
Caly Applewhyte’s flickr
Catherine Nikolaidis flickr
Catherine Nikolaidis own website
Lori Bailey flickr

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