Art in Second Life 2021 (113) “… in there” by Awesome Fallen

I visited the exhibition “… in there” by Awesome Fallen at DixMix Gallery in room Abby, that opened November 20th. The exhibition consists of 13 pictures, which are all created digitally as far as I could see at least. Some of them or parts of them were created in Second Life.

“… in there” shows pictures of two or three different series. One series is about hands, gloved hands that hold something, that protect, that destroy or hurt, that hide or that touch.
The other series of 4 pictures show a glass picture frame that was just broken, thus exposing parts of picture to the evnironment. You can see the broken bits of glass next to the picture. The title “… in there” does fit to these pictures as you get closer to the picture itself when the glass is broken, you get to what is under the protecting glass, to what or who is “in there”.

I can connect the subtitle “… with the tip of my fingers, drawing smiles in the canvas of your feelings” only to a few pictures, that did make me smile. because some of the pictures did more disturb me, did make me think or even made me shy back – how cruel a finger or hand can be. But then, as with every peice of art, everyone has different emotions coming up when looking at it.

Impressions of “…in there” by Awesome Fallen at DixMix Gallery (1)

I came across Awesome Fallen in January 2021 the first time when I visited “Mind the Gap” at Itakos Project and Art Gallery (read here).
Awesome Fallen is in SL for almost 12 years, yet the profile does not give away much: “…… just another wave in the ocean …….”. Awesome has a flickr page tough with a lot of followers and I can understand why. The pictures are intriguing, invite you to take a closer look and to comprehend what Awsome wants to express or to make up your own story to the picture.

Impressions of “…in there” by Awesome Fallen at DixMix Gallery (2)

Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and for contributing at it. And thank you Viloet Boa for the PR, you are such a helpful and supportive being. I enjoyed my visit and seeing “…in there” by Awesome Fallen.
Usually exhibtions at DixMix Gallery stay open for 4 weeks at least, hence “… in there” should stay open until December 18th.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery
Awesome Fallen’s flickr

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