Simploring 2022 (4) Wilson

As a member of her group “Nantes” I got an invite from Elizabeth Jewell (ElizabethNantesJewell) to visit her newest creation “Wilson“, which is open for the public now.

Wilson is an lonesome island somewhere where it is warm and where cocnut trees grow. It’ nothing but a larger rock with a beach, and a smaller fully forested smaller rock. Wilson is an adult homestead owned and designed by Elizabeth Jewell (ElizabethNantesJewell). As usual I zoomed out first to get an overview. From the bird eye perspective you see another, a third island with a huge modern building. There’s Elizabeth’s inworld store “Gravity Poses“. But mostly the store can’t be seen when you’re on Wilson island

Wilson: Bird eye view and orientation map

Right where you land is the wreck of a yellow rescue rubber boat. I began to explore the island. I was alone .. and felt a bit like Robinson Crusoe. There are some coconuts on the beach and some driftwood. Walking along the beach I noticed the rear end of a wreck plane with the FedEx sign … a plane wreck and a yellow rescue rubber boat ….

Wilson: a remote island with lots of cocnut trees .. in the middle of nothing

I walked to the forest on the island and came along a big campfire on the beach – someone is seeking rescue. And nearby is a campsite made of what could be saved from the plane. Luckily among the things saved is a pair of ice skaters. The sharp blade is used to crack coconuts which is the only food available at Wilson.

Wilson: a taste of Robinson Crusoe

Farer away on the horizont I noticed a raft and is swam over to it …. a rescue raft with three coconuts. And that’s it already! I found not a single opportunity to sit and watch, just the lonesomeness of a remote island, very nice views and I could almost feel the heat and the sun. Elizabeth wrote in the landmark profile: “…keep Breathing. Tomorrow the sun will rise, who knows what the tide will bring… also watch for falling coconuts….

I headed over to the store and had a look. The store has a nice environment, you can see that Elizabeth wanted a nice setting for it. From the shore you see some boats, you can sit in a boat nearby … and you can see Wilson.

Wilson: at the shore / the rescue raft / Gravity Poses store

ElizabethNantesJewell Resident, known as Elizabeth Jewell, finds sim design relaxing, a positive focus, and a creative outlet that she can not only do from home, but also share with others. “That’s the real enjoyment, when I see other people feeling good visiting my sim!” she stated.
I have seen quite some creations of Elizabeth Jewell (ElizabethNantesJewell). Back in 2016 and 2017 I visited “Follow Your Bliss” (read here, here and here). In 2018 I visited Nantes (read here) and the Nantes Gallery (read here). In 2020 I visited “Ghosts of Jericho”, another sim built by Elizabeth at “Sim Quarterly” (read here). And last year I saw Krak Bak Caye at The Sim Quarterly (read here).

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your remote island publicly. I appreciate it when store owners make an effort to create something around their store. Wilson made me smiles. It was fun to explore – and it is a remote place for just sitting at the beach and dream.

Landmark to Wilson
flickr group
Landmark to Gravity Poses
Gravity Poses at the marketplace
Gravity Poses flickr

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