Art in Second Life 2021 (106) “Minimal” by Dido Haas

I got an invitation fom Dido Haas to see her exhibtion “Minimal“. It is shown at Dido Haas’ part of Nitroglobus gallery, which is owned and curated by Dido Haas herself.

Minimal” consists of 8 large pictures all arranged along the walls of the exhibtion room. The pictures mirror on the floor which highlights the art in a particular way. In the center you see a levitating object named “Mother’s Lab” created by  Jadeyu Fhang.

Impressions of “Minimal” by Dido Haas (1)

Dido’s passion are portraits and avatar studies, most of them are black/white. For “Minimal” she tried out something different. When I read “Minimal” spontaneously Melusina Parkin comes into my mind, an artist that I covered in this blog quite often already. The eight pictures of Dido Haas have a similar minimalistic style, focusing on just a few details. But Dido did not refer to minimalism when she named her exhibition “Minimal”, she referred to a shop named MINIMAL. All of her pictures use objects from MINIMAL, objects that were given as free group gifts. Dido added herself to the objects, added a background – and kept it simple. The result is amazing! As the person in her pictures (herself) is just a small add on, the spectator instinctively focuses on it even if it is not the central and largest part ot the picture.

Impressions of “Minimal” by Dido Haas (2)

While I visited “Minimal” I met Mihailsk, an artist who has exhibited at Nitroglobus Gallery and who is a friend of Dido. Mihailsk has supported Dido in setting up “Minimal“. After my visit I went to the shop MINIMAL.
MINIMAL is owned by Jorge Fernández (Ors Quan) and offers skyboxes, buildings, home&garden equipment and gear, backdrops, single objects, jewelery, scenes and men’s clothes. I found the section with the free group gifts – and recognized those, that Dido used for her exhibition “Minimal“.

A visit to MINIMAL store and gallery

Dido Haas is Dutch and has been in SL for way over 14 years – and according to herself, she is still enjoying this virtual world. Besides her own art, Dido owns and curates the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery, which consists of two exhibition rooms, the main room and a part that Dido uses to showcase her own art.
You can find more about and from Dido on her blog and on her flickr page. The Nitroglobus Roof Gallery has an own flickr group.

Thank you Dido for all the work you invest into the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and for your own art. I enjoyed my visit. The exhibtion “Minimal” will be open until end of November.

Landmark to Dido Haas’ part of Nitroglobus Roof gallery and to of “Minimal” by Dido Haas
Dido Haas’ flickr group
Nitroglobus Roof Gallery flickr group
Dido Hass’ blog
MINIMAL store and gallery inworld
MINIMAL store on marketplace

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