Diary 2022 (44a) slave Holly’s weekend ‘away’ from RL – Fri 25th to Mon 28th Mar 2022

Our slave Holly got a treat and i wrote about it in the last two diary entries: Diary 2022 (43) https://wp.me/psPPu-7ZD and Diary 2022 (44) https://wp.me/psPPu-7ZP. slave holly wrote about “her” weekend herself and her text might provide another perspective on the same events. Mistress Jenny and I, for our part, enjoyed reading….

slave Holly’s weekend ‘away’ from RL –
Fri 25th to Mon 28th Mar 2022

I found myself with more time for SL over the weekend and Mistresses made a special effort to make it a very memorable one for their slave.

Mistresses both looked stunning in preparation for the Friday night party. I really enjoyed the music, a little bit of chat with Mistresses and the mostly (h)armless dancing. I was just about to leave for my RL when Mistress Jenny had me wait a moment…. Mistress Jenny then surprised me by using Mistresses’ nose ring that I wear to restrict my local chat leaving me only to emote. Mistress Jenny doesn’t usually restrict me – often leaving that to Mistress Diomita. Mistress Jenny then promised that Mistresses intended to tease me all weekend. That night I went to my RL bed thinking only of Mistress Jenny. That night, as I often do, I had RL dreams about my Second Life (Mistresses know how to get into my head). In this one I was crawling naked and leashed through a very busy and Psi’s Realm trying to follow Mistress Jenny.

On Saturday morning I had a quick chat Mistress Jenny, telling Mistress how she had filled my mind with such a simple gesture of removing my chat. Mistress a set a time to be inworld later.
“Maurer’s slave Holly: Rule No. 25: You will obey to your Mistresses… even in your RL”
I can’t deny enjoying having some of the timings of my RL controlled by my Mistresses.

When came in-world at the appointed time Mistress Jenny took my leash and took me to HBC where I spent a few moments kneeling by Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita’s side before Mistress Jenny teleported me to an unknown location.

Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita had prepared a special treat for their slave. First, I had the rare and wonderful privilege of licking Mistress Jenny to orgasm. Just to be this close to Mistress is rare and I felt both excited and humbled. I hoped that I pleased Mistress Jenny as I brought her to multiple orgasms.

Immediately Mistress Jenny ordered me to also pleasure Mistress Diomita, I pressed my face and mouth between the cheeks of Mistress Diomita’s bottom and began to caress her sweet wetness. Mistress Diomita must have enjoyed me pleasing Mistress Jenny. My mind and mouth were now filled with an intoxicating though at mix of my Mistresses’ pleasure. Mistress Diomita soon came to multiple orgasms, covering my face, her love mixing with that of Mistress Jenny.
Mistress Jenny noticed that my face was covered in Mistress Juices and suggested to Mistress Diomita that my mouth and face needed a wash. Mistress Diomita was quick to please Mistress Jenny by given me the additional treat of drinking Mistress Diomita’s sweet-pee – my poison that makes me lost in ritual, submission, and subjugation. I was brought to tears by my own feelings of ecstasy and submission.

Mistress Jenny had to leave for her RL and decided to chain both myself and Mistress Diomita together so that we could chat a little about our experiences. Mistress Diomita often worries that this in undermines my submission to her in some way… even kneeling next to Mistress Diomita I could still feel the desire to submit to her… more of this feeling was to surface the next day.

In the evening we had two games of Skipee (almost always long games as no one give anything away). Not able to chat I did my best to look good when holding cards and hide my whoops or joy when winning. We decamped to Psi’s for the evening where we ‘suffered’ some more of Mistress Diomita’s jokes.

Sunday came around very quickly and again I met with Mistresses at the appointed time. Something simple, yet extraordinary happened. Mistress Diomita leashed me and then Mistress Jenny placed a leash on Mistress Diomita – a simple act but one that established ‘the order of things’. When Mistress Diomita is kneeling, I feel like I should be face down on the floor – I just can’t help it – ‘it is the order of things’!

We had a little exploration of sims, Mistress Jenny took us to dance for her, still leashed in the appropriate order. We tested out a bed and a game of truth or dare. Mistress Jenny had Mistress Diomita remove my chastity device – just for research purposes (*winks*). After a short while Mistress Jenny teleported us away (it seems we were being stalked) – it was time for my next treat.

Mistress Jenny bent me over a pole, attached her strap-on and began to slowly bring me to the point of ecstasy – saving the task of bringing me to orgasm for Mistress Diomita. I had to tilt my head back trying to look at Mistress Jenny for my permission to cum. Silently screaming my thank-you to Mistresses for my orgasm.
We had a nice evening at Carnal where I could simply watch and admire Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita – still consumed by thoughts of the afternoon. After we returned home Mistress Jenny again leashed Mistress Diomita – this time I had a change to kiss Mistress Diomita’s knees (instead of her heels) as a little sign of my position before we retired to bed.
On Monday morning Alessi and I met with sis Kitty – still unable to talk I listened to sis Kitty as she ‘vented’ about her legal client……

Monday evening brought 2 (absorbing) games of Skipee and a (temporary?) release of chat to enable time spent on the sun terrace with the truth ball with Mistresses, Alessi and Luci.
I think my truths may come back to ‘tease’ me another time…….

Thank you for taking time for a slave Holly weekend Mistresses
My love always and forever, slave Holly x x x

Thank you slave Holly! we love you more *winks*

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