Art in Second Life 2022 (42) “un.seen” by Catherine Nikolaidis @ Dixmix Gallery Lounge

Tuesday, May 3rd, I got a message from Dixmix Source, who told me that he has a new place in SL, the Dixmix Gallery Lounge. Currently there’s an exhibition named “un.seen” by Catherine Nikolaidis. The exhibition was opened on April 30th.

Impressions of the Dixmix Gallery Lounge

The Dixmix Gallery Lounge is a place “where art meets hospitality” and “hospitality is an art“. It is an almost square building with an open roof through which you can look into the skies. The lounge offers countless opportunities to sit inside as well as outside. And you are surrounded by art. For example outside is a sculpture by Moki Yuitza named “gatto stiracchioso_dix” (stingy cat dix according to google translator). But also all the lights outside and the pictures inside add to the art experience at Dixmix Gallery Lounge. And for sure you can party at the lounge.

Impressions of “un.seen” by Catherine Nikolaidis @ Dixmix Gallery Lounge (1)

At least for right now the left side of the Dixmix Gallery Lounge building is used as an exhibition space for “un.seen” by Catherine Nikoladis . The exhibition consists of eight photographs in black&white, obviously taken in Second Life and processed with light and shadow effects into erotic art. All photographs show women in lingerie or naked, but never fully naked and always leaving enough room for the fantasies and stories of the spectator.
I saw Catherine Nikolaidis’ artful photographs when I visited “Soulportraits” at Itakos Art Gallery in March 2021 (read here). And I saw two exhibitions of her at DixMix Gallery in 2021 “Zwarwit” (read here) and “Quelqu’un” (read here).
The title “un.seen” could had two meanings. Firstly that the spectator sees new photographs never shown before, or secondly that the photographs themself show models or scenes where the model felt alone, not seen by anyone and able to be herself.

Impressions of “un.seen” by Catherine Nikolaidis @ Dixmix Gallery Lounge (2)

Catherine Nikolaidis was born in Greece and lives in the Netherlands. She joined Second Life in 2007 and photography is one of her passions. She writes about herself: “I believe strongly in sharing. I believe in communicating. I believe in creation and inspiration. I love black & white. I feel strongly for music.”
Catherine is a photographer, blogger & brand manager for several stores. She runs her own website and shares her work also on her flickr page.

I enjoyed my first visit to Dixmix Gallery Lounge, Dixmix’ new space for the art which is not only a gallery but also a place to for artists and art lovers to meet and to have fun. Thank you Dixmix and thank you Catherine for you art. And thank you Violet Boa, who does the PR work for the Dixmix Gallery Lounge and who is always helpful for me to gather information.

Landmark to Dixmix Gallery Lounge
Dixmix Gallery flickr
Catherine Nikolaidis flickr
Catherine Nikolaidis own website

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