Art in Second Life 2022 (17) In My Mind Project Gallery

Recently I visited “Inside Maloe’s Mind” by Maloe Vansant, an exhibition showcased at “In my Mind project Gallery”, the gallery space of A. (Ava Darkheart) (read the post here).

I met A. (Ava Darkheart) at the exhibition and she told me that her store and own gallery space is just above in another sphere shaped skybox. I went there Wednesday, February 9th.

Impressions of “In My Mind Project Gallery” (1) – the outside and inside of the shop

On the ground floor of the two story gallery building is A.’s shop. It sells frames with wisdoms and quotes, at least at the time of my visit. The gallery space itself is on the 2nd floor. The gallery building is surrounded by an open meadow with a place to sit and dream and with a piano.

A.(Ava Darkheart) has displayed her Second Life art on one wall of the In My Mind Project Gallery. The pictures are mostly portraits and body studies all in black&white. The lowest row shows 5 coloured pictures, which are based on Second Life (I assume). A. provides her thoughts in a frame at the wall:
In my mind people persist… this persistence, I see it, I feel it. It emanates from those who have walked by my side, from those who have only crossed my path, or from whom I was invisible. From this experience that my mind has travelled to be what I am and to present myself in front of you, right, there are only images. But most of these images lurk in my mind, and you’ll never see them…
Another frame on this wall promotes A. portrait photo service, you can grab a notecard with more information.

Impressions of “In My Mind Project Gallery” (2) – the picture wall

The other three walls of the gallery show monochrome RL pictures taken by A. The pictures are meant to initiate memories, to remind us of places we might have been – A. has been there at least, hence these images are in her mind. But I have been there as well, be it physcially or be it that the pictures remind me personally of another place.

Impressions of “In My Mind Project Gallery” (3) – the monochrome RL pictures

A.(Ava Darkheart) is in Second Life sine 2012 and from her profile I could only gather that she loves art and poetry – and that fits to her pictures and to her art. You can see more on the flickr account “In My Mind”.
Thank you A. for your In My Mind Project Gallery and for providing space for the art. I enjoyed my visit.

In My Mind Prohect Gallery
In My Mind flickr

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