Diary 2022 (90) June 30th / July 1st When Mistress is away (4) – and still enjoys her control

I had a busy day in RL on Thursday, June 30th, and was not inworld during the day except to meet with Mistress Jenny in the later afternoon for about 45 minutes. We caught up with our mutual news and just enjoyed being together. Mistress is having a good time and enough drinks *winks*. Mistress also hinted that she had prepared something as a suprise for me together with slave Holly. I did suspect something, yet I did not know exactly .. and Mistress enjoyed keeping it a secret.

June 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home / Diomita and slave Holly at home

At night, when I came inworld, Flo was playing skipee and slave Holly was in her room. After I had unlocked her room, slave Holly gave me a letter from Mistress with instructions for me ….. slave Holly would be allowed to address me with “Sistress” and I was to follow slave Holly instructions as it were Mistress’ instructions…. slave Holly locked my cuffs (Mistress had prepared them leaving my keys out and out of reach for me) and leashed me. Then we went to see Flo. slave Luci was also present at the table. Holly told me that she was instructed to take me shopping. Flo accompanied us along with Alessi who had alos shown up. slave Luci staed at home.

After the shopping tour – I got 4 items from the list that I had to prepare for Mistress a week before – we returned home and I had to present my gifts to slave Holly, Flo and slave Alessi . And then I had to bend over and slave Holly spanked my ass .. in her and Mistress’ name. Flo went off to bed and slave Holly took me and her sister Alessi to Psi’s realm to expose me. I was lucky, jut Psi herself was present. And slave Holly had just instructions for one club….. I could sense Mistress Jenny’s fun, having prepared that all – and controlling it even being many miles away and on vacation.

June 30th – slave Holly in control: Diomita with slave Holly, slave Luci, slave Alessi and Flo at home, at Psi’s realm and at Carnal Intentions

We returned home and slave Holly unlocked my cuffs, returning contol to me. I took slave Holly and slave Alessi to Carnal Intentions for a few minutes but then I decided to wind down completely and we had a (longer) game of skipee before it was time for bed for all of us.

Friday, July 1st, Mistress was inworld in the afternoon though on a weak connection. But we were able to catch up and Mistress was happy that her plans for the day before went down well. She told me how difficult it was to keep it secret. Thank you again, Mistress Jenny. Jenny told me that she is still having a great time with hot and sunny weather – and a few drinks. We enjoyed our short time together.

July 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home

At night we had our Friday night party. Mistress and I had talked about possible theme before she left for her vacation. I picked on of her proposal for the party: “It’s Friday again, and we have our party again. It is the 4th of July weekend, yet today is July 1st and today is Canada Day. Hence cover yourself in syrup and stick to the dance floor. Wear something in red and white or come as you are (even naked). DJ Virgo is spinning the tunes.”

We had fun again celebrating someting inbetween Canada Day and 4th of July. We had great music, a short visit of Dana Drezelan, we chatted and dance. Anotehr perfect start into the weekend – and we succeeded to get Virgo stripped *winks*

July 1st – Friday night party: Diomita, slave Holly, Flo, Baroness Capelo, sakuramatsumoto, Claven Albatros, Zillzie, Laura (laura00175) (upper row), Firefly Skydancer, Starbright Wingtips, Della Randt, Sara (SaraRandall), Jayson Dakota, Virgo Babii, Virgo Babii

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