Diary 2021 (143) October 23rd/24th Our 13th wedding anniversary inworld

Saturday, October 23rd, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon for one hour. We went to Puerto Esclava and caught up with our mutual news there. Sun came inworld and edcorated us well :-). We had a relaxed time together until Mistress and I had to tend to our RL again.

October 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava with our pet Sun

Our night began with a skipee with Flo again, Sun watched us playing. After the game – Flo won it – slave Holly joined us inworld. slave Holly had a particular present for us and our anniversary. She had taken pictures form pictures that we have in our skybox and that she collected over time and she put them all together into a collage. Thank you slave Holly! Both, slave holly and Sun have really pleased us with creative presents. What else could you with from submissives?

slave Holly’s present on the occasion of Mistress Jenny Maurer and Diomita Maurer’s 13th wedding anniversary

I told Flo that I had a conversation with a therapist about her hallucinations, seeing a hooded black woman. The therpist stringly recommend that we should keep Flo in a straight jacket to protect us and herself. Hence I put Flo into a straight jacket suit after the game. I also added the RemVision, so that she could retreat into her own world watching a slideshow.
Mistress and I took Flo, slave Holly and Sun to our dungeon. I placed slave Flo at a wall, where she stayed all night being in her own little restricted and small world. Mistress asked me to rezz two spanking horses, then I unlocked slave holly’s chastity belt. Time for a anniversary horse ride.

October 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with Flo, Sun and slave Holly / Flo in her straight jacket suit / Horseriding

We had fun riding and the slaves enjoyed it too! Horseriding is still one of our favourite entertainments. While we fucked our slave, they had to look at each other and they tried badly to kiss each other. After the ride and after they had cleaned our strapons I pushed the horses closer together so that they could kiss. And I took quite some pictures!

October 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita after horseriding slave Holly and Sun at home getting our strapons cleaned and allowing them to kiss eachother / at Carnal Intentions

slave Flo had left to bed after we dismounted our slaves. I put slave Holly back into her chastity belt, then we went to Carnal Intentions to wind down for about half an hour. It was a varied day in Second Life.

Sunday, October 24th, on 13th wedding anniversary, I went inworld in the morning and Mistress Jenny was present. After I sub-hugged her, she ordered me to wear ankle cuffs and to add my gag and blindfold. Then Mistress fixed me on her bench and cut my dress off. She teased me, stripped herself and without further ado she began to fuck me hard with her strapon. Mistress literally took what is hers. After I had a huge orgasm, she licked my juices and released me from the bench. We went dancing on our rooftop and caught up with our mutual news. What a start into the day. I felt owned, used and loved.

October 24th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita on their 13th wedding anniversary

We met again in the afternoon at Heavy Bondage Club. Our pet Sun was inworld and Mistres summoned her to us. We went shopping with our pet and visited xtra Ordinary with her. She got a new latex dress from us. As she isn’t allowed getting anything herself anymore, it was a feast for her – and it was intended to be a feast and a reward. We returned home and pet was allowed to change into her new dress. It is colourable and she may change the colours as she likes until further notice. And the dress is “adjustable”, meaning that we can partly undress her with a click *winks*. Our pet felt spoiled (and was spoiled).
After pet had left to tend to her RL, Mistress and I visited Puerto Esclava for a few minutes, then we returned to our skybox. Before Mistress left, she locked and chained her property (me) at the wall and made sure that her Ehesklavin stays put.

October 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at home with Maurer’s pet Sun / at Puerto Esclava and at home

At night after Mistress Jenny had released me, Mistress came up with an idea as a thank your for our slaves and subs and other family members. She wanted to grant them a wish. As a nice side effect it would give us ideas of hidden desires and it would give reason to talk. After we had discussed it, I sent out a notecard to Kitty, Flo, Holly, Faye, Sun, Angelique, Ebony – and later also to Alessi:

For our family on our special occasion
Mistress Jenny and I would like to give you all a golden ticket giving you one wish to celebrate our 13 years as partners. This ticket will grant you one wish as long as it is not something that we can’t seriously approve. You have 5 days to use it.
It is because of our family that we are even stronger as a couple so you all deserve to celebrate with us.
Let us know your desire and we will do our best to approve it.
Lots of love
Mistress Diomita and Mistress Jenny

We went seeing the subs. Flo, Sun, Holly and later also Alessi were present. Of course the notecard gave reason to talk and we stayed quite some time in front of our house and talked about it. Then we moved on to Psi’s realm and in IM the conversation continuted, just as Mistress and I had expected it. Unfortunately Mistress had to leave unexpectedly and we returned home and off to bed.

October 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Psi’s realm with Flo, slave Holly, Maurer’s pet Sun and slave Alessi

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