Art in Second Life 2021 (112) “FLYTE” The Dance of the Human Spirit by Jenna Dirval

I visited “FLYTE” The Dance of the Human Spirit by Jenna Dirval at Second Life Endowment for The Arts Region 4. The installation was created by Jenna Dirval with the support of Bones Writer and was opened in October 2021.
You can reach “FLYTE” either with the direct landmark or from the central landing of SLEA (Second Life Endowment for The Arts).

Impressions of “FLYTE” The Dance of the Human Spirit by Jenna Dirval (1) – The landing point and the airship pier

The Land of Flyte is “a region that seems to defy the natural laws of the physics and gravity!” Embedded in a lovely environment with many forests and islands there are floating islands, floating rocks, that are used for several activities. Actually, the inhabitants only live in the clouds on the flying rocks. People move with airships and some of the floating islands are connected by foot suspension bridges. One big island is occupied by the Flyte Theatre, a large event hall.

The best way to explore and discover “FLYTE” is making a tour with the airship, that you find at the end of the pier after landing.

Impressions of “FLYTE” The Dance of the Human Spirit by Jenna Dirval (1) – Starting my airship tour

During my tour I had a tourguide who told me all about “FLYTE

Welcome To Flyte’s Tour Shuttle! Please sit back and enjoy the beauty and wonder of our region! Long ago, our people happened upon a land land (volcanic in nature) that spews forth rocks and debris that not only increased in size but also become buoyant as they aged and grew!
Realizing that there was much potential in these floating rocks, our Ancestors set about to harness their special properties! As you can see this region is very volatile with rocks flying everywhere… not to worry! These rocks rarely “Hit” the shuttle… fingers crossed! Having harnessed the floating rocks into massive floating islands, our ancestors moved from the land and up into the clouds. As we rose into the clouds we also brought with us our love of all things Dance. Learning to dance is as much a part of life for Flyterians as is learning to fly or build a ship!

Impressions of “FLYTE” The Dance of the Human Spirit by Jenna Dirval (2) – The airshipyard, “Alice” – the “floating ballroom”, Bunny island and Dirval’s Corner

Just below you will find Writer’s Block Tavern and is a popular place to come together and share ideas.. many a new invention has poured forth from here – almost as freely as the beer!

Dancing and flying for the Flytorians is all one in the same… to dance is to live. We believe that “to live well, you must dance” and it is this “flyte of the human spirit” that drives them in all things. In just a moment we will be passing over what the locals affectionately refer to as “Bunny Island” due to it’s inexplicable lupine population!
Just off to our left you will see a small community of homes, please feel free to drop by there and visit!

As we come above and cross over the highest of our waterfalls you will note that we have harnessed the power of the falls to create energy from steam. Steam power makes all things possible!
We hope you will want to explore all of our beautiful islands. Bring friends back with you to dance or hang out and roast marshmallows over an open fire at The Glade, which is just below us.
Rising up through the clouds, you will see or famous airship-yard! Notably, we have a beautiful sister ship to”Alice” (hovering above) in the works. “Alice” is the first of her kind – a true dance ship meant to be a “floating ballroom” and is also home to FlyGearZ dance events. Alice is the largest ship in our fleet and can carry 80 dancing souls aboard!
We are now on our way to our final destination – Flyte Theatre! We will be offering many performances there including FlyGearZ shows, Live performers and workshops there.
(text from the airship tour guide)

Impressions of “FLYTE” The Dance of the Human Spirit by Jenna Dirval (3) – The “FLYTE” Theater

The tour ended at the “FLYTE“- Theater. From there I took the teleporter to visit all destinations and to get an overview. All is made with love for the detail. Yes it is Steampunk, but it is not overdone and just a great fantasy world. There are still some events coming up until the sim closes end of 2021.

Jenna Dirval in Second Life since 2008. She “is an award winning Choreographer (Avi Choice Award for Favorite Choreographer – 2016). She debuted as an dancer in SL in 2015 with Guerilla Burlesque. After a time; it became clear to Jenna that she preferred to dance with everyone rather be on a stage dancing for them. She was very fortunate to fall under the wing of a talented choreographer, Cordelia “Cordie” Cerise of Whymsee. With much encouragement from Cordie, Jenna created a steampunk themed show that got her audience out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. Thusly, FlyGearZ was born! FlyGearZ matured into an immersive and unique dance oriented event where all audience members are encouraged to wear cosumes and participate in the shows! Jenna is also an accomplished Ballroom Dancer in real life and brings that experience to every show and act she performs.”
(taken for the accompanying notecard)

Impressions of “FLYTE” The Dance of the Human Spirit by Jenna Dirval (4) – Writer’s Block, Dirval’s Corner, The Glade and Diomita parachuting

FLYTE” The Dance of the Human Spirit is a lovely Steampunk sim with a lot of great view. For sure the events are fun – yet I just enjoyed the environment and the great tour with the airship.
Thank you, Jenna Dirval, for creating this world. Many thanks to Tansee for your work for SLEA. I enjoyed my visit.

Direct landmark to “FLYTE” The Dance of the Human Spirit
Second Life Endowment for The Arts – SLEA (central landing hub)

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