Simploring 2022 (3) Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration

I was looking for a destination for a simploring tour on Thursday, April 7th. A post on Ad Vitam Æternam caught my eye because of it’s name “Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration” for three reasons. Firstly I enjoyed my visits to “Missing Melody” and I thought, perhaps it is another iteration of “Missing Melody” (read about Missing Melody in this blog here). Secondly Sakura is the Japanese name for cherry blossom trees and I enjoy the blossoms in Spring a lot, I even have one tree in my garden that it actually blooming. And thirdly the pictures on Ad Vitam Æternam were tempting.

Soft Melody is an island hidden in the sky. The landmark description gives away a bit what to expect: “As you will walk down the alley the blossom scent will lift you. The soft warm wind will hug you so very gently. The chimes will guide you and the cats? Well the cats will ignore you because they are still cats after all…

Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration: bird eye views

And yes, as I suspected because of the name – Soft Melody is owned and was designed by Bambi (norahbrent) who also created the “Missing Melody” sims.

As can be seen on the overview pictures Soft Melody consists of two parts. You land inside of a building, a café and when you step out you’re in a Japanese town. The streets and walkways are decorated for the Spring Sakura Celebration. It is a lovely spot to take pictures of twon pictures. On a second glance you notice quite a lot of cats in the town (and one dog).

Impressions of Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration (1) – The town

Walking up the long stairs in the center you reach a foot bridge that brings you to the other part ot Soft Melody – the gardens. You find more cherry blossom trees there, more cats also as statues and some other animals: pandas, deers, birds and rabbits – but mostly cats. I sat down at a brook and listened to the sound of it.

Impressions of Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration (2) – The garden

The garden is larger than I thought and there are actually several gardens. One building contains a lot of glass frames hanging from the ceiling and other collectibles. The scenery with the selected environment (don’t forget to use shared environment!) is very fitting and I enjoyed exploring the gardens a lot. Did I mention that there are many cats?

Impressions of Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration (3) – The garden

That’s it. Thank you Bambi (norahbrent) for creating Soft Melody and for sharing it publicly. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Soft Melody – Spring Sakura Celebration
Blogpost on Ad Vitam Æternam

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