Art in Second Life 2022 (68) Amaranthine by Zia Branner at BOSL Arts

I got an invitation to visit the opening of Zia Branner’s latest exhibition at BOSL Arts. I went there Saturday, July 16th, a few hours before the official opening event. I just had seen Zia Branner’s art at the Gateway Gallery (read here).

I have never been to Best of Second Life (BOSL) before, The place is group owned, the group is described at a “group of fantastic artists that bring life to THE BEST OF SL Innovation Pavillion.” It is home to Miss Virtual World Pageant, BOSL Magazine, BLVD Models, the BOSL Arts Gallery and features some designers. Frolic Mills is the CEO and Jamee Sandalwood the COO of the group. I did not find out if they are the owners.
I only visited the gallery and the exhibition of Zia Branner.

Impressions of “Amaranthine” by Zia Branner @ BOSL Arts (1)

The gallery building is quite large and offers enough room for the about 25 to 30 pictures that are showcased along the walls of the gallery and at the two center blocks inside. When enter the building from the right (open) side you find a board where you can grab a gift from Zia Branner and some information about her and her art, a biography and a booklet. The exhibition poster has no name for the exhibition  but next to the board is a sign “Amaranthine”.

The word “amaranthine” means “imperishable”, but is mainly written in English as “amaranth” or “amaranthus”. It comes from the Greek word “amarantos”. Amaranth is a plant genus that grows almost everywhere due to its unpretentiousness and is interpreted in the poetic sense as a symbol of immortality.

Impressions of “Amaranthine” by Zia Branner @ BOSL Arts (2)

Zia Branner had many drawing and painting art lessons at official institutes RL. She is also autodidact on things that did not come along in class. To her making art is a way of life. Often experimenting with techniques as a learning process …. The most important thing to her is that it makes her happy to see others enjoy her art as much as she loves creating it.
Zia is in Second Life since 2008. She uploaded her RL paintings into SL. Zia owns an art gallery/shop “Elven Falls Art Collective“. Zia also has other permanent exhibitions at The Galleries, Emergent and at Carmel Art Community.

Zia Branner’s art is mostly colourful. She paints abstract and fills the canvas with what just in her mind. She’s inspired by nature and landscapes and consequently her art often looks like landscapes or like flowers. Hence the boarders between abstract and real life paintings are blurring. And what is dominating lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Zia intends to expand her art into painting RL, portraits or still lifes, but so far she’s painting abstract.

Impressions of “Amaranthine” by Zia Branner @ BOSL Arts (3)

Zia paints, primarily, for herself. It is a way for her to express herself. a way to step away from the everydy hustly and bustle of things.
Figuring out, struggling with or succeeding in creating a painting, capturing things the way I see them on the canvas … it is a big drug. Well, okay, there you have my addicition…. ‘The Earth without ‘art’ is just ‘eh’…

Thank you for your art, Zia. Thank you BOSL Arts for enabling the exhibition “Amaranthine”.
“Amaranthine” by Zia Branner at BOSL Arts shall stay open until August 27th, 2022.

BOSLArts Main Gallery @ BOSL Innovation Pavillion
Landmark to “Amaranthine” by Zia Branner
Zia Branner’s art gallery/shop “Elven Falls Art Collective”
Zia Branner at “The Galleries”
Zia Branner at “Emergent”
Zia Branner at “Carmel Art Community”

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