Art in Second Life 2022 (8) The secret life of mannequins and birds by Mrs. S.

I visited the latest exhibition at DixMix Gallery, that opened January 15th: “The secret life of mannequins and birds” by Mrs. S.

Mrs. S. (lauralar) wrote about her exhibtion in the accompanying notecard:
One of the first objects I used to make installations were mannequins. I found them at Kowloon. The concept ‘Travelling mannequins’ (2009) was about mannequins visiting sims like Furillen and Poetik or places, like a swimmingpool, castle and mountains. Now they are back in the Winterretraite.
Art is a big part in my life, it’s one of my dreams to have a huge wall in my house filled with art. As we all know, anything is possible in Second Life, so I made an art wall with some of my favorites and some of my own. It can be seen at the Birdhouse.
Birds have always fascinated me, it’s why I like to combine them with other objects. Thanks to great designers like Keke, Vespertine, Dust Bunny and so many more it’s possible to make stories with their items.
Some of the stories can be seen in the Birdhouse.
The Birdhouse and Winterretraite can be visited after the opening at Dixmix Gallery.
I hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as I enjoyed making it.
Mrs. S. (lauralar)

Mrs. S. (lauralar) is in Secondlife since 2012. She is on observer, photographer and decorator. The exibhition compromises 10 pictures, pictures of birds and other whimsical objects, pictures of her wall of art. Each picture has a name – and the name is exactly what you see. That made me smile. The four examples that I selected as an appetizer for you to visit the exhibtion are called: Not a party pooper, Wintermannequins, Treasures on the wall, Phalacrocoracidae on a chair

Examples of “The secret life of mannequins and birds” by Mrs. S. @ DixMix Gallery

You can see more of Mrs. S. art at her flickr page.

I went to the Birdhouse and the Winterretraite after visiting the exhibtion. Mrs. S. (lauralar) has her wall of art there and all the birds and whimsical objects that you can also see at the exhibtion – and more! It is a house full of art and details to discover. The exhibition was the perfect teaser to go there.

A visit to Mrs. S. (lauralar)’s Birdhouse and Winterretraite

Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the DixMix Gallery, thank you Megan for building it and thank you Violet Boa for the PR. The exhibition “The secret life of mannequins and birds” by Mrs. S. shall stay open until begin/mid February.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery
Mrs. S. (lauralar)’s flickr
Mrs. S. (lauralar)’s Birdhouse and Winterretraite

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