Art in Second Life 2022 (29) Michiel Bechir Gallery in March/April 2022

I got an invitation to the opening of a new exhibition at the Michiel Bechir Gallery featuring the artwork from Joanna Kitten (joaannna), Cynthia Deere and Madoka Kawabata.

The Michiel Bechir Gallery consists of two large exhibition rooms on the ground floor and one exhibition room on the 2nd floor.

The room on the left side shows the art of Cynthia Deere. Cynthia has decorated her room for the upcoming Spring. The ground is a meadow, there are places to sit, a path and a picknick place that has been occupied by rabbits. The scenery radiates quite some happiness.
Same is true for Cynthia’s Second Life photographs. They show nice landscapes in the colours of Spring and Summer. Each of the pictures is processed with love for the detail, thus creating artwork from a SL photograph.

I have never seen Cynthia Deere’s artwork before. Cynthia is in Second Life since 2006. In her profile she says about herself: “Teacher, techie and gadget junkie who came to Second Life many moons ago and never found my way home. I am simply here to unwind and relax.
You can see more of her art at her flickr account.

The room on the right side is dedicated to Joanna Kitten aka. Kitten (joaannna). Kitten is in Second Life since December 2019. On the table close to the big window is a small baord where you can grab a notecard with more information about Kitten:
Kitten was first drawn to second life photography in 2020 initially by seeing the results produced by entrants in a photography competition at the sim where she works. All her pictures are taken inworld and are only a little edited afterwards.
Her big love is landscape photography and she travels the grid in search of the perfect shot her pictures revealing her love of nature, the sea, exotic ruins as well as parasols and umbrella’s. Her pictures look to showcase the myriad ways in which light makes a picture, the gaudy autumn colours, reflections, the play of light on the water and towering cloudscapes.
I can’t express it any better.

Kitten (joaannna) has a flickr page and she is also the owner of the Ammonite Photography & Gallery.

Madoka Kawabata is a friend of mine, not very close but we talk every once in a while, had one short play together as far as I remember and we’re both watching each other at deviant Art. Hence I know a bit of her art. Most of her pictures are taken inworld and are a bit processed. She loves gloomy scenes and a retro or vintage look for her pictures. But I never saw any exhibition of her in Second Life. Her art is featured on the second floor of Michiel Bechir Gallery.

There’s an esel with a picture of Madoka and you can grab a notecard bout Madoka there:
My long life in Second Life began in 2005. All along I took photos, but it was only about 3 years ago that I finally began spending more time and effort on SL photography.
Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” By which, as I understand it, he would take his large format black and white negatives in the field, then in the darkroom use dodging and burning techniques to lighter or darken different areas on the final print. Although sometimes I upload a photo directly from what Black Dragon or Firestorm produced, more often I use Photoshop to make it into something of my own. I’m certainly no Ansel Adams, though!
I owe so much to content creators in SL, both the builders that create a sim build, and to those building the objects used, who are sometimes the same people!
Enjoy this exhibition! My thanks go to Michiel Belchir, who offered me this chance, my first in-world photo exhibition.

Madoka has an account on flickr and you can find her on deviant Art.

Another great exhibition. Thank you Michiel for providing the space for the arts and many thanks to the artists. I enjoyed my visit. The exhibition will be avalable until April 15th.

Landmark to Michiel Bechir Gallery
Cynthia Deere’s flickr
Kitten (joaannna)’s flickr
Kitten (joaannna)’s Ammonite Photography & Gallery
Madoka Kawabata’s flickr
Madoka Kawabata on deviant Art

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