Art in Secon Life 2022 (71) Harbor Galaxy´s “looking back retrospective” at DixMix Gallery Lounge

Violet Boa reminded me of an ongoing exhibition at DixMix Gallery Longue – Harbor Galaxy´s “looking back retrospective“. Actually Habor Galaxy’s retropective is shown in 4 thematic exhibtions “Graphic, Painting, Surreal and Sensual”. On Saturday, July 23rd, the second part with the theme “Painting” has been opened.

I came across Harbor Galaxy twice so far. I visited “Figure and Form” by Harbor Galaxy” at the DixMix Gallery in February 2021 (read here) and I saw her exhibition “The privilege af aging” The Carbone Gallery (read here)

The current retrospective exhibition at DixMix Gallery Lounge compromises 14 paintings of Harbor Galaxy. I recommend that you hover with your mouse over the pictures to see the titles. Violet sent me a description by Habor Galaxy for the painting “There is a crack in everything. That´s how the lights gets in”:
This piece came about as I was taking pictures of various characters on my platform. I loved with the way the light fell on this mature characters’ face and body. The style of the piece was part of a process I had begun playing around with for some time using a blurring tool to push pixels around to hopefully focusing the viewer on the light..and it was during this process that her hand was revealed. The title of the piece just fell into place once her hand touched the light.

Impressions of Harbor Galaxy´s “looking back retrospective – Paintings” at DixMix Gallery Lounge (1)
the painting on the right is named “There is a crack in everything…”, the painting on the left is named “Confined”

Harbor plays with a lot with light and with blurring in her paintings. Her theme are females and the female body (at least in the current exhibition). Her pictures always carry a lot of emotions too. A good example the the painting “Confined”

Impressions of Harbor Galaxy´s “looking back retrospective – Paintings” at DixMix Gallery Lounge (2)

Habor is not fixed on one theme or colour. The broad variety of her artwork can also be seen in this one theme “Paintings” as they range from very colourful and detailed to a series of three blue and blurry paintings.

Harbor Galaxy is in Second Life since December 2008. She has a flickr page where I found a short description about her: “Just a pixel dolly exploring my creative side in SL. I don’t generally talk too much about my process primarily because it frequently seems kind of like a happy accident but in my work, I attempt to merge photography and digital painting. I take pictures using screen shots and then edit and manipulate the images in GIMP; frequently using distortion and color to invoke an emotional response from viewer.

For more information about Harbor Galaxy read Violet Boa’s interview with her, that was published March 17th, 2021 on virtuality blog.

The exhibition Harbor Galaxy´s “looking back retrospective” – “Paintings” will stay until August 12th before the 3rd part is shown.
Thank you Dixmix for providing and curating the Dixmix Gallery Lounge. And thank you Violet Boa, who does the PR work for the Dixmix Gallery Lounge and who is always helpful for me to gather information.
Thank you for your art, Harbor, I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to DixMix Gallery Lounge
Harbor Galaxy Flickr
Violet Boa’s interview with Harbor Galaxy in virtuality blog

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