Upcoming changes in this blog

A Second Life without Jenny is something I couldn’t imagine and what I never ever wanted to experience. When Jenny didn’t appear anymore I was very worried from the first day on and my worries grew. I first continued my daily routines in SL, I wrote diary, I visited galleries and places and cared for the family. When I got the information that Jenny had passed away, my world collapsed, the pain was (and still is) awful, telling our family in SL and our many friends was a hard task.
No surprise – some things in Second Life are like in RL. First you have to deal with organizing things – paying rent, getting the information out, changing the profile, creating a place to remember. I built a memorial at our homeplace, a place that I (and several others) visit several times every day ever since, a place where I pray, a place where I calm down. I know that with time it will be a place where I look back in thankfulness even with a smile. But I’m far from this point at the moment, although I am thankful for the time we had.

Of course I thought of leaving Second Life. But then Jenny and I were always embedded in a nice group of family and friends. And I enjoy being with them. I also don’t want to miss the art in Second Life and all the nice places to visit. Hence I will continue in this virtual world. I don’t know how, I don’t know where it will lead me, but I will stay.

And what will happen with the blog? My first thought was to close and finish the blog. My second thought was to close the blog and to start a new blog. I set up a new blog. It turned out to be more difficult than I thought and it would cause extra recurring costs. So after a while I dropped this idea.

I decided to keep the blog, to continue blogging. My journey together with Jenny is in this blog and keeping it and writing in it will also make me look at older entries and will make me smile in future.
But there will be changes:
1. The name of the blog with change to “Diomita Maurer’s Blog” (instead of “Diomita and Jenny’s blog”)
2. The subtitle changes from “Our world” to “The Maurer family in Second Life” (that includes Jenny always and forever)
3. I will change the site icon picture

Icon of Diomita Maurer’s Blog – The Maurer family in Second Life

Furthermore I might stop blogging every day. I will keep writing a diary, but it might be a bit more about the family than about my personal experiences, honestly at least right now I don’t know yet. I intend to continue writing about art and places, when I am in the mood for it.

Jenny was the love of my Second Life, my world, my best friend. What keeps me going most of all is my belief that Jenny is watching me and us. A part of her will live on in me (in both worlds) until I follow her.

November 25th, 2021: Jenny and Diomita Maurer

Art in Second Life 2022 (76) Ambre Singh’s Past Masters gallery

I got an invitation to see a new exhibition of Ambre Singh in her town gallery at Noir’Wen city: “Past Masters”. The invitation was quite well made. I was a HUD with quite some menu entries for landmarks also to her main gallery and to The Pink Dildo Museum, her biography, something about the exhibition and other links, like Ambre Singh’s own webpage, her store on the marketplace and her flickr page.

When I got the invitation I already had an idea what to expect as I have seen quite some of Ambre’s erotic and witty pictures. But let’s start with the text about the exhibition:

Look at the picture on the left. The original picture is also called “Prayer” and is be William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825 – 1905). There’s a little extra though – a pink dildo in the left hand of one of the nuns.

Ambre Singh’s town gallery at Noir’Wen City

Ambre Singh’s town gallery at Noir’Wen City extends over 3 floors and is really packed with pictures. I didn’t count them but there are about 30 – 40 pictures to see. Even a tourist is there and takes picture of the pictures.

All pictures are based on real paintings and for every picture Ambre provides the visitor with the information who painted the orginal and often where the original is exhibited (in RL). Ambre’s particular style and wit is that she sees what might be hidden in these (for most people of today) boring paintings – or what might be added to them to transfer them into today.
Each and every picture is fun – and most are quite explicit. I was in particular excited about “The Mesh Body Clinic”, how funny. Or look at the crashed Icarus, a painting Ambre named “The paracute didn’t work”.

Impressions of Ambre Singh’s Past Maters (1)

Ambre Singh is in Second Life for over 15 years. She writes about herself:
‘It is your mind that creates this world’, said Buddha.
All you do in SL will subtlely change you and others in all worlds. So in my life and art, I thrive to add my spice, beauty and love.
I photograph people of character in beautiful places of SL or in studio. Sometimes, I create thematic images in SL, or I mix worlds… If the harvest is good, I make an exhibition.
Colorful or discrete, tender or erotic, my photos try to express the life and the soul of the people and places.

Impressions of Ambre Singh’s Past Maters (2)

I had fun visiting Ambre Singh town gallery Noir’Wen with her private collection of “Past Masters” and to get the real gist behind the classic paintings. Enjoy your visit yourself.

Landmark to Ambre Singh town gallery Noir’Wen
Landmark to Ambre Singh Main Gallery
Ambre Singh’s flckr
Ambre Singh Marketplace
Ambre Singh website

Simploring 2022 (3) Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration

I was looking for a destination for a simploring tour on Thursday, April 7th. A post on Ad Vitam Æternam caught my eye because of it’s name “Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration” for three reasons. Firstly I enjoyed my visits to “Missing Melody” and I thought, perhaps it is another iteration of “Missing Melody” (read about Missing Melody in this blog here). Secondly Sakura is the Japanese name for cherry blossom trees and I enjoy the blossoms in Spring a lot, I even have one tree in my garden that it actually blooming. And thirdly the pictures on Ad Vitam Æternam were tempting.

Soft Melody is an island hidden in the sky. The landmark description gives away a bit what to expect: “As you will walk down the alley the blossom scent will lift you. The soft warm wind will hug you so very gently. The chimes will guide you and the cats? Well the cats will ignore you because they are still cats after all…

Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration: bird eye views

And yes, as I suspected because of the name – Soft Melody is owned and was designed by Bambi (norahbrent) who also created the “Missing Melody” sims.

As can be seen on the overview pictures Soft Melody consists of two parts. You land inside of a building, a café and when you step out you’re in a Japanese town. The streets and walkways are decorated for the Spring Sakura Celebration. It is a lovely spot to take pictures of twon pictures. On a second glance you notice quite a lot of cats in the town (and one dog).

Impressions of Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration (1) – The town

Walking up the long stairs in the center you reach a foot bridge that brings you to the other part ot Soft Melody – the gardens. You find more cherry blossom trees there, more cats also as statues and some other animals: pandas, deers, birds and rabbits – but mostly cats. I sat down at a brook and listened to the sound of it.

Impressions of Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration (2) – The garden

The garden is larger than I thought and there are actually several gardens. One building contains a lot of glass frames hanging from the ceiling and other collectibles. The scenery with the selected environment (don’t forget to use shared environment!) is very fitting and I enjoyed exploring the gardens a lot. Did I mention that there are many cats?

Impressions of Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration (3) – The garden

That’s it. Thank you Bambi (norahbrent) for creating Soft Melody and for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration
Blogpost on Ad Vitam Æternam

Art in Second Life 2022 (17) In My Mind Project Gallery

Recently I visited “Inside Maloe’s Mind” by Maloe Vansant, an exhibition showcased at “In my Mind project Gallery”, the gallery space of A. (Ava Darkheart) (read the post here).

I met A. (Ava Darkheart) at the exhibition and she told me that her store and own gallery space is just above in another sphere shaped skybox. I went there Wednesday, February 9th.

Impressions of “In My Mind Project Gallery” (1) – the outside and inside of the shop

On the ground floor of the two story gallery building is A.’s shop. It sells frames with wisdoms and quotes, at least at the time of my visit. The gallery space itself is on the 2nd floor. The gallery building is surrounded by an open meadow with a place to sit and dream and with a piano.

A.(Ava Darkheart) has displayed her Second Life art on one wall of the In My Mind Project Gallery. The pictures are mostly portraits and body studies all in black&white. The lowest row shows 5 coloured pictures, which are based on Second Life (I assume). A. provides her thoughts in a frame at the wall:
In my mind people persist… this persistence, I see it, I feel it. It emanates from those who have walked by my side, from those who have only crossed my path, or from whom I was invisible. From this experience that my mind has travelled to be what I am and to present myself in front of you, right, there are only images. But most of these images lurk in my mind, and you’ll never see them…
Another frame on this wall promotes A. portrait photo service, you can grab a notecard with more information.

Impressions of “In My Mind Project Gallery” (2) – the picture wall

The other three walls of the gallery show monochrome RL pictures taken by A. The pictures are meant to initiate memories, to remind us of places we might have been – A. has been there at least, hence these images are in her mind. But I have been there as well, be it physcially or be it that the pictures remind me personally of another place.

Impressions of “In My Mind Project Gallery” (3) – the monochrome RL pictures

A.(Ava Darkheart) is in Second Life sine 2012 and from her profile I could only gather that she loves art and poetry – and that fits to her pictures and to her art. You can see more on the flickr account “In My Mind”.
Thank you A. for your In My Mind Project Gallery and for providing space for the art. I enjoyed my visit.

In My Mind Prohect Gallery
In My Mind flickr

Art in Second Life 2022 (12) Infinite by Sophie de Saint Phalle

I got an invitation to visit “Infinite” by Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010), her newest exhibtion shwm at her own SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Center. The exhibition opened January 31st, I visited just before the offical opening.

Infinite” is not at the main platform of the SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Center. If you happen to land there you need to take one ot the Teleport pads to get to the Desert Gallery, just 250m above. The setting of “Infinite” is quite impressive. It is an open arrangement of blocks and domes in different earth and sand colours, perfectly fitting to the desert around it.

“Infinite” poster / First impressions of “Infinite” by Sophie de Saint Phalle at SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Center – Desert Gallery

In the center of the exhibtion is a sculpture named “Lespugue” by ЈίΡε (jipe.loon) and a few opportunities to sit and meet, not far away is the dj desk and the area for the opening event of “Infinite“.

The Desert Gallery extends in all four cardinal direction and each section has a seperate theme, two sections are in brown/bronze colour, two in sand/beige colours – and the exhibited art fits to these colours. Some sculptures are catching the visitor’s eye and attention, and they fit to Sophie’s main subjects and themes. “Faustino Bloom M” by Deo Faustino (deofaustino) shows a human who s drwn down by a big stone – a reminder of Sophie’s central theme “Escape”, the other named “Venus von Willendorf” by ЈίΡε (jipe.loon) stands for Sophie’s erotic art.

Impressions of “Infinite” by Sophie de Saint Phalle / “Faustino Bloom M” by Deo Faustino (deofaustino)

The brown/bronze sections show pictures most probably made of sand, terracotta, bones or ash that barely contrast with background, they show fossiles or are simply abstract.

Impressions of “Infinite” by Sophie de Saint Phalle (1)

The other brown/bronze section shows also a face (or what you see in it) and a full body. I like the view trough the central scuplture on the exhibition.

One of the beige/sand section has some ligther abstract pictures, in the other you see pictures like in the brown/bronze section, just contrasting to the background – and that makes a real difference!
I saw some of the pictures already before in Sophie de Saint Phalle’s exhibition Terra Australis in 2020 (read here). Sophie spent some time in Australia and she could watch the Aboriginals painting. The pictures were created at Sophie’s home though and not in Australia. As Sophie told me, they all are quite large in reality. The technique is also inspired by how the Aboriginals paint using sand, plaster, natural glue, pigments, terracotta, bones, pulverized charcoal and other natural colours. The motifs sprang from Sophie’s imagination, many of them remind me personally of fossils.

Impressions of “Infinite” by Sophie de Saint Phalle (2)

Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010) is a Austrian RL painter and book author. She mainly paints nude from models and abstract art. She loves to experiment with different kinds of paint and lithography. Her favourite materials are sand, plaster, glue, terracotta, stones, bones, ash, charcoal, natural pigments and more.
Sophie has made several book illustrations and was for many years political cartoonist for a well known satire magazine. She lived and worked in the United States, Australia, Rome and Monaco. Sophie de Saint Phalle (perpetua1010) has an own gallery, The “SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Centre”.

The Desert Gallery itself is very artful and offeres great views. I took quite some pictures – a perfect mixture of architecture, nature, art and fantasy.

Impressions of “Infinite” by Sophie de Saint Phalle / different views at the Desert Gallery

Thank you for another great exhibition, Sophie. I enjoyed my visit and the great set-up of the Desert Gallery.

direct Landmark to SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Center – Desert Gallery
Landmark to SUBCUTAN Art Gallery and Multimedia Center

Art in Second Life 2021 (88) La Maison d’Aneli Summer 21 – Part 2

Aneli gave me an early invitation for the next exhibition at La Maison d’Aneli. It is titled “Summer” like the exhibition before, hence it is quite of a second part. I had reported about part 1 here. This time the participating artists are: Daco Monday, Desy Magic, JudiLynn India, Madee Moore (kupu2) and Nino Vichan.

The exhibition opened on September 15th, my visit was in the days before. I started with Daco Monday.
Daco’s installation at La Maison d’Aneli left me a bit confused and made me thinking. The installation consists of several elements all connected by a historic photograph (at least it looks like being at least 100 years old) of a standing woman next to a sitting man.
The picture is in the center of the installation, it is around the center of the installation shown in pieces, as if someone had cut the picture to destroy it, it is display at one wall together with a rope and noose and 2 single eyeballs. The woman and the man also appear to the left and to the right of the center installation as many holograms that jump up and down. What else? A frame in the center with many eyeballs that move around like billiard balls. Behind of this frame and under the central picture of the woman and the man is a music band, made of parts, a drummer and a singer and a music stand. And then there’s a colt levitating a bit aside of the intallatio and a projector.
If you don’t see the installation and try to picture what I described … confusing. Better look at it yourself.

Daniele DACO Costantin (Daco Monday) is in Second Life since 2009 and has had many exhibitions, just that I haven’t come across him yet. Daniele is Italien.

JudiLynn India has arranged her pictures leaning againt the 4 walls of her skybox. The pictures are large and colourful. She wrote about herself and the pictures shown at La Maison d’Aneli:
I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon. I studied art throughout school, Commercial Art in high school and Graphic Design at Tyler School of Art/Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. After the turn of the century, I decided to focus my creativity on acrylic and digital painting and have totally enjoyed the journey.
Known in Second Life since 2009 as JudiLynn India and RL as Judi Lynn, my mission is to share my vision and message as an artist with the global community.
My work embodies my spirit and personality. My goal is to allow you to experience the image with your own mind’s eye. My work is entirely intuitive. I get lost in the layering of texture and color. Occasionally, I will include figurative work if my spirit is so presented with the composition.
Just as there is order in the chaos of the universe, the energy within me is brought into focus one canvas at a time.

I have nothing to add. Enjoy the colours! Judi Lynn has a website for purchase of prints: www.judilynnart.com
You can also find a list of her current exhibition in own and other galleries in her profile.

It is the 3rd time that I came across the art of Desy Magic. I saw her as participating artist at La Maison d’Aneli in 2019 and in 2020 (read here and here). Desy is in Second Life for more than 13 years (just like me). Daisy Magic is a passionate photographer and she has a unique and colourful style in which she processes her pictures and makes them real eye catchers. Daisy often works with several layers, a base motif covered by abstract forms – or vice versa. She wrote about herself:
“For me, photography or the image of art is something essentially poetic, I imagine it as a theatrical writing, which reflects the reality of dreams, my fantasies in a single course of life.”

You can Daisy Magic’s artwork also on her flickr page.

Madee Moors (kupu2) is with comparably new in Second life, she joined in January 2020. Her skybox at La maison d’Aneli is very well set up to display her pictures, studies of the female body in black and white, dancing and posing. Her pictures appear to be mirrowed by floor. But the floor is actually transparent and the pictures are displayed upside down in the lower story and in the center stand a single figure that you can see through the floor.

Madee’s goal is “to capture hidden feelings through light and shadow. My calm and sensitive nature allows me to see the beauty in everything I encounter.
You can see more of her art at her flickr page.

Nino Vichan is in Second Life since 2010. His skybox at La Maison d’Aneli is dedicated to “Better Angel”. Nino showcases pictures of angels, like you can find them in barock paintings along texts about the cruelity of humans: “When the human imagination sets itself on cruelty there are no limits to its designs.” (Charles M. Blow, A Rancher’s Romantic Revisionism, 2014)

The texts are about biological weapons, genocide, torture, human trafficking, slavery and military use of children. On the floor of the exhibition is Nino’s central message “…that we may hear the music of our better angels“.

“Better Angel” is used in a remark made by Gratiano after the death of Desdemona to describe enlightened and restrained human impulses. Gratiano speaks of pushing away the ‘better angel” which would hold him back from taking bloody revenge on Othello.” (Shakespeare, Othello (5.2.237-242))

In the notecard distributed at La Maison d’Aneli you find a long list of Nino Vichan’s appearances and rewards in Second Life.

La Maison d’Aneli is owned by Aneli Abeyante. Through her gallery she brings together all forms of creativity in RL and SL and the featured artists come from around the globe. Aneli’s intention is to “put her gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles.”
Thank you for another great joined exhibtion, Aneli. As always I enjoyed my visit and writing about it. It inspired me.

Landmark to La Maison d’Aneli
Judi Lynn (JudiLynn India)’s website
Desy Magic’s flickr
Madee Moors (kupu2)’s flickr