Art in Second Life 2022 (37) Metaphysics by Bamboo Barnes

I got an invitation to see Bamboo Barnes newest exhibtion “Metaphysics” at The Kondor Art Center Main Gallery.

The Kondor Art Center Main Gallery is a large 2-story mansion with a lot of space and natural light from the glass roof. Bamboo’s pictures are on both floors along the walls. I didn’t count the pictures but there must be around 35 pictures. As I expected it, they all are colourful.
Bamboo Barnes provided a short text for the exhibition:

Though I’ve never drowned.
There is a sense of drowning.
In a crowded train.
You are the only one on the train.
In the life of the person next to me.
His parents, whom I will probably never cross paths with, his family, whom I have never met, his childhood memories, joys and sorrows.
His family’s very separate friends, jobs, partners, and the loneliness and past they carry with them.
I am alone in the midst of it all, like a spreading ant’s nest.
I drown in it, the dark and bright air constricting me, and I gradually become a black spot.
Unable to open my eyes, I continue to watch the black dots disappear.

The text also reflects the title that Bamboo chose for her exhibtion: “Metaphysics”.
“Metaphysics” is the branch of philosophy that studies the fundamental nature of reality, the first principles of being, identity and change, space and time, causality, necessity, and possibility. It includes questions about the nature of consciousness and the relationship between mind and matter, between substance and attribute, and between potentiality and actuality. Metaphysics studies questions related to what it is for something to exist and what types of existence there are. Metaphysics seeks to answer, in an abstract and fully general manner, the questions: What is there? What is it like? (source Wikipedia)

Impressions of “Metaphysics” by Bamboo Barnes (1) – upper row: Blanket – Bird on the weir – Venetian Gravity 47

As mentioned above Bamboo’s pictures are always colourful. Bamboo loves strong and expressive colours. Most of her pictures consist of several layers and looking at them you begin to try to recognize the different layers, thus you’re drawn deeper into the picture. Very often there’s a female or a female face in one of the layers. Bamboo also plays with moving layers, like in the “Hollow” series right above the entrance. When you hoover with your mouse over the pictures you could buy her art, and you can see the title of the pictures, something that causes me to look a second and a third time at the pictures to potentially grab  Bamboo’s toughts.

Impressions of “Metaphysics” by Bamboo Barnes (2) – upper row: Hollow – February 24th, 2022 – No Gravity

Bamboo is in Second Life for over 15 years already, painting software & photoshop are her best friends. Bamboo had many exhibtions and appearances in the Second Life art scene and in 2018 she had her first exhibition in real life: “I create what I see but maybe you won’t, they are about people’s reality and  mind.” Bamboo’s art is a mixture of abstract forms, of people and photographs. Most pictures are colourful and it is in the eye of the beholder what we see in her pictures. I myself saw her work the first time at La Maison d’Aneli during the Holiday season 2019/2020 (read here). I also saw her exhibition “Marginal Mannerism” at DixMixGallery in April 2021 (read here), the exhibition “Meant to be” at Itakos Art Gallery last year (read here), I saw “Conjure” at FOCUS Magazine F.A.I.R Gallery in August 2021 (read here), “Mindstorm” at IMAGO Land (read here) and “Drawer” at Hannington Arts Foundation (read here). Last December I saw her exhibition “The path” at Art care gallery (read here). “Drawer” and “The path” are both still open for visitors.
And I also had a look at her flickr page.

The Kondor Art Center Main Gallery Gallery is owned and curated by Hermes Kondor. Thank you Hermes for providing the space for the art and for enabling “Metaphysics” by Bamboo Barnes. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to The Kondor Art Center Main Gallery
Bamboo Barnes’ flickr page

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  1. bamboobarnesBamboo Barnes
    Apr 17, 2022 @ 12:45:05

    Thank you very much Diomita! Do appreciate your support 🙂


  2. bamboobarnes
    Apr 17, 2022 @ 12:45:50

    Thank you very much Diomita! Do appreciate your support 🙂


  3. bamboobarnes
    Apr 17, 2022 @ 12:48:35

    Thank you very much for your support, I am honored. Bamboo Barnes


  4. bamboobarnes
    Apr 17, 2022 @ 12:49:56

    sorry for the multiple posts!!


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