Diary 2022 (122) Sept 6th/7th – Unoriented

Tuesday, September 6th, I was inworld in the morning and I had a short chat with Kitty. she’s doing well and we met at home for a hug before Kitty went off to bed. I spent a short time at club Delust in the later afternoon and mit with Angelique. I had Susan (susanblackrose) kneeling at my feet (no picture)

At night I played a skipee with Angelique and Sarah Fhang and then as teams Sarah Fhang and Flo against Angelique and me, Maurer’s won it again. slave Sakura was present and watched obediently.
I took Angelique, Flo and slave Sakura to Carnal Intentios. slave Sakura was allowed to ride a dildp and to have an orgasm. I must have been in a generous mood.

September 6th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Angelique, Flo, slave Holly and slave Sakura

slave Holly came iworld and we had to fix what happened the night before. We don’t know why…. anyway, after the problems were solved and Flo had went off to bed, we moved to DeLust for the rest of the night. It was again a chatty night .. and a good and relaxing night too.

September 6th: Diomita at club DeLust with Angelique, slave Holly and slave Sakura

Wednesday, September 7th, I was inworld in the earlier morning for half an hour and twice in the afternoon. Most of the time I was at club DeLust. I allowed Susan (susanblackrose) to kneel at my side. In the afternoon we had a longer talk about her desires and I made her focusing an me. I did not have in mind to expand the family in particular now, as I try to feel out into a Second Life without Jenny. But slowly taking control seems to be in my genes. Jenny would have grinned.

At night we played a skipee as teams first, Sarah Fhang and Flo against Angelique and me. It became a close game in the end although it seemed one sided for a long time. Luck often changes during the game. Sarah Fhang and Flo won it by one card.

September 7th: Diomita at club DeLust with slave Susan (susanblackrose) / Diomita, Angelique and Flo at club DeLust wiht slave Holly and slave Susan

I went to club DeLust with Angelique and Flo. slave Susan was there and joined us. And when slave Holly come inworld I summoned her to us. I had another quite enjoyable and chatty night within the family. I had told Holly about my failed attempts to find an outlet for my submissive side and she made me smile by teasing me that she would kidnap me one day. I will have to keep her locked *winks*.
Later, after Flo and Angelique had already left for bed, I took slave Holly and slave Susan home with me and slave Holly got her fix while slave Susan had to watch the ritual. As I had an early start the next day, I went off at midnight.

September 7th: Diomita at club DeLust and at home with slave Holly and slave Susan

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